The Debut

When LeBron James finally* made the playoffs in his third season, a lot of people thought that he would have to pay his dues before he became a big-time postseason performer. The world was watching on Saturday to see if King James would take his lumps or rise to the occasion in his playoff debut.

He answered all the doubters with nothing less than a triple-double, scoring 32 points, grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing out 11 assists as the Cavaliers took a 1-0 series lead over the Wizards.

James' triple-double is our McDonald's Arch Performance of the Week Rate this performance from 1-10 and we'll see how it measures up against other great performances, which are introduced each Thursday.

*Really, did it take all that long?

Watch The Video Now: LeBron's Playoff Debut

LeBron James was just the third person ever to have a triple-double in his playoff debut. He joined Johnny McCarthy, who did it for the St. Louis Hawks in 1960 against the Minneapolis Lakers, and Magic Johnson, who had his with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1980 against the Phoenix Suns.