Orlando Magic and Amway Participate in Back to School Celebration

By Josh Cohen
Aug. 2, 2014

ORLANDO -- The Orlando Magic’s mission is to be world champions on and off the court, delivering legendary moments every step of the way.

And on Saturday at the Callahan Neighborhood Center in Parramore, the Magic helped hundreds of children strive to be world champions in the classroom, delivering legendary moments in their pursuit of academic success.

Along with their partners at Amway, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and District 5 Commissioner Regina Hill, the Magic participated in a Back to School celebration in which kids received free Dixon Ticonderoga school supplies, including backpacks, pencils, markers, notebooks and art materials. Representatives from Dixon Ticonderoga were also on hand to help distribute all the items.

“The Magic have been phenomenal in the community especially from an educational standpoint,” Commissioner Hill said. “It’s phenomenal. I am excited, the parents are excited. This is instrumental to the future growth of our children.”

This celebration was far more than just handing out school supplies, though. It was an action-packed event to bring families together and give children an opportunity to explore their talents. As Commissioner Hill and Magic Community Ambassador Bo Outlaw pointed out, this occasion was more of an “educational expo vs. a book bag giveaway.”

Many of the kids got the chance to partake in various arts and crafts activities along with experience fun and interesting exhibits arranged by the Orlando Science Center.

“This is about giving the kids a sense of confidence,” Outlaw said. “This is a great way to let them know that school is about to start and show that education is so important for their futures.”

The Magic continue to make an enormous social and financial commitment to the revitalization of the Parramore area, which is Orlando’s most impoverished area. Events like the one on Saturday are having a positive influence on the development of the neighborhood and are helping keep kids away from trouble.

And like so many of the other community endeavors that the Magic contribute to, it’s a united effort by many different groups and organizations that make these events so incredibly impactful.

“Thanks to our great community partners including the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Lions and Amway; we are appreciative of their corporate support and for helping put this amazing event together,” Mayor Dyer said.

To learn more about how the Magic are assisting in the community, please visit orlandomagic.com/community