Ranking Best NBA Draft Classes Since 1980

Cohen 8-Ball: The Rankings


OrlandoMagic.com’s Josh Cohen ranks the best draft classes since 1980 based on a variety of categories and data.

Honorable Mention: 2001

Cohen's Analysis: Most remember the 2001 NBA Draft for Michael Jordan’s decision to draft Kwame Brown with the first overall pick. However, after Brown, the draft as a whole was respectable. Among the top 10 selections were Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson and Joe Johnson.

But perhaps most striking about this draft were the four eventual All-Stars from the late first round and early second: Zach Randolph (19th), Gerald Wallace (25th), Tony Parker (28th) and Gilbert Arenas (30th). It is worth noting, though, there were some disappearing acts from the top half of the draft, including Rodney White (9th), Kirk Haston (16th) and Michael Bradley (17th).