D-Wade's D-struction of Big D

It was simple for Dwyane Wade: win Game 5 and the Heat go up 3-2 headed to Dallas for Game 6 or lose it and go down 3-2 and need to win two on the road for the NBA title.

So, what did Wade do? With 43 points, including 21 free throws, four boards and four dimes, Wade put the Heat on his back and carries them to a 101-100 OT win over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5.

Two nights later, the Heat would capture their first NBA title and Wade was named Finals MVP. So, it should come as no shock that D-Wade is our McDonald's Arch Performance of the Week.

Watch The Video Now: D-Wade vs. Big D

Wade's 21 free throws made in Game 5 was a Finals record and his 25 attempts were the second most behind Shaq's 39 attempts in the 2000 Finals against the Pacers.


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