Help Support Those Affected By The Recent Tragedies in Asia

In response to the recent tragedies in Asia, NBA Cares community partners are hard at work to provide assistance and dire help to the people in both China and Myanmar. To learn more about the specific situations and how you can get involved, read below:

View Yao Ming's PSA in support of the China relief efforts!

On May 12, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province in China. It is estimated that the death toll has reached nearly 15,000. In light of this recent tragedy, the NBA is partnering with the Red Cross to support relief efforts.

Immediately following the earthquake, the Red Cross Society of China released tents and quilts from Chengdu Disaster Preparedness Center in Sichuan Province and sent in a disaster assessment team. The Red Cross will be providing survivors with essential relief items including: tents, blankets, food, drinking water, medical supplies, disinfectants, water purification tablets, etc. The best way for people to support these efforts due to transportation constraints is through cash donations. The American Red Cross is working with the International Red Cross and the Red Cross Society of China to assist those affected by this disaster. Click here to learn more.


Myanmar is in desperate need of help following the destruction left behind by Cyclone Nargis, which hit the Southeast Asian country on May 2. Thousands are reported dead, and the number of survivors in need of assistance will number in the hundreds of thousands. NBA Cares community partners UNICEF and the World Food Programme are working around the clock to assist in the relief efforts.

In Myanmar, UNICEF will stay on the ground throughout the current emergency and after, providing health and nutrition, water and sanitation, child protection and education. Learn more about how you can help to support UNICEF's emergency response efforts for women and children in Myanmar.

The World Food Programme has begun distributing food in cyclone-damaged areas of Yangon in response to the looming humanitarian needs in the southern coastal regions of Myanmar hardest hit by the powerful Cyclone Nargis. As further information from WFP assessment teams, WFP will increase the amount of food being distributed to those who need it the most. Learn more about WFP's response and relief efforts.