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As a former member of the Magic staff, I used to direct the game presentation – dancers, halftime acts, mascot skits, pyrotechnics, t-shirt launches and every dizzying thing in between. Lots of stories there not fit for print. Anyway, I was spoiled because I sat next to Paul Porter at center court hopped up on Diet Pepsi for every game. It’s such an intense spectator experience when you are within spitting distance of such powerful athletes. Yes, spitting. READ MORE

I was upstairs in the Old Arena getting a drink before a game with some friends and a fan came up to me asking me for an autograph and to take a photo with me. I thought I was getting “punked” by my friends but this guy was so funny and loud and he kept saying “hey you are the Capeman, my wife loves you, can I take a photo with you, she won’t believe me that I met you”. Of course me with my sense of humor said no photos with you but where is your wife? I’ll take a photo with her. My friends went crazy and made fun of me and the name stuck. READ MORE

Everyone gets a voice on, including the fans. The Fan Voice is's official fan blog - written by a member of the Magic's Message Board community. This fan blogger's alias is "Live or Die Magic" and his frequent blogs have instantly become a hit! READ MORE