True Blue Passport

Your TRUE BLUE Passport is the easiest way to access your seats this Magic season. To learn more about your TRUE BLUE Passport, or to request an additional passport for a friend or family member, follow the links below and get yourself ready for the upcoming season.




Managing your tickets via My TRUE BLUE Tix, formerly My Magic Account, is a quick, secure and easy process that you can tailor to fit your needs. For more detailed information on the enhanced features My TRUE BLUE Tix has to offer, click on “Account Manager Tutorial."


Variable Pricing

In the NBA, every single game is as important as the next. But, from a fan’s perspective, there is a difference between a preseason game and a late-season division game. We will continue to acknowledge that disparity with variable ticket pricing that reflects the value of each game. To view a complete list of variable pricing for the upcoming season, follow the link below. Sharing your tickets with friends and family? Click below for our recommendations on dividing games.

Game Day Information

A new rewards package has been designed exclusively for you – your TRUE BLUE Rewards! These reward you for both your investment with us and for the length of time you’ve been a loyal season ticket holder. Follow the link below to view your rewards this season.



Ticket Exchange

Buy or sell your tickets with ease and flexibility using Resale Marketplace, the only secure, authenticated secondary market site endorsed by the Magic. Resell your seats at any price and earn cash back on tickets you sell. Click the buttons below to learn more, or access Resale Marketplace directly.

Game Day Information

Need to know where to park or pick up your tickets? Here you’ll find all the information you need to attend a game this season. We’re also here to help. Click on the “Contact Us” button below to e-mail your service executive today for assistance.

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