STUFF Valentine's Deliveries

Are you looking for a unique way to say “I LOVE YOU” to someone special for Valentine’s Day? We have the perfect answer – STUFF IT!

That’s right… Orlando’s Mascot, STUFF will do the delivery for you – anywhere you want on Friday (2/11), Saturday (2/12), Sunday (2/13,) and Monday (2/14). It doesn’t matter if it is for a man, woman, boy, or girl… STUFF will surprise anyone with music and excitement, as well as an assortment of romantic items and Magic memorabilia… and for the first time, this year we are including an exclusive “Valentine’s Day edition” STUFF T-shirt!! But the best part is you will spend quality time with STUFF, as well as get plenty of photos and autographs.

To book this unique and memorable event, call STUFF’s “loveline” at 407-916-2671. But please hurry, because we know from experience, these will not last long!

How to book:

  • Call STUFF’s “loveline” at 407-916-2671 and listen to recorded instructions.
  • Choose and leave a message of your preferred date and time slot: morning (8:00-12:00), afternoon (12:00-4:00), or evening (4:00-8:00). NOTE: due to Magic home games on Friday and Sunday, only morning time slots are available, as well as in-game visits.
  • After each time slot is filled, we will cease booking that time slot and map out our route.
  • Wait for call from our Dragon Keeper (February 9th at latest), informing you of your 20-minute window of the visit.

  • You will get:

  • STUFF will surprise the honoree – at school, work, or anywhere – playing love songs on his portable sound system and confetti. Disco ball not included.
  • STUFF’s Dragon Keeper will announce the visit to all within earshot and take digital photos of the group (to be emailed at a later date). This is when the embarrassment begins to set in.
  • STUFF will present the honoree with a gift basket containing various romantic goodies, including Magic memorabilia, candy, a Valentine’s card, as well as an “I LOVE STUFF” T-shirt, exclusive for this event! Romantic goodies not to be used as flotation devices.
  • One-on-one quality time with STUFF, with plenty of opportunities for photos, autographs, dancing, and more. One can never get enough quality time with STUFF.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime! Or multiple lifetimes if there are multiple people present.
The cost for this entire package is $275, tax included. All major credit cards are accepted.


For those attending the games on 2/11 or 2/13:

STUFF will also be offering the same Valentine’s Day packages during the games on Friday (2/11) and Sunday (2/13) at a reduced rate of $225. It still includes the same surprises, such as music, confetti, gift basket, and exclusive STUFF T-shirt. Although it will not have the same intimate experience as a one-on-one visit, we will include a MagicGram, where the honoree will be wished a Happy Valentine’s Day on MagicTV during halftime. This offer also comes on a first-come, first-serve basis… so act fast: 407-916-2671.