Charlotte Bobcats
By aligning their resources with the needs of their community, the Charlotte Bobcats strive to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of youth across the Carolinas in the areas of education, fitness and wellness.

For the 6th consecutive year, the Bobcats will host the Cool School Field Trip at a home preseason game. Cool School is an annual award for 19,000 middle school students, teachers and administrators from across the Carolinas who demonstrate academic achievement and outstanding character in the classroom.
Led by Bobcats players and dance team members, Fitness Rallies show area children how to incorporate exercise, diet and fun into their daily routines to help them become more physically fit. Rotating between stations that teach stretching, calisthenics, dance, agility and nutrition, participants learn that maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is attainable by understanding and following a few simple rules and concepts.
The Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser, supported by the Bobcats, is a 40-foot recreational vehicle converted into a mobile clinic that brings basic health care, screenings, immunizations and counseling to underserved communities across the Charlotte-area.
Gerald Wallace
The Gerald Wallace Foundation has partnered with urban restoration and the International Facility Management Association to build a playground for children and families in Charlotte's inner city.
Boris Diaw
Diaw adopted an orphanage called "Children's Empire" in Dakar, Senegal in 2006. For two years, he provided the orphanage of 40 children with beds, food, kitchen appliances and carpeting.