Starting Five: Arron Afflalo


4. When you are away from basketball, what do you do to relax and unwind?

ARRON: ``I just relax and I really don’t do anything in particular. I’m just pretty lazy when I get away from basketball. I think that will change once I find some satisfaction in the NBA because I’m always grinding and trying to get to the top. So when I get away from basketball, I just chill out and do nothing. I chill out for about a month after the season and then everything in my life just turns back to basketball.

``This year, I might do some traveling. I’m going to go this offseason and find some nice islands, but I will be careful about the countries that I pick based on what’s going on around the world. I’m a historian, but I’m not big on a lot of sight-seeing or just hitting tourist spots. I don’t go to different countries just because I want to see a lot of stuff. I guess my favorite spot is just the Bahamas because it’s close and easy.’’