Savage: Catching Up With Marcin Gortat

May 11, 2011's Dan Savage recently caught up with former Magic big man Marcin Gortat to get his take on Orlando's playoff run, the trade that sent him to the Phoenix Suns and more.

Savage: What are you doing back in Orlando?

Gortat: I’m enjoying my time. It’s the offseason, so I’m relaxing and now I’m trying to get back in shape and get ready for the next year. Hopefully, we’re going to start as usual. I’m definitely working hard to try to come back twice as strong.

Savage: How did the trade to Phoenix work out for you?

Gortat: I think it was a very good trade for me, a very good switch for me. I came to a team, where the style of the team is perfect for me. It’s a running game and a lot of passing from point guards. Playing with Steve Nash is a great, great, great moment for me in my career. So it’s a great feeling. I have been in a good organization with the Orlando Magic. I learned a lot, I learned a lot of discipline. I learned basketball and the defensive mentality. So now I’m trying to bring all of that to the Phoenix Suns.

Savage: You were joined in the trade by two former Magic players, Vince Carter and Mickael Pietrus, did that help ease the transition for you?

Gortat: It was easier because I had someone who I know really well from a different team. It was a good feeling to play with Vince and MP on the same team. But at the end of the day, my focus is on basketball and trying to play as best as I can and trying to help the team.

Savage: Did you get the chance to watch the Magic in the playoffs and if so, what was your take?

Gortat: I can tell you that Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass are outstanding power forwards, but they will never be a center. (Laughs) That’s the thing that I’ve seen. I just feel bad that Orlando lost in the first round. I think the city and the fans deserve a team with a better result. But they were missing some pieces, they had some problems hitting some shots and Atlanta was playing really well. They played outstanding. It was just a bad moment for Orlando.

Savage: You’re still very popular among Orlando Magic fans, do you have a message for them?

Gortat: I’m still here. I didn’t leave. I’m living here so you guys are going to see me around. I’m still an Orlando Magic fan and I wish this team very well. I’ll see you guys around town. I’m going to be at Universal Studios, around downtown, Millennia Mall, I’ll be all over the place, so you guys can find my car on the highway.

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