Chat Transcript: Hedo Turkoglu

In his sixth NBA season, Hedo Turkoglu is adding another element to his game and the results are helping the Orlando Magic in a big way. Hedo - the first Turkish-born player in NBA history - has been known to most of the league as a deadly outside shooter. However, lately it has been his hard work at putting the ball of the floor and driving to the basket that has created some size matchups and added another offensive weapon to the Magic's arsenal.

During the Magic's recent winning streak, Turkoglu's play has been stellar - scoring 24, 22, 30 and 25 during a four-game stretch that helped lift Orlando back into the playoff picture. His 13.8 points per game ranks fourth on the team, while he also leads the Magic in three-point field goals made, free throw percentage and is fourth on the team in minutes played.

The 26-year-old is in his second season with the Magic and has become one of the most reliable players on the roster. On Tuesday, Hedo took a few minutes to sit and chat with his growing international fan base on Check out what Hedo had to say about this year's Magic team and much more.

Kerem Leblebici(Istanbul): What do you think about your rising performance in last 5-6 games? Will it continue?

Hedo Turkoglu: I want to keep it up, and keep playing like this and I'm working on that. I've had some ups and downs, but my confidence is high right now...I'm believing in myself and now...I'm playing much better.

Jimmy (Merritt Island): HEDO! I love your game man. Your on my fantasy Team and I'm lovin' it. Your stats are higher than ever. Do you feel more comfortable playing here in Orlando? Is the atmosphere better for you?

Hedo Turkoglu: I'm getting more minutes here...and that is a big thing. Also, I'm in a different role in Orlando now. I'm like the third scoring option on the team now, which is different from my role on past teams. As long as I'm on the court, I can create more and use my skills more and that's what's happening now for me with the Magic.

Matt (Mexico): Hey Hedo I'm a big fan of yours, I was wondering how are old you were when you started playing basketball? Keep up the good work!

Hedo Turkoglu: I was like 11 years old when I started playing basketball.

Magic Fan, Orlando: Hedo, you've played with both Tim Duncan and Chris Webber. Does Dwight compare to either of these two?

Hedo Turkoglu: Dwight is young and he's still learning. But he's gonna be a really great player in this league. For me, I always see Dwight as more like Amare Stoudemire. Both are great athletes who are very strong around the basket. In a few years, Dwight will be one of the greatest players in this league, he will be a force inside.

Gainsville: Hey, your one of my favorite players! I was just wondering, how did you get started in baskitball living in Turkey? Scott Young

Hedo Turkoglu: First of all, I want to say that Turkey is one of the greatest countries in Europe. My brother played basketball and that's how I got involved playing too.

Jordan (Corning): What is your favorite NBA town to play in besides Orlando?

Hedo Turkoglu: I like New York. I like L.A. I like Chicago and I like Phoenix.

serap/ istanbul: Who is your idol?

Hedo Turkoglu: Harun, was a Turkish player who was very good when I was young. Then, as I got older in Europe, I followed Toni Kukoc.

Seckin(Istanbul): Why number 15 ?

Hedo Turkoglu: I don't know. Wherever I go, whatever new team or city I go to....I had 5 in Sacramento and I had 14 in San Antonio, so I figured I would start with a new number with my new team in Orlando too.

E (Leesburg, Fl.): Hey Hedo, Who is the player that u will like to beat playing one on one?

Hedo Turkoglu: One-on-one? Shaq!