Savage: Magic's Individual Goals

By Dan Savage
March 27, 2011

By now, everyone interested in the Magic is familiar with Orlando's team goals as it closes out the regular season. A consistent energy level, lowering the number of turnovers and improving the defense are among the chief concerns.

However, how’s each member of the Magic’s roster attempting to improve on an individual basis for the remainder of the 2010-11 campaign?

Each player reveals that tidbit of information right here:

Malik Allen: “I just try to stay within my regimen. Work out as much as I can and try to keep my body right. I try to keep my mind in tune and pay attention to scouting reports. Stan (Van Gundy) does a good job going over the scouting report and game plan every day. Just trying to keep your mind right is the biggest thing. Things come up, so every day on your way to the arena, just keeping your mind focused on being ready to play, because you never know when something might happen.”

Ryan Anderson: “My individual goal is to just get better on the defensive end. I just want to get more confident and consistent on the defensive end. Obviously shots aren’t going to fall every night, so on the offensive end you can’t really, besides the energy aspect and getting offensive rebounds, you can’t really control that sometimes. So I think the defensive end is something I can control by just bringing a ton of energy and getting more confident.”

Gilbert Arenas: “Just play hard and smart.”

Brandon Bass: “I just want to be able to look in the mirror after every game and be able to say, ‘I gave it my all.’ That’s it.”

Earl Clark: “Every time I play I want to be productive out there. Just try to be a good teammate and be positive about my situation.”

Chris Duhon: “For me, if I have the opportunity, get out, run the team and play well defensively and be aggressive offensively when I have the opportunity.”

Dwight Howard: “Win a championship. That’s it.”

Jameer Nelson: “I think right now, I am playing pretty good basketball, so I just want to continue to do that. Continue my health and maintain my focus on everything I am doing right now and turn it up another level.”

Daniel Orton: “My personal goal is really to just rehab my knee. Just focus on rehabbing my knee and getting ready for next year.”

J.J. Redick: “Get healthy and be playing at a high level. I think that’s everybody’s focus heading into the playoffs. Obviously with the talent we have, if we are playing at a high level we are probably going to be winning games. So if everybody is playing well then we can make a run.”

Jason Richardson: “Right now my goal is to finish out strong. It’s the time of the year, where guys can see the season coming to an end. A lot of guys try to take some time off and get some rest before the playoffs. But we have to finish strong. We want to keep our position or even get the third seed, so we have to finish the season strong.”

Quentin Richardson: “My goal is the same as always. Just keep myself ready and do whatever I can to help out the team and help us get Ws.”

Hedo Turkoglu: “It’s a new season for me too. I was here a couple of years ago, but that’s in the past. So I am trying to be as strong as was, even stronger. So when I come into those (crunch-time playoff) situations, I’ll be ready.”

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