2010-11 Orlando Magic Postgame Quotes

April 28, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 6

Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy: “I think the biggest key tonight was rebounding. We had been dominating the boards and the second chance points for most of the series, but tonight it was the other way around. In the first half they had ten offensive rebounds and a ton of second chance points. We didn’t play with enough patience, and then the threes they hit at the start of the fourth quarter were big. The biggest problems for us this series was we knew the Hawks were a talented team, and they really well from out in front. In five of the six games they had double-digit leads in the first half, and we won only one of them. If you get them down they’re not as good coming back, but they were constantly playing from out front in this series. I also think Larry (Drew) did a great job. The gameplan they had showed that he deserves a ton of credit. They did a great job in stopping us from getting enough quality shots.”

“The one thing I’ll say for our guys is they really fought hard every night. Even tonight we were down 12 in the fourth quarter, and still they battled back. If we get a rebound would have had 12 seconds down one to get a shot. Instead they get the board, (Jamal) Crawford hits two free throws, and then J.J. gets a great look, but it doesn’t drop. Had I not kept him on the bench for so long he probably would have knocked it in. Dwight really battled tonight, and so did our team, so to bow out at this point is very disappointing, and I’m disappointed in the job that I did.”

“I don’t plan to lose the last game, so I really don’t know what to say to guys in that situation. It told them I appreciated how hard they fought, and I hope we would learn from this experience. I really don’t know what to say to make them feel better right at that moment. You certainly couldn’t watch this series and think at any point that we didn’t fight hard to get back into it. Again, I’m disappointed in my efforts to get us into a better position to win.”

Jason Richardson: “We had some good looks, but they weren’t falling tonight. I could’ve have sat down, but I went out there and battled and gave it my best. I sat down for a long period of time, but I wanted to play and be out there. I’m looking forward to next year and starting with this team from the beginning of the year and seeing what we can do.”

Dwight Howard: “It’s a frustrating finish. They rebounded well tonight and we didn’t. J.J. had a wide open look, but it just didn’t go in. it’s a bad feeling to let a team outwork you, and they did tonight. The plan will be to come back stronger next year. That’s all you can do. It’s tough to play from behind every game. We didn’t play the way we needed to play, and that’s why we lost the series. There’s no need for me to comment on my future, so don’t even bring it up. I’m focusing on how I can get better for next year with the Magic.”

April 26, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 5

Stan Van Gundy

On if it’s as simplistic as making shots sometimes…

“Yeah, and if you look tonight, we made some 3’s. We still didn’t shoot a great percentage, we shot 41 percent for the game. The biggest thing if you look at the offense tonight was we only had six turnovers. I thought that was the biggest, and we made 3’s, that was the two things. We made our 3’s and we only had six turnovers. I thought that was the biggest thing, well second biggest thing, the biggest thing was we played with tremendous focus and intensity, really from the start to finish. And that’s what it’s going to take. It will be much, much, much harder on Thursday and we’ll need to play better than we did tonight to get a win there. Like I said, from the time we lost game one six and-a-half-weeks ago or whenever that was, we knew we had to win a game in Atlanta. We didn’t get it done the first two times, we’re going to have to get it done on Thursday.”

On J.J. Redick’s run, with Dwight Howard on the bench…

“I thought J.J. and J-Rich (Jason Richardson), both of our guards had really good, good nights. That was really the big part of our offense tonight so it was good to see them get going. I thought it was a good night. But, and I think our guys have the right mindset right now. I don’t think there’ll be any celebrating tonight, I don’t even think they’ll celebrate for five or 10 minutes. It’s like being in the game, we’re behind and we did what we had to do tonight but all we did was cut the lead basically. It’s like you make a run in the game and cut the lead from 20 to 12, that’s about like what we did tonight. What we did do though, we know what we’re capable of and we’re going to have to bring that same thing. But that’s all we’ve done is cut the lead.”

On when Dwight Howard was out of the game tonight…

“Yeah, we made a good run when he was out and he didn’t have to play very long tonight, and we did a pretty good job. That was good to see. We held our own on the boards with him only getting eight, because he only played 29 minutes. We were still able to hold our own on the boards, so that was a good thing.”

On if their shooting rhythm could carry over to the next game…

“Well, you get a little bit of confidence maybe. But, as far as momentum, they’ll feel a lot more comfortable going home, and we know that. We’re going to have to be ready to play another great game. I mean look, you get down 3-1 in a series and you guys are the ones that tell me the numbers. Basically, a little less than 5 percent of teams who have been in this situation end up getting the jobs done, it’s not an easy thing. We have to play very well virtually every possession for the next two games, as well as tonight. We’ve got to play great, there can’t be any let up.”

On if there’s any way to explain why a team that’s played so poorly looked so good tonight…

“Well we’re a good shooting team. I think this is more us than what we did for four games. They’ve done a pretty good job defending the three point line but I’ve been saying, especially the last game, we like the looks we got in game four, in Atlanta. I’m giving them credit, they’ve done a good job but we get some looks in every game and we’ve got to knock them down when we get them. We haven’t been doing that and tonight we did it. But this is more us, I don’t think that this is some aberration, ‘Oh my God, the Magic made 3’s,” we’ve been doing this for four years. The aberration has been the first four games.”

Dwight Howard

“We just played the way we should have been playing the whole series. But you know, thank God we got a victory tonight. And we still have to come out and play the same way Thursday to get another win. So our work isn’t done with yet. We have to continue what we did tonight and stay on top of them.”

“For some reason since I’ve been here, we’ve always put ourselves in situations like this. Whether it’s the regular season or the playoffs, we’ve been down by a lot and have to fight our way back. Now we’re in w tough situation but we believe that we can win, just continue to motivate my teammates and get my teammates ready to go. Like I told them, they gave us a chance; we got to take advantage of it. Everybody was counting us out; they’ve already put the match-up with the Bulls and the Hawks on TNT tonight. So we have to show everybody that we’re still in this. We still believe that we have a whole city behind us. So this is just bigger than ourselves.”

Quentin Richardson

(On defending Joe Johnson) “Well, I just try to do what I got to do to make it tough for him. Joe’s a great player, 6’8”, a big guy that sometimes you can play great defense on him. He’s so tall that he’s going to turn around and shoot over you or make a tough bucket. My whole job is to go out there and make everything he gets difficult and tough.”

Hedo Turkoglu

“I was just surprised the way we shot the ball before the game because we didn’t shoot the ball well. But it was a good start for all of us to get our rhythm back just a little bit. More confidence and more comfortable throughout the games. So overall we started the game and played 48 minutes just like that. As long we get those kind of stops from the get-go, I think we’ll be in a good situation.”

J. J. Redick

“I think the series changed in Game 1. They took home court from us. We talked a lot the past two days about the fact that we’re going to have to win in Atlanta and that nothing’s changed since they won Game 1. Unfortunately we didn’t get a win up there in either Game 3 or Game 4 so we got to win Game 6 in Atlanta and that’s really kind of the biggest thing is getting a road win.”

“Obviously it felt good to see the ball go through the basket consecutively. That was nice. I think for me it was just that I felt better moving tonight. The last two days has been the best my body has felt since I’ve been back. I think also have the ball a little bit in the first quarter allowed me to kind of get into a rhythm.”

April 24, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 4

Stan Van Gundy

“I don’t want to take anything away from them, because (the Hawks) are playing great defense. They are having an effect on us with our threes, but I really thought we had good looks tonight. Obviously, Hedo (Turkoglu) had to take a desperation shot at the end, but I thought overall we had good looks from the three-point line. Most of the other looks were good looks, but they just didn’t fall for us. In the first half we were 1-13, but in the second half I thought Jameer’s late in the corner was a bad shot, and the one Gilbert (Arenas) made was also a tough shot, but I thought the other ones were good open looks. It’s frustrating and right now we just don’t have an answer.”

(On last play of game) “We didn’t get a shot. (Hedo) brought the ball down, Horford took it from him. He basically gave him the ball.”

“Once we lost game one in Orlando, it became clear to us we were going to have to win our other three home games and win one here in Atlanta. Nothing’s really changed about what we have to do. We have to win on Tuesday at home, and that’s the most important thing right now. We have to try to play one great game, win that one, and then try to win one here in Atlanta. We have to start games better than we have. The only game that we’ve started well was in game two. Today we had too many mental mistakes, and our defense wasn’t good enough. It will have to be in the next game, because right now our offense is awful.”

(On guarding Jamal Crawford) “We’ve tried a lot of guys on him so far, and no one has been able to guard him yet. Our perimeter guys are being chewed up by him and their guards so far.”

Dwight Howard

“I told ‘em if they don’t believe that we can still win, then stay in Atlanta. We just have to keep believing and guys have to make shots, it’s as simple as that. They gotta act like it’s a practice or a shootaround and don’t be afraid to miss. The guys are putting a lot of pressure on themselves to make shots. I thought about taking a couple of threes myself to boost our percentage…

“Despite that, we were still in the game. If we can make some shots, we can do it.”

“Atlanta is playing more together and moving the ball well. Jamal (Crawford) and Kirk Hinrich are playing great, their guys are stepping up.”

“There’s nothing I can do about the Atlanta fans (in reference to the role of villain as a native of Atlanta), it’s fun, it makes the Playoffs great and it motivates me. To think that everyone’s against me, it takes the pressure off my teammates, and I understand what they’re trying to do.”

Do you feel like one win can change the series? “If we don’t get one, the momentum’s going to stop. We have to play hard for 48 minutes and give everything we’ve got. I’m not going to walk around like the series is over, and I’m going to continue to motivate them. We’ll be fine…keep the mood light and hope that we play free.”

April 22, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 3

Stan Van Gundy:

(On end of game shot by Hedo Turkoglu) “It was a horrible shot. I have not been able to get him to shoot the ball when he’s open. He’s passing up very good shots to take bad shots. We’ll keep showing him on film and hopefully it clicks. He’s putting as much effort into this as everyone else, but his decision making on shots is not good. It’s compounded by him not shooting well. So as he’s not shooting well, he’s also taking bad shots, which is making it worse. It’s a vicious cycle. Clearly we need him to shoot the ball better and to make better decisions.”

“We had our chances towards the end, but they made enough plays to hang on. On the last shot, they had the shot clock running down, and they’re in the lead. There was a little less than a six second differential, so I wasn’t going to foul there. If we get that rebound, we would have had plenty of time. But he banked it in. They’ve made a lot of those shots so far in this series.”

“I thought we played with much more energy in the second half, and that got us back into it. But this is the playoffs, and you can’t play 24 minutes of defense. Had we played defense the entire game, it think it would have been a different result. I thought they just played harder than us for the entire game tonight.”

“We know who are players are and their roles. We’ve just not having a lot of success right now. The only thing I need to do, and it’s probably the thing I should have done in the first place, is look at ways to get our guys in better positions to get better looks. That will help Dwight out more than anything else.”

Dwight Howard

“It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. We played well in the second half, but not well enough in the first half. I didn’t see a need for a technical foul on myself at the end. I didn’t think I elbowed him. I was in the act of shooting. I didn’t think that should have been a technical foul. I’m trying to do as much as I can night in night out. That’s what they ask me to do every day. I just try to get as much rest as I can between every game. I think Jamal Crawford’s shot was lucky and an angel had to be sitting next to him that let that one go in, but he hits tough shots. Both he and Joe Johnson hit those shots. It was great defense, but he just made a tough shot.”

“They didn’t do anything differently tonight on me. We just didn’t do as good a job pushing the ball. When they missed shots, we didn’t get out and run like we did the first two games. I just want to win. If I have to go out there and play 48 minutes I will to help us win. I just have to do whatever I can. I believe we’re going to start making shots. Right now they’re up 2-1 by winning on their home court, but I’m going to keep motivating our team to come out and get one back on Sunday.”

April 19, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 2

Stan Van Gundy:

“This one to me came down to one thing for us, we played extremely hard. Especially from the time we were down 10 in the first half, I just thought we played with unbelievable intensity. Obviously they defended us very well too. We shot the ball extremely poorly. I thought in the first half both teams defended pretty well, I thought in the second half they defended well but I thought we had good looks in the second half. Especially one stretch there, we missed four wide open shots in a row, obviously we are going to have to shoot the ball better. That comes and goes but our guys effort tonight was above and beyond. When you can shoot 34 percent in a playoff game and win it, I got to be very proud of guys and just hope at some point some guys will start making some shots.”

On the Magic’s shooting percentage tonight:

“When I look at these shooting numbers, wow. You got Dwight and then you are 18 of 66 with the other guys. What Dwight did tonight was phenomenal. I didn’t give him much rest in the game. It was a huge game and I went with him all the way. A couple of times I asked him and he can verify that, we asked him three or four times, ‘do you want a couple minutes here?’ ‘No, I’m good,’ and he was good, he was outstanding. We have to get his turnovers down still, but what he did was outstanding. I got to think at some point we’re going to knock down some shots here and things are going to open up a little bit.”

On Magic making big shots in game:

“I liked the shots we were getting in the second half, for the most part. We took a couple that were bad where we didn’t execute stuff, but I thought for the most part I liked our shots. I just kept saying you got to keep shooting the open shots and they’ll drop and they didn’t really. Then J Rich knocked down the big one, which really wrapped it up in the corner off a great play by Turk. Those guys games, they are great shooters. They’re not going to continue to shoot like this. I don’t believe that, they’ll be okay.”

On Magic defending Jamal Crawford:

“I thought our energy was pretty good we were not playing well and he was wearing us out. He’s an unbelievable pull up jump shooter. He can get space on you anytime he wants and get that shot off. We eventually did a little better job on him. Our pick-n-roll defense became a little bit better and we got him somewhat under control but not much. He’s a hell of a player and he’s going to be a tough match up for us all the time.”

On Dwight’s performance tonight:

“That’s what a guy like Dwight does, his presence, that’s why they gave him that trophy before the game. He was phenomenal tonight. I mean he really was phenomenal tonight. Just the energy itself that he put into the game, I’m not even talking about the numbers. I mean 33 and 19 is great, you can fault his 7 turnovers, but what he put into the game for 48 minutes at a game of that intensity, that’s incredible. I’m sure he’s glad that we have two days in between right here.”

Dwight Howard:

“I didn’t ask for a break or anything. I just told Coach that if I get tired, call timeout. He really didn’t say anything. He kept asking me if I wanted to come out of the game and I said I wanted to keep playing.”

“I just didn’t want to give them a chance to win the game. I trust my teammates, I just felt like I needed to be in the floor and I wasn’t in foul trouble.”

“Our defense was a lot better. We were more active on the defensive end. That’s one thing that we talked about in practice is being active on the defensive end. The Hawks have struggled when teams are very active, make the paint congested. We have to do the same thing against, force them to make plays late in the shot clock instead letting them get opportunities to set good screens, get guys open. So we got to put more pressure on the guards. But we have to pick our defensive intensity up. So we did a great job of it tonight. Our offense will come, guys are going to start making shots, they have to continue to believe in ourselves. I’m not worried about the offensive end. I think this series is going to be about the defense and we have to get some stops,”

Quentin Richardson:

“I think what happened last game; guys just kind of came out and let left everything out on the floor. Even the bench, if you look at the bench all night, from 1-13, everybody was into it. Even Danny Orton was over there going crazy so it was good effort from everybody.”

“I think these two teams have history. They’re not backing down; we’re definitely not backing down. At no point did we think it was going to be easy. We know it’s going to be a fight and we have to go in there and do it.”

Ryan Anderson:

“We were really pushing the ball. We did a great job on our fast breaks, moving the ball and not just getting the ball into Dwight, standing around like we did last game. Obviously he has great mismatches and he’s a great player and we have to get the ball into him but tonight we wanted to make a conscious effort to move the ball and guys did a great job of going to the basket and dragging their man in.”

“Obviously it’s going to be even more tough over there so we’re going to have to pull together and obviously bring the extra energy and extra effort the next game. We had a great game plan, we stuck to the game plan tonight, we’ll do the same thing next game.”

Jason Richardson:

“We just kept on battling; I mean it’s the playoffs. It’s an important game, every game in the playoffs is important no matter what but we definitely didn’t want to go up there down 2-0.”

April 16, 2011: Magic vs. Hawks: Game 1

Stan Van Gundy:

On tonight’s game…

“Those middle two quarters, we had no answer for them at all in terms of stopping them. We couldn’t really play anything that they did. We had trouble with their post ups, one-on-one, we had trouble with their perimeter guys breaking us down on the dribble, we struggled with their pick and rolls. I mean really, their perimeter guys particularly hurt us. But it’s not like we were great on the other guys either but especially in the middle two quarters but really pretty much the game we didn’t have any defensive answers. Other than Dwight (Howard) and then Jameer (Nelson) in the third quarter we didn’t, I didn’t think we were able to get very good shots. Dwight was dominant, other than the eight turnovers, he was dominant inside but we really didn’t have much else going on. Jameer got going on pick and rolls in the third quarter but outside of those two guys clearly, we were 8-for-34 we struggled. My focus right now is on me, and my game plan. I’ve got to do a better job in my estimation. I’ve got to find a way that we can guard them more effectively and we’ve got to find some answers on the offensive end of the floor to get some of these other guys going too. I’m not coming in here angry at players who had bad games or anything else. I’m disappointed in what I did and my role in this, game plan wise and everything else and I want to get to the film as soon as I can and get back to work. I’ve got to do a better job.”

On the regular season series scores being mostly in the 80s and if he was surprised with their offensive efficiency…

“Well, I’m not surprised by much of anything. They played extremely well. I was disappointed obviously in our inability to guard them. I wouldn’t say I was surprised. We know that those guys are good players and they had very good days. We’re obviously not going to stop everybody every night. You know we really were not able, their five key guys, we didn’t do a good job on any of them. So, we’ve got to make some adjustments there and decide on a better way to play those guys.”

On why everyone but Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson struggled offensively…

“They played Dwight pretty much one-on-one, you know he scored a lot of points but, they’re not going to come off and open up shots for other people. And really, the same thing on Jameer’s pick and rolls. They sort of leave the guard on his own, a little bit of help from the big guy, and he can get shots but people aren’t coming off of them. And that’s why I’m saying we’ve got to try and find a way to get those other guys into the game a little bit more. Clearly they’ve got to make the shots that they get, we can’t do anything about that but we’ve got to try and get them into the game a little bit more, we’re not going to do it with two guys. But, with that being said, you know other than the turnovers which have been a major problem and we’ve got to cut those down, I would’ve thought going in that 93 points, 45 percent (shooting) we should’ve at least been right there in the game. The primary problem is we couldn’t guard them at all.”

Dwight Howard

“It’s frustrating that we lost but it’s the first game. We’ll come back in the second game with a better effort.”

Jameer Nelson

“I think we have to make it tough for those guys, tougher than we did tonight. They played a great game tonight, they executed well, they got the ball in guys’ hands and created open shots.”

“We have to go back and look at some things, re-evaluate some things like our defensive plans tonight as a team. Offensively we have to get better, move the ball, whatever; I don’t know I really can’t put a finger on it right now.”

“Our team did a lot of great things tonight. They outplayed us first of all. They did a good of executing, doing what they wanted. We have to come out with a better effort, a better mindset in terms of stopping people.”

Ryan Anderson

(On Atlanta’s guards) “They were the guys with the ball primarily in their hands throughout the game. They made good plays. Obviously one person can’t score all the points. I think they did a good job. They gave the ball down to Dwight and he did his thing but they eliminated our strengths, they eliminated out 3-point shots. So rather than doubling on Dwight, they just kind of let them go one-on-one and obviously Dwight had a huge game but they played everybody else to not touch the ball basically.”

“That’s a great thing about playoff series, we have another game and we have t prepare for this. We can only get better. Obviously we’re going to have to make some changes. I think we can do some things a lot better. We need to move the ball, get everybody active, get the ball moving and get some touches.”

“We need to be more aggressive and play defense like we normally and get open shots. Sometimes when we get to the ball down to Dwight we might be a little stacked and the guys might be just standing around. Obviously Dwight had a great game. Jameer, when he realized what he needed to do, he did a great job of getting us back into the game. We just need to make everybody active and everybody involved.”

J.J. Redick

“I felt fine out there. It was good to be on the court but I wish I could’ve done more to help the team.”

“To be honest with you, their guards killed us. The perimeter guys: Crawford, Hinrich, and Joe Johnson, we have to do a better job of guarding those guys individually.”

April 13, 2011: Magic vs. Pacers

Stan Van Gundy:

On tonight’s game…

“I thought that our energy was very, very good. Especially in the first half, I thought we were playing at a real high energy level, which I liked. I thought we executed some things really well and I thought we really tried to defend. Then we got the big lead, we were up big at the half and we sort of lost interest a little bit. We handled the ball poorly, no question about that. But overall, for a game like this I didn’t think it was bad.”

On if the way they’ve played in the last week or so will help them in the playoffs…

“Well you hope. You want to play well, we played a lot of guys tonight which I think does lead to the turnovers too. You’ve got guys and different combinations. We ran some different things, we ran very few of the things, we ran very few straight post ups for Dwight (Howard), three or four. We ran very few high pick and rolls with Jameer (Nelson) or Turk(oglu), stuff that are staples for us. So, we were doing a lot of different things I think that leads to mistakes. I just like that our energy has come back a little bit, I think that’s good. We were able to keep everybody’s minutes down tonight. Got a day off yesterday, tomorrow we’re really going to spend on film and walkthrough stuff so we’re not going real hard tomorrow, but we’re going to be here awhile and really do a lot of mental stuff and really try to get our game plan in place. We’ll practice on Friday, review on Saturday and be good to go.”

On how eager they are for the playoffs and how he would evaluate his team’s readiness…

“If we play well, if we’re healthy and play at a good energy level and play to our potential, we can beat anybody. I think our chances are as good as anyone’s. But we have to play well. We’re not going to do it obviously turning the ball over a lot and things like that. But, I like our chances. I like our energy level, I think we’ve got some different options to score. We need guys playing at a high level, that’s what it’s going to come down to. So, we’re anxious to get started I know that. I think our guys have been waiting for this for a while, I know that.”

On if he’ll have Gilbert Arenas and JJ Redick on Saturday…

“I think we’ve have Gilbert, JJ I don’t know. The plan right now is for him to do some stuff again tomorrow on his own. He’ll go through the walkthrough stuff with us and then if he’s feeling good the plan is for him to practice on Friday and then we’ll see from there. I don’t know. It has been a long time. It’s been five weeks. He will have missed 17 straight games in five weeks, that’s a long time. Basically five-and-a-half weeks, so we’ll have to see where we are with him. That’s a hard one, but at the same time I think he can really help us even if it’s in limited minutes.”

On if JJ Redick is released to play…

“Yeah, it’s all up to him, it’s all a matter of how he feels and his confidence and being able to go out and play. And obviously that’s a little up in the air right now, he wasn’t confident enough in it to go out and play tonight. So, we’re still on that path back, but we’re not there yet and we’ve just got to see where he ends up feeling comfortable.”

Dwight Howard:

“We feel good, we’re ready to go. Its playoff time, it’s the real season.”

“Last year, I think we did a pretty good job against Boston all year and they beat us so regular season is over with, see what happens in the playoffs.”

“We just want to dominate, starting Saturday. It’s time for us to step up and play better basketball. We don’t want to put any pressure on ourselves but we just want to play.”

(Comparing Atlanta to last year’s team) “Defensively, they are a lot smarter than they were. I would say they have a lot of weapons; they have a lot of guys who have gotten better. Obviously the chemistry is there because they’ve been together for a long time. So it’s going to be a good series and we’re looking forward to it.”

“We need to continue, continue to get better. This is the time for us to step up; and play as a team.”

Jameer Nelson:

“Well, they added Kirk Heinrich. Not taking anything away from (Mike) Bibby but I think he’s a good addition for them. Probably a little bit better defender but not as good as shooter as Bibby. But he shoots the ball well. He’s probably a better defender and they have a great team.”

April 11, 2011: Magic at 76ers

Stan Van Gundy

Q: Has that been one of the most bizarre games you've seen, considering the rebounding?

A: Well, yeah, I mean, looking at the stat sheet at halftime and seeing 32 to 9 on the boards, and then we're only up three, because we had turned it over 13 times. We had some bizarre turnovers. I thought we had good energy, though, in the first and third quarters, especially. They took the lead in the third. Then I thought we just opened it up and played really well for six to eight minutes there. That's what won the game.

Q: You had him [Dwight Howard] in at the end of the game. Why then?

A: He's had three of the last four nights off. I just wanted to keep running post-steps for him and throwing him the ball. He only played 34 minutes. You couldn't have more rest than what he's had in the last four days. He played one game. He had two days off. He practiced, sat out a game he was suspended for, and played. He's got tomorrow off, so now he'll have had four out of six days off. Look, that's plenty of rest.

Dwight Howard

Q: 56 to 31 on the boards tonight. Can you talk about that?

A: I think it was good to see us rebound the ball as well as we did. I watched the game last night from the house, since I couldn't go. The guys did a good job on the ground. I just told them they've got to do the same things they do while I'm playing. We would dominate even more. It was good to see that. I'm just happy that we're doing a better job off the glass. The biggest thing for us is to stay consistent with what we do on the defensive end and, offensively, cut down the turnovers and run.

Q: From the third to the fourth quarter, what changed?

A: We played some better defense. We rebounded the ball and were able to run on the breaks. We've got to continue to do that.

April 10, 2011: Magic vs. Bulls

Stan Van Gundy

“It is hard to believe you’re even in the game. Their 21 turnovers were the only thing that kept us in the game. We got a lot more shots than they did because we offensive rebounded. Our guys played real hard on the offensive glass so we get 11 more offensive rebounds than they do and we turn it over eight fewer times so we get a lot more shots, which keeps us in the game. We didn’t defend them well enough to win. They were breaking us down every time.”

On if the team learned anything playing without Dwight…

“Our guys played really hard, I’ve got no fault on anybody on that. To win that game, we made too many mistakes on the defensive end. We just made mistake after mistake after mistake. It makes it tough. I thought we fought hard, but we made too many mistakes.”

On Derrick Rose…

“He got penetration. He didn’t get a lot of assists today. He only had five assists and he had five turnovers. What he really did I thought today as much as he did anything, was he got to the rim late. Ryan made great efforts to take a couple charges, just couldn’t quite get there. He made a huge ‘3’ I thought coming off a pick and roll; he shot the ball very, very well. And then they shot free throws very, very well. They are not normally a great free throw shooting team, even though he is. But Boozer shot them well, Bogans made both of his, Brewer made both of his. They shot them well. Is there more we can do? Yeah, we can probably trap him a little more on the pick and roll, but I didn’t think the pick and roll was really the big problem, he just beat us on drives. I thought Ryan especially was doing a good job. We tried in the last four of five minutes there to take three charges; Ryan tried to take two on him and Brandon tried to get over and take one on Boozer. Our guys are trying to do the right thing, we just didn’t get it quite done.”

On the Magic improving on the boards from the previous time we played the Bulls…

“I think our guys were much more conscious of being on the boards, and the other thing is they didn’t miss any shots, so they didn’t have any chance to get any offensive rebounds. They never missed a shot.” On the last play of the game that Nelson took…

“We had a couple options on it, but he is the one who got it, and (he was) just a little bit late getting it off.”

On Jameer Nelson…

“I didn’t think he played well early at all. He was turning the ball over. He turned it over three times in the first quarter, was getting up in the air, leaving his feet making passes. But then after that I thought he played really well offensively.”

Ryan Anderson

On the game:

“We had a lot of ball movement. We were moving the ball around a lot, and found the open man. We were playing as a unit tonight. Because Dwight (Howard) wasn’t in the game, guys had to create a little bit more to fill in for him. We obviously had to get to the offensive rebounds more. When he’s out you have to work extra hard and tonight I think we did a great job fighting the whole game. I really wish I would’ve got that rebound. It’s really frustrating, but we played a great game, made some huge shots and we had a chance even with that rebound slipup. We had a chance to tie it right there with Jameer’s (Nelson) shot. Without our best player it’s obviously tough, and I think we’ll be ready for the challenge. Today we played great.”

On the critical offense rebound by Loul Deng:

“No not at all. That was the most awkward bounce off of the rim on a free throw I’ve ever really seen. I wasn’t expecting that. Usually that’s something I don’t slipup on, and so that’s frustrating, especially when it was Loul Deng. That’s a guy I could’ve gotten a rebound over, so that’s frustrating to me.”

Jameer Nelson

On playing without Dwight

“One thing we wanted to do and we talked about it, we wanted to play well without Dwight (Howard) because there will be stretches in the playoffs and in any games, he may not be on the court. He’s going to have to get a break sometimes, and guys have to step up. Guys did tonight. Guys played well, and we just came up a little short in the end.”

On looking forward to playing the Bulls in the playoffs:

“We can’t look forward. We can’t pass anybody off in the playoffs. We still have two game s to finish in the regular season. We’ll take care of those games and go into the playoffs feeling good about ourselves. We face the Hawks first. That’s our first opponent in the playoffs, so we don’t knoe what’s going to happen in any other series or ours, so we’ve got to take care of what we can control.”

On whether or not he thought his shot counted:

“I thought I did, but the ref made a good call. I needed maybe 0.02 more to have it be a good field goal. We’d played strong enough for the right guys to get the ball. Turk (Hedo Turkoglu) found me, thought I was open and I made the shot.”

April 6, 2011: Magic at Bobcats

Stan Van Gundy

(On tonight’s game)

“I thought we defended well in the fourth quarter and in overtime. It was strange that Jameer (Nelson) didn’t have a turnover the entire game and then turns it over on the last two possessions. We recovered and played the overtime very well. It was a good win.”

(On Gilbert Arenas’ play tonight)

“He made a lot of shots and he played great. He worked hard and got a lot of minutes. The biggest shot, probably, that he hit was the one to start the overtime. I always think it’s a good feeling to get on top in overtime, especially to hit a three like that, that really got us going.”

(On Dwight Howard’s play tonight)

“He had six blocks tonight and we didn’t go to him as much offensively. I think we’ve been stagnant lately. We tried to play more on the move and out of our pick-in-roll game. We will certainly go to him a lot more during the playoffs.”

Jameer Nelson

(On the team’s mentality after being down by 12 points tonight)

“We’re a team that’s resilient. We’ve come out of bigger holes than that. We’re a tough team. We never give up, that’s one thing about us.”

(On the team’s offense in overtime)

“We were getting good shots. We pretty much ran pick-and-rolls, putting guys in situations to be successful, and we were fortunate enough to make our shots.”

(On the team’s thoughts for the remainder of the regular season)

“We still have things we want to accomplish. We want to get to 50-plus wins. But we don’t want to develop bad habits so we’ve got to go out there and still play the right way no matter who’s out there. Just play the right way and try to win the game.”

Dwight Howard

(On the team’s mentality after being down by 12 points tonight)

“To just continue to play. I think sometimes when teams get down, they start rushing and everybody starts to point the finger. I think tonight we just settled down, got some good stops and hit some big shots.”

(On the team’s mindset going into the playoffs)

“We have to focus on trying to win a championship. We’ve got the right team. We’ve got the right amount of talent to win. It’s just going to be on us to go out and play hard.”

April 5, 2011: Magic vs. Bucks

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game…

“It was a very frustrating night offensively. We were inept most of the night. We didn’t shoot well, we didn’t handle the ball well, we didn’t make free throws. But, I thought our guys played very, very hard. Got a lot of good stops down the stretch to get the win, and that was good. So, we fought hard, it was I’m sure hard to watch, I know it was for me. I know it was for our players even, it was a frustrating night. But, they hung in there and got the win and so at this point that’s all that matters and we’ll move on to tomorrow.”

On how ready they are for the playoffs…

“Well we can’t play like this, that’s clear. You can’t play like this, and we know that. And hopefully we won’t because you’re not going to win a playoff game playing like that.”

On if he’ll take a different approach in the next game now that they’ve locked in the fourth seed… “I don’t know. We tried to cut the minutes tonight and we did other than Dwight (Howard), at least he was under 40. But we were falling apart if we didn’t get he and Jameer (Nelson) back in the game, I didn’t want to lose it tonight. Those guys’ minutes were a couple more than I had hoped. But other than that we cut their minutes a little bit and we’ve got (a game) tomorrow and then we’ve got three days (off). We’ve got some ideas of what we’re going to do, but I’m not totally set yet.”

On if he will cut minutes drastically or give starters an entire night off… “Again, when I know I’ll let you know. I’m not trying to hide anything from you, we just haven’t decided. I’m not going to do one of those when you’re going to be out there at tipoff and surprised. I’m not going to operate like that we just haven’t decided. We wanted to get the home court wrapped up. But also, we’ve got to balance it a little. There’s no question we need some rest. That’s why we had already decided going into tonight, no matter what happened tonight and tomorrow, we were going to take Thursday and Friday off, because in my experience when guys get two days in a row (off) it’s really a big difference as compared to just the one day. So we knew we were going to do that, everybody will get some rest there. But clearly, we’re not exactly clicking on all cylinders so I don’t want to sit guys out every game and then we’re never having our regular combination together and we’re not playing so I don’t know exactly how we’ll do it yet.”

On if they can start focusing on Atlanta now that they’ve secured the fourth seed… “Well we’ve been thinking Atlanta for a while but we won’t do anything with the players no, until it’s a sure thing. Last year we did a crazy one in the Second Round of the playoffs because Milwaukee went up 3-2. So, the only team we could’ve possibly played I think on that Saturday was Milwaukee if they didn’t extend the series. So, we came in and spent all day and watched film and got all ready for Milwaukee. They lose Game 6 and Game 7 and you change. So we’re not going to do anything with the players, as far as specifically talking about Atlanta. First of all, the priority right now is to rejuvenate a little bit, regain some energy and start to play better. That’s a bigger key than anything specific for Atlanta.”

Dwight Howard:

(On team’s intensity with remaining games) “We know where we’re at but we still have to come out. The fans want to see a show regardless so just got to come out to make sure we finish strong.”

“We had a bad night on the offensive end. We still got the win. So we could be going home with another loss, still got the win regardless of what happened on the court. The game was ugly both was but we still won.”

“We had a talk before the game tonight, just the team. We talked about making sure we come out every night with a lot of energy, we just have to sustain it for 48 minutes. I think tonight, our energy and effort was great in the first quarter, just have to do it for 48 minutes.”

Hedo Turkoglu:

“We’re not playing for that (playoff spot), we’re playing as a group to get better and it’s getting close to the playoffs. When the time comes, we have to be at the highest level we can, it’s not going to be the same, comparing the playoffs to the regular season.”

“We started in the first quarter, we started really well. We know what we can do, just have to do it every night. I think after the Toronto loss, we kind of got ourselves together. We had a good start from this game in the first quarter and it’s normal that people get hot. The turnovers, we had too many. That’s the thing that we have to get focused on getting ready for the play-offs, cutting our turnovers because we’re limiting our shots, we have to take better shots instead of turning the ball over. We really can’t think too much, we have to take what they’re giving us.”

Jason Richardson:

(On keeping turnovers down) “It’s pretty tough but we have to pick each other up. We’re a little banged up and it’s towards the end of the season and we’re still playing for something. A lot of people say they don’t mean anything but they do to us because we have to prep for the playoffs; we just can’t get to a place and turn the switch on. So we have to start to prepare now.”

April 3, 2011: Magic at Raptors


Thoughts on the game…

You get outrebounded by 18, give up 21 second-chance points and fast-break were 14-3, they deserved to win. One team played a lot harder than the other team, so they won and they deserved to win. I can understand our guys being tired at the end, but we weren’t ready to play in the first quarter. They wanted to win and we didn’t care and so they won.

This team can’t afford to turn it on and off like a switch…

I don’t know; we certainly didn’t even try to turn it on tonight.

Was rebounding the most glaring issue…

Yeah, you don’t see teams get outrebounded by 18, that’s absurd. That’s what happened tonight and if you come down to the key possessions late, they got three possessions on the one possession when we were down two and then they got two shots on the other one. We never made the adjustment, we never rebounded, they outhustled us, they were quicker than us, they just totally outplayed us and they deserved to win.

There was a point in the fourth quarter when (Dwight) Howard left, you were up eight and things seemed to turn…

Absolutely, it’s a little ridiculous that we can’t even let Dwight (Howard) get a drink of water but that’s the way it is. When he leaves, we have no defense and today we had very little offense. It’s crazy; we should be able to take him out to get a drink of water.

DWIGHT HOWARD (31 points, nine rebounds)

Stan Van Gundy mentioned that you can’t even get out for a drink of water. Thoughts?

Yeah, we’ll be alright though. There are a couple of games left in the regular season and we just have to try to finish the season strong without any injuries or anything like that and still try to win at the same time.

Stan said he’s not confident that next game the team will come out and play the way he knows that you can…

That’s just Stan being Stan. I just have to continue motivating the team to play and not worry about it. Sometimes he’s very passionate and he says things that we might not like, but I just have to do whatever I can to motivate my team and get ready for the playoffs.

What makes you confident that you guys will be able to turn this around?

It’s not like we’re playing bad basketball. We could be the last place team in the NBA but we’re not. We’re not satisfied with being the fourth place team in the East. We’re close to having 50 wins again, there’s not a lot of people that can say they won 50 games in their career for a season. We haven’t had the best season that we wanted to have but we’re still in a good position.

Was the difference in rebounds, with them having 18 more than you just a lack of effort?

There were a lot of long rebounds and they got them. We missed a lot of shots so I don’t want to say its all effort but we have just got to do a better job. When I go block shots, other guys have got to block out, stuff like that. It happens. I think for the most part this year our guys have been doing a good job of rebounding the ball but everybody has a game where you don’t rebound like you want to. It’s the NBA.

JAMEER NELSON (21 points, seven assists, three steals)

Coach was talking about how he is frustrated with the teams’ inconsistency the last few games…

I just know that we have the pieces to win. We just have to put things together and put forth a better effort.

Thoughts on the game…

They came out with more energy, they shot the ball well, and got a lot of confidence out there once they did that. It was tough when they were making shots and getting offensive rebounds and getting second opportunities.

With (Jose) Calderon and (Andrea) Bargnani out were you expecting them to play so well?

They’re an NBA team with NBA players. When your key guys go down, other guys look forward to stepping up and playing well. It’s an extra opportunity to play and play with a lot of freedom. Just go out there and play free.

April 1, 2011: Magic vs. Bobcats

Stan Van Gundy

On if he thought the team brought better energy tonight…

“I thought that we started the game with good energy, and I thought we had pretty good energy throughout the first half. Offensively, I didn’t think we did a very good job, we weren’t sharp in handling the ball, but I thought we had good energy. I didn’t think we had much energy at all in the second half on the offensive end.”

On Dwight Howard’s night…

“He shot the free throws well tonight and 14 rebounds, a couple of blocks, I thought he was really, really good. I mean, you take him out and we shot about 34 percent if you take his 10-for-14 out. We were very poor shooting the ball, we took a lot of bad shots I thought. Didn’t play with good offensive energy in the second half, but his 10-for-14 and 6-for-8 at the line carried us.”

On if he expects Howard to have a night like that every night…

“We expect it and quite honestly we need it. We need it, and he stepped up and really carried us for most of the year and that is certainly what he did tonight.”

On if he thinks the team has the mentality that they can turn it on in the playoffs…

“I don’t know, but you better not be, because you can’t just turn it on. I’ve said this, it’s different. The Boston Celtics can get to day one of the playoffs and turn it on. They’ve been there before, they’ve won a championship, they know what it is. Other than Krstic and Green, their core is the same guys. They know what to do. The San Antonio Spurs can do it, the Lakers can do it. The rest of us can’t do it. We don’t have the background. We don’t have enough guys who have been there and done it. We’ve got to go in playing with great intensity and energy. We’ve got to play at a higher level than what we played tonight, we have to. We’ve got to start getting serious about it.”

On if he thinks they have the mentality that they can flip the switch once the playoffs start…

“There may be, but if it is, it’s not going to work. You’re going to hit the switch and have no power. We don’t have a history together as a group to have any reason to think we can flip the switch. That’s absolutely faulty thinking, and if that’s where we are, that will lead to our demise.”

On how much the team misses JJ’s presence off the bench…

“Especially when you see tonight. Offensively we play our bench 55, 66 minutes and we go 4-for-18 off the bench. Those guys are working hard, but we’re just not getting much. Ryan hasn’t been shooting the ball well and we’re just not getting a lot of offense off the bench. So yeah, we miss him right now, but those other guys have got to pick it up and play better.”

Dwight Howard

(What to improve for playoffs) “Same thing I’ve been telling you guys, just be consistent and play hard every night. That’s the only thing.”

(On comparing Finals team from two years ago to today’s team) “When we went to The Finals, we were exhausted. We had put some much in and I don’t’ think we had anything. But that’s not excuse for why we lost, we were exhausted. We’ve been there once and we want to get back.”

Hedo Turkoglu

(On reaching 10,000 pt. plateau) “I really did not know this until you told me. Just blessed to have gone this far in this league, to be able to accomplish this in my career when I quit playing. I can really look back and show my kids and my fans what I did throughout my NBA career.”

Quentin Richardson

(On Dwight) “That’s the big fellow. I don’t want to take anything away from Derrick Rose because he’s been nothing short of spectacular. I think a lot times because Dwight has been so consistent, you know he hasn’t had 50’s and stuff like that. But he can kill 25 and 14 and like the crazy defense and different things every night. But you know you can take it for granted but us in this locker room and us on this team, we don’t. We know what big fellow value is and I think he deserves consideration and talk and stuff with all the rest of the guys. I think if he doesn’t win it (MVP), it’s a close second. I mean don’t think anybody else, I don’t think Derrick Rose is as important to his team as Dwight is to us.”

Ryan Anderson

(What to work on going into playoffs) “Just the defensive end. I think we need to work on our defensive rotations. I think turning the ball over, we’re turning the ball over a lot, those are probably the two main focuses we need to work on in practice coming into the playoffs.”

“Right now, I think we’re just working to get better. We’re trying to get better, that’s the key to the last few games. That’s what we want to do, keep working. We’re not going to have a lot of time to practice. So our games are going to be our practices and we just have to get better.”

March 30, 2011: Magic at Hawks

Stan Van Gundy

“We weren’t happy with our looks tonight. The last play we didn’t execute. When you don’t try to execute it’s hard to know. Jason Richardson was supposed to be the first option, and there was supposed to be another screen, but one didn’t show up. They’ve beaten us three out of four. They’re better than us right now. Doesn’t mean they will be in the playoffs. We’re not scared of them, but right now I have to say they’re better than us.”

(On Jason Collins defense) “That’s the best defense I’ve seen all year on Dwight. He did a great job. Against Collins he didn’t get a lot of good shots. I thought he did a great job on him. He’s big and physical. He doesn’t give you anything easy. Dwight had trouble getting good, on balance shots.”

Ryan Anderson

“We have some guys banged up, but we can still play a lot better than we did tonight. I think (the Hawks) are guarding us differently now. Collins is a bigger body that makes it tough on Dwight. That’s pretty much what they’re doing. We just need to get in the gym and work on countering that. Every play is intense in the playoffs. Regular season is important. But we have to be prepared to guard every play, and counter against their matchup changes.”

Jameer Nelson

“Things are definitely hard for us when Dwight gets in foul trouble. He’s who we are. We play through him. Offensively and defensively he’s our guy. The other guys do a great job of relieving him, but he’s still Dwight. There’s no pressure on us to shoot better in those situations. There are a lot of things going on in this world that involve pressure. There are a lot of people who have issues to deal with that involve pressure in the world. We’re just playing basketball.”

March 28, 2011: Magic at Knicks

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game:

“I thought our guys fought extremely hard to stay in the game right to the end. We made some mistakes. We had some turnovers. We had a couple of defensive breakdowns, but it’s hard for me to fault anybody after that. We came in with four perimeter players and then Chris [Duhon] couldn’t go in the second half so we had some different lineups out there. We went with Turk [Hedo Turkoglu] at the one, J-Rich [Jason Richardson] at the two with Earl [Clark] at the three. We did some strange things but our guys fought and stayed in the game in a game where they said it was a must win and they had to win and the whole thing. We were right there….a couple of plays go the other way. Dwight [Howard] had a big offensive rebound and it turns into a foul and it goes the other way…he fouls out and then it was tough after that. I thought our guys fought hard and stayed in the game and gave ourselves a chance to win. I think it’s a shame that we weren’t able to get it done.”

On Carmelo Anthony:

“Carmelo was tremendous. I thought he was the difference down the stretch. He was great. I thought we defended the other guys pretty well but was great.”

More on tonight’s game:

“It wasn’t the plan to have any of those guys play that many minutes. We were going to try to give them some rest. It was awfully hard to do. I don’t think I have ever had a game where I didn’t have a sub at a position. We didn’t have a sub at the one, two or three. It was difficult but those guys played big minutes and played them hard and well. Dwight [Howard] was outstanding. It’s hard for me to fault them on that.”

Dwight Howard

On tonight’s game:

“It was a tough game. I think New York played with a lot of energy, more than they had the last game. They hit some tough shots tonight, they moved the ball, they played like the Knick team we saw earlier in the season.”

On Shelden Williams:

“He played some pretty good defense, sometimes. He moved his feet, he didn’t foul, he got some jump balls, he’s pretty good.”

On Amar’e Stoudemire:

“I just see him as aggressive as he used to be. We all play the same amount of games. I know there is a lot of pressure on him. They are asking him to do a lot. He just got to fight through it. I’ve had to deal with what he is dealing with for seven years. I just encourage him to keep playing, fight through it. He’s been playing hard every night. He has to continue to be that leader, to lead by example. If he plays hard everybody else is going to play hard. It’s a different situation than what he had in Phoenix. In Phoenix Steve Nash was pick-and-roll and Amar’e would come down the lane and get an easy bucket. But know teams can handle him and make it a little tough. He just has to be aggressive and find out other ways to score.”

March 25, 2011: Magic vs. Nets

Stan Van Gundy

On Jameer’s Injury:

“I don’t have any idea. I think it’s too early to tell, we’ll probably know more on Sunday when we practice.”

On Quentin Richardson’s Injury:

“He had back spasms after the game the other night in New York. Dr. Mintzer saw him yesterday and wanted him to take two days off and he’ll re-evaluate him tomorrow. So we’ll know more on him when we come in on Sunday. We’re a little thin on the perimeter right now, I don’t know what we’ll do in practice on Sunday, I might have to get out there.”

On Gilbert Arenas’ performance tonight:

“He had a tough night. I thought he came off a really good game in New York the other night, gave us a big lift. It’s just one of those nights that he really struggled. It’s going to happen to guys and he really had a tough one tonight.”

On Hedo Turkoglu’s aggressiveness:

“I told him everything gets set up by his shot. That he’s got to shoot the ball when he’s open and I thought what happened tonight is they wanted to take away him turning the corner. They wanted to take away Dwight on the roll. They started going under on his pick-n-rolls. He stuck threes then they started to go over the top and he was making plays. That’s how he’s got to play. He’s such a skilled guy with size, if he just takes what the defense gives him, he can make every play. If you go under, he can stick the jumper. If you don’t do a good job on your pick-n-roll defense, he can turn the corner and finish. He can make all the passes. He’s a very skilled guy and when he’s just playing under control and relaxed and not predetermining his move and he’s willing to shoot the ball when they give him the shot, he’s a very tough guy to guard. He’s sometimes his own worst enemy, trying to predetermine what he’s going to do and not taking in what the defense gives him. There’s no reason for him to do that because he has all the skills.”

On Chris Duhon’s performance tonight:

“He had a big three in the corner so I thought that was a good step. He’s got to shoot the ball when he’s open. This is a guy who’s a 36 percent career three point shooter. He’s a good three point shooter who the coaching staff believes in. I’m not sure Chris believes that, that’s the way he plays sometimes, he doesn’t believe he’s as good a shooter. But I think defensively I thought he was excellent. He didn’t turn the ball over, I thought that was key. We’re trying to cut our turnovers, so him not having a turnover that was big. I mean Turk taking care of the ball, 13 assists, and no turnovers. That’s phenomenal. I thought Chris helped us tonight with his defense and everything. The issue with Chris I think all year is him playing with confidence in himself offensively. I don’t really have an answer for that.”

On Dwight’s performance tonight:

“It was disappointing tonight, coming off such a good game in New York. I thought it was a struggle for him tonight. He had trouble making free throws, he had some turnovers, he was a little bit frustrated. It was a little bit of a struggle for him tonight. He got some big hoops late, blocked some shots, still had his 14 rebounds. Even when Dwight’s having a tough night he still a dominate guy out there.”

Dwight Howard:

(On Hedo tonight) “One thing about Turk, he can see over the defense. It’s good to have a guy who can pass the ball well but also make the right play. He’s been playing pretty good as of late; he just has to keep it up. He has to be aggressive. We don’t to put a lot of pressure on him by saying you have to play the same as you did in The Finals. But just be aggressive, be our point-forward, he can do a good job of that.”

(On Brandon Bass) “Oh he had a great start. And the one thing that we’ve been telling Brandon is that he’s a guy who wants to show everybody that he can shoot so instead of rolling to the basket where he’s wide open, he wants to stop and shoot a jump shot. We tell him, ‘Brandon, you got a lot of easy baskets if you just roll to the basket.’ And he’s been doing it; he’s been looking pretty good so hopefully he’ll keep it up. He’s been juicing right, making sure he’s been drinking his juices and berries, stuff like that. So keep it up.”

Hedo Turkoglu:

(On SVG telling him to be aggressive) “Yeah, he was telling me that, I was just trying to pass the ball first. I was real aggressive right now. I’m trying to turn the corner and just look for my shot first and be aggressive and then help. I can see Dwight like tonight, I just threw it high and he got it. And guys on the other side, I can see them by driving the ball. But he’s telling me to be more aggressive and get myself in the offense from the get-go. Just get in a better rhythm in the game.”

“The last four or five games I’ve been looking for my shot more. I’m trying to be more aggressive right now. Get myself involved from the beginning instead of waiting for the fourth quarter. Because sometime you don’t have time to get yourself involved and get yourself going. So he wants me to be more aggressive from the beginning and look for my shots.”

Brandon Bass:

“I think Hedo’s our best playmaker. Nights like this we get to see a 6’10” point guard do his thing.”

“I was basically taking advantage of the opportunities. Turk saw me a few of times, hit me. They left me open, try to knock down a couple of shots. Got a few of the Post-up, a few dunks, I just took advantage of the opportunity.”

Chris Duhon:

“It’s the NBA; it’s all about staying ready. We understand our role and you have to be prepared, be ready when injuries happen or when you’re number is called, try to perform.”

March 23, 2011: Magic at Knicks

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game:

“It was a very good win. I thought that in the second half, we were particularly good. I think we started out playing good defense for the first six minutes, then got out to a little bit of a lead, then did not play well the last 18 minutes of the first half. To start the second half, we played well defensively. It was a combination of us and the Knicks missing shots that they can make. Amar’e (Stoudemire) can have the exact same shots on Monday and he might make 13-of-16. We didn’t give up a lot of easy stuff. Holding them to around 30 percent in the second half was key to our win.”

On half time adjustment:

“We didn’t make any adjustments, seriously. We came in at halftime and wrote the things on the board that we thought were important coming into tonight. We asked them which of these they thought they had done hard and well. They didn’t think they had done them hard and well. So we played harder in the second half and came out committed defensively. We simply did not make any X’s and O’s adjustments.”

Quentin Richardson

On Carmelo Anthony:

“Carmelo is my toughest match-up. Nobody has the mid-range, 17-foot game like he does. When I saw Bernard King tonight, I was like he plays a lot like him. Not a whole lot of threes, although he hit a few tonight, and is very tough down low.”

On Knicks:

“I think they’re moving in the right direction. This takes time. I think Miami is a great example. This is not on the same scale, but I think that it’ll just take time for them to be good, which they are going to be. They have Carmelo and Amar’e, and that’s two All-Stars out there, which is tough to stop.”

Dwight Howard

On going into the playoffs:

“We just have to continue to get better. Our effort has to be a little bit better than it was tonight. We have to be consistent. That’s what we want to do going into the playoffs…try to get as much rest but at the same time go out there and play as hard as we can and get some good wins.”

On tonight’s game:

“I think we started pounding the ball inside…playing inside out. They [the Knicks] doubled and tried to make the right pass out…just trying to be very patient out there and make the right play. That’s what we did in the second half. On the defensive end, I think we did a pretty good job of not fouling…sending them to the line and moving our feet.”

On Amar’e Stoudemire and the Knicks:

“I think he kind of rushed a little bit tonight to get his shot off. He wasn’t as patient. That happens and right now I understand that the team [the Knicks] is under a lot of pressure. Sometimes when you are under pressure…being a guy like Amar’e who wants to do as much as he can to bring the team out and I just encourage him to stay patient and stick with it. It’s going to take a while for those guys to get used to playing with each other. You just have to be patient. They are a tough team. They are going to be very tough. Once they learn how to really play together…but it takes a while. We are going through the same thing right now with a lot of new guys so we all understand the position they are in. Just like I said, they have to stick with it.”

On playing at Madison Square Garden:

“It’s fun. It’s a very fun place to play. It’s the garden. We wanted to come here and get a good win and just try to get better as a team.”

March 21, 2011: Magic at Cavaliers

Stan Van Gundy

(On what the Magic take from this game): “Nothing. We got a win and that’s what we take from it. We got a win, we’re moving on. This one is done.”

(On Brandon Bass and Dwight Howard): “Brandon played with tremendous energy. He was really rolling hard on pick and rolls, finishing and our guys were doing a good job of getting them (Bass and Howard) the ball. They (Cavs) didn’t want to take a body off of Dwight and Brandon was able to get to the rim. Then, Dwight was just overwhelming.”

(On mystery of why Magic can’t put together consistent games): “No, it’s not a mystery to me. I’m not going to talk about that (what the situation is).”

(On the fourth quarter): “We turned the ball too much. We didn’t play with a lot of energy, but other than that, I don’t really know. It was 20 turnovers again.”

(On is it playing against a team you are supposed to beat): “No, it’s not hard. I don’t understand that. No, it’s not hard. You only play 82 games a year. It shouldn’t be hard to just go out and play hard all the time.”

(On the Magic): “Obviously, we’ve seen ebs and flows. I don’t have an excuse for it. We need to play harder and sharper. And, play sharper for longer periods of time. We just get on to New York. Like I said, I don’t take anything from this. We take a win, we move on and we get ready for New York.”

(On being pleased with the Magic in first three quarters): “Yep, I thought we did some good things. There were a lot of good things throughout the course of the game. We still didn’t take care of the ball. We had 12 turnovers at the half. But, we executed some things. Defensively, I thought we did some good things. For the first three quarters, I thought there were some good things. And, some very good things.”

Brandon Bass

(On his performance): “I just basically took advantage of opportunities. I just tried to play within the system, set picks, roll. Tonight, the guards saw that I was open and they hit me and I just tried to finish for them. We got the win. I was picking and rolling, I got some easy baskets and I think those easy baskets got me going. I was able to produce a little bit offensively. I just want to continue to do that each and every night and continue to bring my defensive efforts.”

(On building confidence from good start): “When you get some easy baskets, it always builds confidence, especially early on. I did feed off of a couple early baskets and I tried to keep it going. I tried to let my offense kind of pick up my defense. Usually my defense picks up my offense, but tonight it was vice versa. I think we moved the ball well offensively. Toward the end of the game, they (Cavs) made a little run, but this is the NBA and teams are going to do that. We just have to continue to focus and get better, so we can get ready for the playoffs.”

(On the fourth quarter): “There really weren’t any problems. Throughout the game, we turned the ball over and that’s something, for us to be great, we can’t do. So, we’re definitely going back to the drawing board and going to get better with that tomorrow. Teams are going to make runs. We were beating them the whole game. We didn’t expect them to quit. We’re pros, so they made their run, we sustained it, and got the win.”

March 18, 2011: Magic vs. Nuggets

Stan Van Gundy

“I thought both teams played very hard. I thought it was a terrific defensive effort that our guys had tonight. I look at all the things that’s the lowest game they scored since the trade. They were averaging 109 a game shooting 49.5 from the floor, we hold them to 82 and 35.9 from the floor, they were averaging 18 fast break points, they get eight. They were averaging 47 points in the paint, they get 36. Dwight blocks five shots I thought our close out got really good as the game went on. There were averaging nine threes a game at 40 percent coming into this. I thought we did a good job closing and taking away the threes. We had a miserable defensive second half a lot because of their defense. We’re still turning the ball over way too much, but I thought our guys gave a terrific effort today, absolutely terrific.”

On the last play of the game:

“I didn’t know what he was going to do with the ball, but the play was for Jameer to get or create the last shot. He couldn’t have timed it any better than that. What we want to make sure in those situations and I tend to isolate rather than pick-n-roll in those situations, we haven’t had one of those this year, with the score tied. But I tend to isolate in those situations, because it’s much easier for the guy to control when the shot is going to go up and I want to make sure we have the last shot. We got the last one and it was nothing but not and it couldn’t get any better than that. I thought he had the best chance to create on the dribble and get a shot. The Morehead State game was a high pick-n-roll we didn’t need a three, but yeah just give a guy the ball. Our situation was different. They were down two, so I think it’s a difficult decision for the coach. I didn’t tell him to go for the three, we were just going to isolate him up there and let him create his own shot. I didn’t want to pick-n-roll because they would have switched the pick-n-roll and he would have had to get the jumper over a bigger guy. If we weren’t going for the last shot I would have done that, because it would have given Dwight a great chance on the boards. But with the last shot, I wanted him to have a smaller guy who we could maybe get some space and get a shot. From what I saw Lawson played it very well and got a good contest, Jameer just made a hell of a shot. I thought our guys made some good defensive plays at the stretch and had we not missed three free throws in a row by good free throw shooters we could have sealed the game. But turnovers and free throw shooting continue to plague us.”

On stopping one of the best offenses in the league:

“It was a great effort. You have to take away everything from the game. We made some mistakes, but I thought our guys made a hell of an effort today. All nine guys that played made a great effort and did everything we could. I thought early in the game we were a little slow and a little short on some close outs in the first quarter. We started talking about closing harder, they make you come a long way. But I thought we made some very good plays, we blocked ten shots and Chris took a charge. We did a good job. We were focused in on what we needed to do today.”

On this being the best win of the season:

“In a lot of ways I think it is, but nothing is going to top the excitement of what happened in Miami. We probably played better in both the Oklahoma City and Laker games at home if you look at both ends of the floor. I think it was a great win. We’re a little short handed without Gil and J.J. We didn’t know until right before the game Gil wasn’t able to go, so we were shot handed on the perimeter against a team with a lot of good perimeter players. But we just dug it out. That’s the thing I like, I like to get some wins like that. Where we just got to fight for them and we didn’t make mistakes down the stretch, like we did the other night. We didn’t turn the ball over, we made solid plays, we made defensive plays and we just didn’t make free throws. But we made solid plays and got stops and gave ourselves a chance to win. I thought Turk played pretty good defense on Gallinari, I’ll be anxious to see that on film.”

Dwight Howard

“Stan drew up the play, told Jameer, ‘Take the last shot.’ That’s what he said. Jameer knocked it down. I knew it was going in as soon as it left his hand.”

“Well I don’t think anybody wanted to go into overtime. We were all praying that he had enough energy to get the shot up and over Felton He did. Good shot Jameer.”

“They’ve been playing great basketball. Tonight was all about defense on both ends. We did a great job on the defensive end tonight. I’m so happy about the progress we made on the defensive end from shootaround to tonight’s game. It shows the guys effort and energy and we really want to win.”

Jameer Nelson

“To be honest with you, both teams played a great game. It’s a playoff atmosphere out there. We need those kind of close games at times. I think we take these games and things that we do during the games into the playoffs and it’ll help us out.”

“Well I just wanted to get the last shot. Nobody was open off the initial play; it was up to me to make a play for myself or somebody else.”

“I wanted to create a little space to either make a move to get to the basket or to get my jump shot off. I got him back on his heels just a little bit to get my shot off. I mean he played great defense, I was very fortunate to make the shot.”

“It felt good when it left my hand. I knew I had a great chance. You know I don’t shy away from the last shot at all. Definitely willing to take the last shot, make or miss, live with the results.”

“Coach knows I want the ball in my hands at the end of the game to take the shot or to make the play. He has confidence in me to do that and I think that’s why he put the ball in my hands tonight.”

“It felt like a playoff game in terms of the effort we put out for the game, the energy that we used, the emotions involved, the crowd. Everything that goes into a playoff game felt like tonight.”

“Both teams play hard, you can’t take anything away from that team. They’re a great team, well coached, well prepared, stuck to their game plan even when they made the adjustment, they were able do what they were supposed to do. I was very fortunate to make the shot at the end.”

March 16, 2011: Magic at Bucks

Stan Van Gundy

(On tonight’s game …)

“I’m happy to get out of here with a win. We did about everything wrong we could do. Another game with 19 turnovers, we didn’t make any free throws, we couldn’t stop them, but we got out with a win. We had a decent first half, but the second half we were not good. Milwaukee continued to play hard and we struggled.”

(On guarding John Salmons and Brandon Jennings…)

“Those guys played really well. Salmons didn’t do anything in the first half and the second half he really got going. I don’t think we were able to defend him well off the dribble and we got more regressive in our pick-and-roll defense late. And Jennings is a hell of a player. He was able to keep coming off the pick then back off the pick, get in the paint. They were able to create a lot of problems and we weren’t doing a good job of keeping the ball out of the paint.”

(On Dwight Howard…)

“Milwaukee came at him hard, they used a lot of fouls and he struggled to make free throws, so it ended up being a good strategy. I thought he still played hard and well.”

Hedo Turkoglu

(On tonight’s game…)

“We didn’t imagine playing in overtime tonight. We have to give a lot of credit to Milwaukee for playing so tough after a back-to-back. They had a lot of movement and energy out there, but in the end we just knew how to execute better, made some big plays, hit some big shots and put the game away.”

(On his big shot in overtime…)

“I have always been in this situation in my career, especially with the Magic. They just have confidence in me and I just keep myself ready for that time and when the time comes I just like to make a play, either I take the shot or I’ll have a drive and kick for my teammate. In this situation, I was feeling I could take the shot and I just took it and was glad I made it.”

March 14, 2011: Magic at Lakers

Stan Van Gundy

“If you look at the thing it’s really easy. The stats sheet doesn’t always tell a story; tonight it does. We shot 47%, they shot 44%. We both went to the line 19 times; the difference is they got 21 more shots than we did. It’s pretty easy; all you have to do is look at the stat sheet. They had 8 more offensive rebounds than we did, and they had 13 fewer turnovers; there are 21 more shots; that’s the ball game. The game was on the boards and taking care of the ball. Other than that, you’re playing a fairly even basketball game. If you factor in our 3’s we actually shot the ball significantly better than they did. But you can’t give up; the other team had 21 more field-goal attempts when your free-throws are even. Sometimes you get more free-throw attempts, but we get the same number of attempts at the basket, it’s become a problem. The Chicago [Bulls] game we lost on the boards, the Portland [Trailblazers] game we lost because of turnovers, and we’re not talking one or two more turnovers. When you have 13 more turnovers than your opponents and you give up 14 offensive rebounds, you’re going to have a problem winning the game…I thought other than that we did some good things. I thought the third problem was I thought our ball movement was very good early and very poor in the second half. Guys wanted to force plays. We did not play with as much energy in the second half. We did not move the ball to the weak side of the floor. A good part of that is their [Lakers] defense, give them credit, but we didn’t move the ball the way that we should have. Bottom line is the game comes down to tonight; turnovers and rebounding.”

Coach Stan Van Gundy on Dwight Howard’s performance:

“He hasn’t really had to go up against that a whole lot lately, at least not against a good defensive team. I don’t think we helped him at times. We did a lot of standing around, not giving him people to throw the ball to. He got in to some tough situations and obviously 9 turnovers there with him. I think our entire team, we need to look at our spacing on the floor and he [Dwight Howard] needs to look at this game as well on his post-ups and everything else. That’s a big part of our turnovers tonight.”

Coach Stan Van Gundy on the Lakers size in comparison to his team:

“Their size is good, there’s no question…their size is good and their athletic and they cover a lot of ground. I though they did a good job. I thought our best offense is when we had the floor spread out and moved the ball. I felt we were pretty good in transition, but they went through a good stretch there in the 3rd quarter, early 4th quarter where we couldn’t get any stops. Especially the second half in the 3rd quarter, we couldn’t get any stops, couldn’t get in transition, that was our best offense all night. When we could get them running around we had a chance to get pretty good shots. When we let them sit and stand around, through it into the post and everybody again standing, we have to take a look at that. Us as coaches also, we have to take a look at that and see how we can get some better movement and some better spots…”

Dwight Howard

“I just think they came out and played better in the second half, especially with their post defense. They spread everybody in the paint and forced me to make plays out to my teammates, and they made it tough for me to score. We just got to learn how to play through it.”

on Kobe Bryant playing tonight despite a sprained left ankle: “I didn’t think he was not going to play this game. He finished the game the other day when he got hurt, so he’s a competitor. I knew he was going to play.”

on Andrew Bynum’s play and how great he can be:

“…Tonight he got a lot of offensive rebounds. He was always around the basket. When I went to go help he was right over the top of me. He’s very tough, but I like to battle and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Jameer Nelson

“I think if you look at the stat sheet, they [the Lakers] had 21 more shots. I mean when you play against a team of this caliber, it’s going to be tough to beat them when they get those amount of shots extra.”

on Andrew Bynum’s size and rebounding ability:

“He’s a big guy man. He’s a handful. It’s like he’s out there and you think you’ve got the ball, and he has it in his hands. You’re jumping for the ball, but he’s just standing up there tipping it over, and tipping it to himself…to get those extra shots.”

Hedo Turkoglu

“[The back to back games] shouldn’t be an excuse. We had a good start and we controlled the game, but in the end they picked it up. They really killed us on the offensive rebounds, second-chance points, and we turned the ball over 18 times. We can’t do that against a good team.”

Jason Richardson

“We did everything we were supposed to do, but I think we let some of the energy, we didn’t have like we did in the first half. Maybe it was because were a little tired because of the back to back [games] or what it was. But we didn’t have the same intensity that we did in the first half.”

March 13, 2011: Magic at Suns


(On Tonight’s Game)

“I thought we played well but they’re just a totally different team without Steve Nash. I thought Aaron Brooks was great today. He scored a lot but Steve Nash just sets everybody else up and gets everybody else playing. We’ve been fortunate in that we’ve played them twice and both times without Steve Nash and it’s just a whole different ball game. I think Jared Dudley’s comments were right, he may be more important to them than anybody else is to any team in the league. You look over the years how they’ve played when he’s out and, you know they’re a playoff team with him and they really struggle just to compete in games without him. You can’t overstate his value.”


(On Tonight’s Game)

“We just usually come out slow and sluggish and tonight we wanted to come out with a lot more energy and intensity and I just think that’s what you saw tonight. The more they double, the more we get wide open shots and everybody just tries to take advantage of Dwight being doubled.”

(On so many familiar faces on the court)

“It was weird. At the free throw line, Vince was at the line and I was rooting for him, like good shot and I was about to go shake his hand but it is kind of weird. I’m excited that those guys have adjusted and are enjoying themselves.”


(On Tonight’s game)

“It was fun. To see Vince and Marc and MP, we’re just happy we got a win tonight. We knew we had to come here and get a win. We hadn’t won here since I’ve been in the NBA so that was our whole focus and it was a good win. My job is to dominated on both ends of the court and I like to get some blocks early just so they know they can’t come down the lane and that sets the tone. That’s how we’ve got to play, with a lot of energy and we have to keep it up the whole game.”

(On Marcin’s Play)

“I knew he was going to shoot all jump shots. Every day in practice, when he gets the ball it’s the first thing he does, he tries to shoot jump shots where ever he is, so I kind of figured he was going to come out tonight. His swag was on the building and he looked good so I’m happy for him.“

March 11, 2011: Magic at Warriors

Stan Van Gundy

On Tonight’s Loss:

“They put on a show in the second half. They made a lot of shots. They were 17 for 25 from three and they hit some when we were right there. To me where the game was lost was the last three minutes of the first half. We’re up 21 and we have two ridiculous turnovers and we give them two wide open threes where we don’t make an effort. The lead is back to 14 at the half, and then the first six minutes of the second half they weren’t hitting any tough shots then. It was just we let down. Right now, our team, we’re at a point where we won’t play 48 minutes. We will not. Then they got rolling and we tried to battle but they made every shot. They did a hell of a job, we still had opportunities-didn’t take advantage of them. We had some really bad turnovers, a couple of bad shots in overtime. They just executed it better than we did. We only got one stop in the entire five minutes of overtime, so it was tough.”

On Orlando’s Offense:

“We didn’t go to him (Dwight Howard) a lot, that’s probably my fault. But offensively whoever scored the points, offense was not the problem tonight. You don’t have to look at our offense and say who should’ve done this or who should’ve done that. Whatever we did we scored plenty of points. We turned the ball over too much again. Our turnovers are killing us, we’re doing it all the time. Until it changes we are going to be in trouble, so you do things that beat yourself. But other than that offensively we were fine. It was not being able to stop them.”

Dwight Howard

On a Quite Night Offensively:

“I just didn’t get the ball. You just have to come down and throw the ball in the post. The first time we played them we threw the ball in the post a lot, made them double team, and kicked it out for open shots. That’s the way we have got to play…inside out, and when we play the way Golden State plays, we’re playing into their hands. We have got to play the way we’ve been playing the past couple of months.”

On the Team’s Defensive Effort:

“They made a lot of shots, especially in the second half. It seemed like they didn’t miss in overtime from behind the arc. I thought our guys did a good job of making them take tough shots, but they were just making them. Anytime a team is shooting 60% from the three, there’s really not much you can do about it.”

March 9, 2011: Magic at Kings

Stan Van Gundy

Tonight’s game…

“It was a win we take poorly. We didn’t put much into the game and got crushed on the glass. I’m not happy but we got a win so we’ll take it and move on.”

Team’s defense…

“We didn’t come with any defensive mindset. It was a team we played so great against two weeks ago that we figured we could take tonight off.”

Playing without Dwight Howard at the end of the game…

“We were ahead so we just had to hang on and that’s what we did, barely.”

Jameer Nelson

Tonight’s game…

“We didn’t play well. At the end of the year we can’t continue to play this way and think it’s ok. It just has to change. Nobody can do it but us. Coach can’t do it. Fans can’t do it. Nobody can do it but us. We have to go out there and do it and rely on everyone on the court. We are going to make mistakes but we can’t discourage and just stop playing, especially in the first half. We did some things out there that if we continued to do in the second half it would have cost us the game. We played with a lot more energy in the second half.”

Dwight Howard

Keeping composure…

“I think I did a good job of keeping my composure tonight. I had to talk to the young fellow on the other team, DeMarcus Cousins about keeping his composure. I told him you don’t want to lose any money.”

Team’s performance…

“We just have to play hard. We talked about it. We have to do a better job of doing it. The biggest thing is other teams are telling us that we don’t play hard. That should upset us and make us want to play hard. We just got to do it if we want to win. We got to do it and we got to stop talking about it. I told you guys that before. Just have to have the same energy every night.”

March 7, 2011: Magic vs. Blazers

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game…

“This one is as easy to explain as the Bulls game was. We were a little bit better than them in every area, but we had 19 turnovers and they have nine, ballgame. Everything else, we played fine. We can’t take care of the ball, ballgame. It’s been an ongoing problem. We’re one of the higher turnover teams in the league. We either take care of the ball better or we’re going to struggle. Our point guards have 11 turnovers between them, that’s not going to get it done. I thought our guys fought hard. I thought we did some good things defensively, I would’ve liked to have seen us step in front of the ball on drives a little bit more since we don’t have a lot of shot blocking, but we didn’t do that, so we let them get to the rim a little bit too much. But still, with all that said, Jason (Richardson) had a great night, we had a chance and we just turned the ball over way, way, way too much.”

On if he thought he got a good game from multiple people, which he had said he needed…

“I thought Jason played well. I actually thought all of our big guys were OK. I thought they all did a pretty good job. I thought (Hedo) Turk(oglu) was pretty good, best game he’s had in a while. I thought he was pretty good. Jason was great, all of our big guys. And, I thought JJ (Redick) was pretty good. I thought we did get decent games from multiple guys. I thought Gil(bert Arenas) did some good things, the turnovers sort of negated some of that. The only guy who had a really bad night was Jameer (Nelson). He had a really, really bad night. But, I thought we did get good games from multiple people. Again, if we take care of the ball, that’s a very, very winnable game.”

On if they’re more confident playing without Dwight Howard now, after tonight’s game…

“I thought at times we played pretty well. We shot a decent percentage. A lot of that was a couple guys, but if you look, other than Jameer, nobody had a bad shooting night. I thought our ball movement got better as the game went on, we just turned the ball over way too much. When there’s a 10 turnover differential you’re going to have to do - you can’t just play well. You’re going to have to do something else phenomenally, to make up a 10 turnover differential. We outrebounded them, but only by three. You’re going to have to outrebound them or you’re going to have to shoot 10 percent better, or make a lot more free throws or something, something’s going to have to give for you to make that difference up. It’s just too much. And, we’ve got to start taking care of the ball a lot better than we are. It’s different guys different nights. Tonight, it was our point guards, just way too many turnovers.”

On Hedo Turkoglu passing up the open 3 at the end of the game…

“Eleven seconds to go, and he said he couldn’t get a handle on the ball. I mean, I probably, in retrospect, should’ve called timeout because of the time situation. But I actually liked what we had. If he shoots that and makes it, we’ve still got eight or nine seconds. Foul right away and we’ve got a chance in that game if he makes it. We’re going to cut it to one, and then even with two free throws, it gives us a chance. I think a lot of times in transition you get a better look than you’re going to get when they’re in their huddle talking about what they want to do defensively. The ball swung to him, he had plenty of time, he said he couldn’t get a handle on it, I can’t argue that. But, that was a very good shot for us to get at that point.”

Ryan Anderson

“Obviously we need to get to the rebounds, we needed to get to the glass, that’s one thing we needed to do without Dwight of course. And I think we did a decent job. You know, getting offensive rebounds, eliminating their big guys from getting to the glass as much. I mean, yeah, it was a physical game. Of course any game when Dwight’s not around, you know you have to step it up and be extra physical.”

“Tonight we had a great opportunity to win the game. We fought, we fought to the end. So I mean, it shows obvious that we’re a fighting team. We’re not going to just let a game like this frustrate us and quit. We did a decent job, we had a shot at the end.”

(On playing center) “It felt like a normal game. I mean the whole season we’ve been basically playing like this. Not as long but I was comfortable guarding the five man, I’ve been guarding a five man the whole season ever since the trade I’ve been thrown in there to be Dwight’s sub and to guard big guys. So it’s wasn’t something where I was surprised, I was ready.”

Jason Richardson

“Any time you lose, it’s difficult, no matter what. We played hard, we gave it all, just didn’t come up at the end.”

“We weren’t taking care of the ball. They were denying us, they’re really long, they do a great job on the help side, they reach in and knocking the ball out of our hands. You can’t win the game with 18 turnovers.”

“We played decent tonight; I think we could have played a little better. But we played with a lot of energy, we just didn’t’ take care of the ball. I think everybody really stepped up. That shows a lot about this team. We could have easily went out there and be like we’re without Dwight so we’re not going to show up. We went out there and we battled. We had a chance to win the game.”

Earl Clark

“We just tried to come out like it was a regular game. Obviously with Dwight not there it’s going to make a difference. But we weren’t looking at that and just wanted to come out and hit the glass and play as hard as we can.”

March 4, 2011: Magic vs. Bulls

Stan Van Gundy

“That one’s pretty easy to explain. You can just look on the stat sheet and see where that game was decided. We didn’t play well in a lot of areas, we didn’t shoot a high percentage, but we shot a little be better percentage than them. We didn’t make threes, they made one more three than us, and they made one more free throw. We had a lot of turnovers, but they had a couple more than we did. The game came down to we got our ass kicked on the glass, they out rebounded us by 20, that was the entire game. Twenty-three second chance points to our six, ball game over, everything else even, we couldn’t get a rebound. That’s what the game came down to. It came down to one area, Boozer, Noah and Asik had a great night, they were all over the glass and they crushed us, that was the ball game. Not saying we didn’t do some other things poorly too, but the two teams were fairly evenly matched other than they just absolutely dominated us on the glass. It’s really the way they beat us in Chicago, a few weeks ago. Same thing, dominated us on the glass, out rebounded us by 14 in that game, by 20 tonight, that’s the ball game right there.”

On positioning under the basket for rebounds:

“When we’re getting beat off the dribble that’s where the penetrations that like Rose gets breaks you down. I was talking to the ESPN people before the game, reminds me of when Allen Iverson was playing in Philly and was shooting 38 – 39 percent, but was really a great player and one of the things he did for them, is always penetrating, breaking down the defense. Your bigs would come and then they would clean up on the glass because of his penetration. We’re small and other than that, our other guys didn’t rebound. I thought Brandon played hard but he plays 32 minutes, gets three defensive rebounds. We didn’t rebound, they have three guys with five offensive rebounds and we don’t a guy with more than five defensive rebounds. We didn’t get the job done on the glass and so we all deserve a lot of blame there. That’s where the entire game was decided. We hung around, to not get blown out but they held control of the game. I thought we had chances where we got stops, but we just couldn’t get any rebounds. We knew it would be tough scoring, they’re great defensively. I thought we took some bad threes, but I thought we missed a lot of open ones. Come out of there shooting 44 percent and holding them to 41, you should have a chance to win. But we didn’t rebound the ball.”

On Dwight’s Technical Foul:

“I’m not even going to get into that, I’m not going to give the league $35,000 on top of it. It’s the same thing all the time, there’s a lot of stuff goes on after the play, they allow it to go onto Dwight, then he gets upset and technical Foul. They see it differently than we do.”

On lack of energy after last night’s comeback against the Miami:

“You play back to backs a lot in this league. I don’t look at that as an excuse. We didn’t get the job done, we got outworked on the glass. They came a lot harder than we did. I’m not really looking for reasons that they came harder than we did, I just know that’s what happened. We did not get the job done.”

On Chicago’s defense against Turk:

“Luol Deng’s a very good defender, but they didn’t do anything special, I didn’t see anybody scheming to stop Turk right now. Luol Deng is a very good defender.”

Dwight Howard

“We have to play better defense, you know. Can’t try just try and play one half like I told the guys. What it really comes down to is executing down the stretch on both ends, being able to get stops and on the offensive end, like I told the guys you don’t have to rush your shots. We can hit any shot we want to, just take your time but when we rush shots, then we don’t’ give our guys a chance to get rebounds and the other team gets a chance to go on a break. It’s the small things that we have to work on but you know we’ll be fine.”

(On back-to-back) “I don’t think it was difficult. I think we came out pretty good. We didn’t get stops when we needed them, we didn’t execute. Like I said, we just got to do a better job of executing down the stretch. I told the guys that’s going to separate us from any other teams, being able to execute down the stretch and we haven’t been that good at that every night. So we have to get better in that area. Like I said, we’ll be fine. Playoffs haven’t started yet and we just want to keep building on consistency on the defensive end, playing hard every possession, we’re going to get it right. I have a lot of faith in our team in our system; we just have to do it every night.”

Jason Richardson

“It’s kind of disappointing; we just really didn’t have it tonight. I don’t know, it was just a tough game. And I guess the emotional rollercoaster from last night, we had to exert so much energy. We just couldn’t get our energy.”

“I really don’t think we did a good job on the boards. I don’t know how many offensive rebounds they had but they just had more effort and more energy than us tonight. And we just have to find a way to play a little better than we did tonight.”

(On back-to-baek) “Yeah, I felt it. It was tough, my legs felt a little heavy. You try to get yourself going, try and get some energy but it just didn’t have it. That’s how it goes on back-to-backs. Like I said, not to take anything away from Chicago we just didn’t have the energy tonight.”

(On Dwight’s possible suspension) “You hate to see that happen, I mean every night, someone’s on him. It’s kind of hard to try to get away from people, people started grabbing. But I think he has to do a better job of composing himself a little bit better. But hey, I’m on the outside looking in, I’m not the one getting hit on the arm, hit in the face every night, night in and night out. After a while it will take a toll on you and sometimes you just want to be let go. I thought that was the case tonight, he just getting tired of people holding him after the whistle. But I hope they’re going to rescind that one, hate to lose a guy like that, he’s our go-to guy and leading scorer.”

March 1, 2011: Magic vs. Knicks

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game…

“Other than our turnovers and too many fouls I thought we played well. We shot 52 percent and made some shots. I didn’t think we gave them an inordinate amount of easy shots, we just turned the ball over too many times. If you look, what kept the game close was they had nine turnovers and we had 18. And then, we put them to the line 47 times. We went 50 times, so 97 free throw attempts in the game, it was a good game, it just took about four-and-a-half hours to play.”

On the play of his bench tonight…

“I tell you what, I’ve always had great respect for guys who do what Q(uentin Richardson) and Chris (Duhon) did tonight. These are veteran guys who, Q was starting and Chris was playing every night early in the year. They’ve been out of the rotation now for a long time, a couple of months and then, to come in, in a big game like that, in big situations and play well, I think that says a lot about who they are as professionals and I couldn’t be happier.”

On what turned the tide late in the third and early in the fourth quarter…

“Well, I think at that point our defense was good and we were getting out and getting some shots in transition and able to get back in it just a little bit to win the quarter. And then a great fourth quarter I thought, I thought we really played well. And then Jameer (Nelson) was tremendous in high pick and rolls going down the stretch, we were scoring every time on that. I thought he executed that really well and then some big stops. That’s a very good team, we gave those three guys 85 points, the other guys don’t do much. It’s a little bit like Miami, three really, really good players and some other guys who can shoot the ball, but everything is going to those three guys. But if I look, again, it was free throws. We’ve got (Carmelo) Anthony at 8 – 24, and (Chauncey) Billups at 4 – 12, too many times at the line. Those three guys go to the line 42 times, so we’ve got to defend better without fouling. Other than that, I thought we played well.”

On if he talked to Jameer Nelson at halftime, when he only had three points…

“No, I just, we just went down the stretch running high pick and rolls. Dwight (Howard) was playing well and then we went through a time when the game got really physical down low and you know, it was tough down there to score based on the way they were playing him. And we were just having a tough time getting really good shots. So we went to the high pick and rolls and we scored once, go back to it, score again. So, we just stayed with it, he really had it rolling.”

On what a game like this tells him going down the stretch…

“I don’t know if the games tell you anything, you try to learn from every one and get better. But, you know me, I always laugh when people talk about statement games and this and that. It never holds up when it comes playoff time. You just need to play and learn and get better and the whole thing. It does build confidence when you come back in a game like we did, after an absolutely miserable second quarter, maybe our worst quarter of the year. We bounced back and played a good second half, I think that gives you some confidence, so that was good.”

Dwight Howard

“You know I think it was a good win for us. We have to continue to play this type of basketball in order for us to be a championship team. We have what it takes, that’s what we have to do every night, we have to battle like this and we have to stay in the battle the whole game. Teams are going to make run but one thing I know about these guys, when we play tough and play physical and keep our heads mentally, we’re tough to beat.”

(On Jameer’s play) “I thought it was good to see him be aggressive on the offensive end, come off the screens and attack the basket. Something I’ve been telling him to do a lot, just attack the basket and find people for the open shots. The best thing he can do is attack.”

(Playoff atmosphere tonight?) “No, it was an intense game but something about those playoff games, if you’ve never been in one then you can’t imagine. But for us, those playoff games are something different and we’re building up to have a great postseason this year.”

Jameer Nelson

(On his injury) “At that point in the game, no matter what, I had to go back into the game. No disrespect to anybody, just wanted to finish the game. Chris did a great job for us tonight; Chris came in and took care of business.”

(On guarding Billups again) “It’s a rival, it’s that Detroit thing, you know, I think I’m a little more crafty than I was back then but he’s still crafty, man. You got to give respect, the way he plays. He plays consistently, and he does what he does and he never goes outside his element and outside his game. My thing was to go back at him”

“I had to, not necessarily for me to score, but to get into the paint and try to put it on their defense. No disrespect to any one on my team but I was the guy out there trying to make the plays.”

Ryan Anderson

“You have to understand what Jameer did in the fourth quarter was pretty unbelievable. Had had 14 points in the fourth quarter, he really kind of carried our run. So I mean when Jameer plays like that, it really is going to help us out. It was really big; it was really big for us. Jameer is a big shot (maker), he’s a clutch guy, but tonight you could really see it, he wanted the ball at the end of the stretch. He knew it was going in and you could trust him. So I mean when you have a guy like that, in a stretch like that when we need score, we were all, ‘do your thing, do your thing.’”

February 27, 2011: Magic vs. Bobcats

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game…

“The thing I liked is I thought we were pretty consistent throughout. Not many games, lately, have we won every quarter. We never really ever had a big burst, I didn’t think our energy was particularly high, but we were consistent throughout and playing from in front the whole game, so that part was good.”

On if his meeting with Jameer Nelson last week resulted in him calling more pick and rolls for Jameer…

“I don’t know about that. I haven’t to be honest, I’d have to go back and look at our charts. It doesn’t seem that way to me. Tonight he didn’t hit foul trouble and so he was closer to where his, where we would want his minutes to be. Probably up around the 33 or 34 minute mark, tonight he was 31and-a-half, so getting a little closer there. So he’s getting some more opportunities, but other than that, I don’t really know if anything’s that different.”

On what he saw from Gilbert Arenas tonight and if he’s starting to regain his shooting…

“Well he made shots, so I think… it helps everybody look a lot better because bottom line is, they put points on the scoreboard when the ball goes in the basket. So, you can do a lot of other good things but you’ve got to, when you get shots, put the ball in the basket and he’d been struggling here for a while, so it was good to see him make shots, and hopefully get some confidence going. So, I thought that was a positive outing for him.”

On if he was wondering if after the Sacramento loss, and then big win against Oklahoma, if his team would show up…

“Well you know, to be honest, I said to them at halftime I thought that the first half tonight was a lot like the (Sacramento) game. We didn’t get behind early but it was a high scoring game, it was 59-51, we really hadn’t put anything into the game defensively, it was a low energy, low intensity half, where we were relying on our offense. I thought it was very, very similar to the Sacramento game. And that’s what I told them at halftime. And we’ve got to get to the point where we quit picking and choosing when we’re going to guard. And I thought our defense, other than the fact that Stephen Jackson was lights out tonight, really what they scored on in the second half were Stephen Jackson isolations, period. They just gave him the ball and he got all the shots. They didn’t move the ball, they didn’t really pass the ball much, it was just him going one-on-one. They had 14 assists for a game, it wasn’t ball movement, it was just him and he was great. But other than that, I thought we played him decently at times, other than him they didn’t have much going and I thought our defense was better in the second half, so that was a positive.”

On if it was nice to see some points come from guys other than Dwight Howard tonight…

“No, again, I’m not that focused on who gets the points. I was glad to see Gil have a good shooting night. Other than him, we shot the ball poorly again from 3-point range. But he stepped up and made some, I thought that was a good thing to get us going. Turk(oglu) had six assists again, so that was good. And Dwight, really, the biggest difference than what he’s been doing lately is he didn’t make his free throws, otherwise he’s looking at 24 or 25 points again. Offensively I was fine with what we did. I didn’t think we had great energy. But, we scored some fast break points and I thought we did some good things, on the offensive end.”

Dwight Howard

“I thought we played a little bit better tonight. But we still have to play hard for 48 minutes, make all the right rotations, do everything the right way. We did that for a while tonight but we have to continue to do it against every team.”

“We’re talented enough to beat anybody. We’re equipped, whatever you want to call it, like Coach said, to win a championship. We have to continue to play hard and be consistent with what we do. That’s the only way we’re going to get to where we’re trying to get to.”

(On Magic’s 26 assists) “That’s good sign for us; we have to keep it up. On the offensive end, we have to move the ball, play the game. On the defensive end, we have to get stops. And if we do that every night on a consistent basis, our numbers will go up, offensively and defensively.”

J. J. Redick

“Everybody is going to go through slumps. Gilbert stayed aggressive and that’s all you can really ask of him. Tonight he got it going and it was fun to see, it really was.”

“Again, it was another good team effort. Our defense in the second half was great, that is what gave us the win.”

Jason Richardson

“I think we responded really well. We came out, did some things right, played hard. It’s one of those games at any moment, a guy can go off. Jackson, Stephen Jackson, is one of those guys. He played really well tonight.”

(On Magic’s 26 assists) “It’s good for us. We have some guys who can shoot the ball and that shows that we’re not a selfish team. Shots are knocking down and guys are sharing the ball.”

“It’s unselfishness. We got a lot of guys that can score; a lot of guys can shoot the ball. If you don’t have an open shot, then pass the ball.”

February 25, 2011: Magic vs. Thunder

Dwight Howard

“Well, we played a lot better on the defensive end. Our whole defense was great, individual defense was great. We just have to keep it up.”

“We started the game out right, was focused on with playing with a lot of energy on both ends. Making sure we got back on defense, load up on (Russell) Westbrook and make him take tough shots. I was very happy with the way we came out tonight. Bu like I said, it has to be consistent; we have to do this with all the teams. We’re going to continue to get better so I’m happy about tonight.”

Jason Richardson

“We came out and did everything that we’re supposed to do. We played really good defense, we did a good job on (Kevin) Durant and Westbrook and we got the win.”

“I think the Sacramento game was one of those games coming off All-Star break, (we) looked at their record and weren’t ready to play. But we have to come out and play every night like we did tonight. We have to take what Dwight said and step up to the plate and play every night.”

“A lot of teams only take these last games seriously, playoff teams, contending teams take it seriously because you’re playing for seeding, trying to get home court throughout the playoffs. So we definitely cant’ give up games like we did against Sacramento. But that’s behind us, we learn from it and we have to move on.”

Earl Clark

“We have enough scorers; we have a dominant big man. I figure if I make the man in front of me take two or three dribbles Dwight is going to be there for the block. So I just try to get into my man and make him change directions.”

(On guarding leagues’ elite) “You have to play with confidence. If you are not confident, they’re going to get 40, you can’t give them anything easy. You have to study film, see what they like to do, I watched a lot of film with my coaches yesterday and this morning, I just try and figure them out.”

(On guarding Durant tonight) “I was excited. You know I haven’t played in two games and to come in there and I know if I do a good job, it’s going to look good on my part. Our team is looking for a defender and I feel that it’s my chance to show my coaches that if you put me on their best guy, I can slow him down.”

February 23, 2011: Magic vs. Kings

Stan Van Gundy

“I really don’t know what to say about this one, 58 points and 54 percent in the first half, 53 points and 50 percent in the second half, out rebound us by seven and we have 17 turnovers. So to win games you have to defend, rebound and take care of the ball, we did none of them. We can’t shoot. It’s been going on forever now, we can’t shoot. I don’t know what else, if you’re not going to defend, not going to rebound, not going to take care of the ball and you can’t shoot, it’s going to be tough to win.”

On Magic’s energy in game:

“I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. I’m not going to sit up here and start ripping on everybody. I’m just going to leave it at, we didn’t get any stops and we’re going to have to change it or we’re just not going to be any good.”

On Magic’s turnovers for the night:

“Down the stretch it was just terrible. When we got the lead we had a couple of careless ones and it’s terrible. I’m looking and I see three guys with three and one guy five, you’re not going to win like that. Especially when combined them with the fact you’re not getting any rebounds and you’re not stopping anybody. Those are the three big things and we didn’t do any of them.”

On Magic’s overall performance tonight:

“I don’t have a lot more to say, we didn’t defend, we didn’t rebound and we didn’t take care of the ball.”

On Magic’s current lineup and making changes:

“I’m not happy with anything other than Dwight right now, I’m not happy with anything. Everything thing I look at on the stat sheet is just not good. We can count on him playing well every night and other than that there’s not much we can count on.”

On Magic’s ability to play defense:

I think we’re able, I think we’re able. I don’t think it’s a question of being unable. I read some media stuff talking with scouts basically saying we got a lot of guys who can’t guard, it’s clear on a night like tonight we had a lot of guys who weren’t guarding, but I don’t buy we have a lot of guys who can’t guard. I just don’t think we are committed to doing it. But we’re not playing well offensively either. We shot 35 percent in the second half, went five for 20 from three. Turned the ball over, so it wasn’t just defense. We didn’t defend, we didn’t play well offensively, we didn’t rebound and we didn’t take care of the ball. I don’t know how much more complete you can be in playing poorly.”

On Outcome from Magic’s good practices over the week:

“I was happy with practices, practices were fine. I’m never surprised by anything. We’ve played several of these games like this. I’m not surprised.”

Dwight Howard

“We’ve been talking for a long time, that’s all we seem to do.”

“It was very frustrating. If guys don’t want to play, they have to sit down. We just can’t have guys or anybody out there not playing hard. We’re professional athletes, you know. This is what we do for a living. If you can’t go out there and go hard for two hours, then you shouldn’t be playing.”

“Just have to play hard, it’s as simple as that. Play hard for 48 minutes no matter what. Doesn’t matter if you mess up, miss a million shots, if you’re playing hard, all that stuff will equal out. But if you’re out there (messing) around, then we’re not going to get anything done. We can’t play like that if we want to be a championship team.”

"I’ve said everything that there is to say. That’s it. I’ve talked every timeout, when we’re in the huddle, in the locker room, what, you want me to tweet about it? I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do as a leader so it’s not that. Everybody on the team has to step up and play hard. I’m not singling anybody out, not calling anybody out. But as a team, if you don’t’ play hard, you’re going to lose every night.”

“We have a lot of talent, but talent won’t win you championships. You get to The Finals, both teams are very talented, that’s how they got to The Finals. But hard work, commitment, every play, every night is what gets you the championship. We’re one of the most talented teams in the NBA, you know. We’re a deep team, we have guys that can do a lot of different things but if you don’t bring it, its’ a waste of talent.”

Ryan Anderson

“Obviously it’s get frustrating where you turn the ball over and you want to go down and start a run or make a big shot or something. I think that’s a tough part of the game. You know, shots aren’t going to fall, some days shots aren’t going to go in a lot of times, but when frustration is in there, it makes it harder to shoot the ball.”

February 16, 2011: Magic vs. Wizards

Stan Van Gundy

On tonight’s game…

“I don’t have a lot to say. I think after the first quarter we did what we had to do. I thought we worked hard defensively after the first quarter. We started getting back better defensively and then in the second half I thought we did a good job, you know, for the most part. On the defensive end, (John) Wall hurt us, and (Kirk) Hinrich hurt us early in the game and then we did a better job. But other than Wall, I thought we did a good job. (Andray) Blatche scored some points but he took a heck of a lot of shots to do it, turned the ball over, so yeah, I thought it was good. We didn’t turn it over a lot. So it was a good game, we did what we had to do.”

On if taking the timeout early in the first quarter was to get the team refocused…

“I just didn’t think, early in the game it was all fast break layups. Everything was going at the paint and I didn’t think we were doing a very good job defensively and I just wanted to get us into the game correctly, defensively.”

On if he’s happy with their play and if it carried over from the Lakers win…

“Yeah, well it’s hard to judge because they’re not real good anyway and then they didn’t have Rashard (Lewis) or Nick Young, so they don’t have a lot to go to. It was sort of John Wall all by himself tonight and it’s hard to judge. But we did what we had to do. I liked the way that Brandon (Bass) and Ryan (Anderson) rebounded the ball, got good production out of them, good production out of Dwight (Howard) and JRich (Jason Richardson) had a good streak there. I thought Jameer (Nelson) was pretty good in his minutes. So we did what we needed to do.”

On if he was worried since it was the last game before the All Star Break…

“I mean, the thing is I said today, a little bit you worry about what the approach is going to be, but the other team’s got the exact same problem so from a competitive thing, you know you’re both dealing with the same thing. I’m sure Flip (Saunders) was just as worried about guys checking out early as I was. I think all coaches worry about it but there’s no competitive advantage anywhere.”

On Dwight Howard’s play lately (25 – 31) and putting an emphasis on getting him the ball…

“We got him the ball a lot tonight and I’m consciously trying to, after timeouts, make sure we’re running stuff for him. I really didn’t do that a lot, you know he’s just been so effective. He got the two fouls early and then I thought he came in and his second and third quarters were really, really good.”

On if down the stretch he is going to keep feeding the ball to Dwight…

“Well it all depends on the game. It all depends on the game and how people are playing. Their plan tonight also was to play him one-on-one. It looked like they gave him a double team or two early and then they were going to play him one-on-one. And that hasn’t worked well for people.”

Dwight Howard

“We try to play inside out so when we play that we, we’ve had a lot of success all year, just have to play that way. Just got to get the guys open for three’s, drives or whatever, play inside-out.”

“I feel good. But like I told you guys the other night, our effort and our intensity, everything we have to do, we have to do the same way. Be consistent with what we do. That’s the only way we’re going to win the championship, being consistent every night. The last two games have been ok as far as the effort. But we got to continue to do it.”

(On push to season’s end) “We do have to get right but what people don’t realize for the last three or four years, we’ve had almost the same record going into the break. So it’s not like we’re playing real bad basketball where we’re out of the whole playoff picture. But last year, we’re one win of where we are now; the year we went to the Finals we almost have the exact same record. So we’re not playing bad basketball we have to put everything together, be rolling come play-off time. So tell the guys to be consistent, we’re right there.”

Jameer Nelson

“We had to get ourselves going. The human nature kicked in a little bit, guys knew it was All-Star break, there’s no excuse for it. But we got it going, we were fortunate to get it going and come out with a victory. Lastly of course, we played well.”

(On Wizard’s being short-handed) “But that’s dangerous though, when the other guys step up and you don’t know other guys tendencies and their strengths and weaknesses. So the time you got out there and underestimate guys and it’s what happens in the NBA. But I think we handled it pretty good. We got stops when we needed to and made shots when we needed to.”

(On Dwight’s month) “He’s been great and it’s noticeable on the court and it’s noticeable in the locker room. I think everybody knows it. He’s getting done, that’s what you can say about it, he’s getting it done.”

(On Dwight’s MVP chances) “He has to be in the running of the MVP. He leads this team, doing everything for us for the most part: scoring, rebounds, leading us and like I said, just getting it done.”

Jason Richardson “He’s been dominate. He’s been dominate for the past month or so, the past two months. He’s came out from the beginning. He got four or five guys in foul trouble right off the back in the first quarter. I mean he did a great job of being dominate like he has to.”

February 13, 2011: Magic vs. Lakers

Stan Van Gundy

“I thought we put a lot into that game. We played nine guys, I thought all nine of them gave an absolutely tremendous effort. I thought our individual defense was the best it’s been all year. I thought Jason Richardson did all he could. There’s only so much you can do with Kobe Bryant, but he was disciplined, he was tough, he didn’t give him anything easy. The few minutes Turk was on him I thought he defended him well and I thought our team defense was very, very good. Our rebounding got better, it was bad early in the game. We played throughout the game, there was not really a bad stretch for us today. And that what it’s going to take against quality teams. We were start to finish today, we played much harder and much better. I think that shows us at least who we can be, who we can be. Now what you have to get to is a consistency of that type of effort and intensity.”

On Dwight Howard playing with three fouls… “I thought he was very smart. I thought he did have to give away a couple of possessions. But what I thought was good was as the game went on and he got further along with the three fouls and was in less problems, his defense picked up aggressiveness again. I thought he played it exactly right. I thought he played it very, very smart. Obviously, he had a heck of a game.”

On closing out the game well in the 4th quarter…

“I thought we closed it out real well. Now it wasn’t real close even down the stretch. I thought we did a very good job of closing it out. I thought our execution was good. I thought we slowed the ball down when we should’ve, ran it at other times. I thought our decision making was better. Everything was better tonight.”

On the difficulty of guarding the Lakers because of their size…

“It’s just tough. We had a few drives early and plays inside where we were shooting very, very difficult shots against length. We made the point, that’s all you can do. We did take some very difficult shots, and they were difficult because of their length.”

On if he feels Dwight should be more talked about in the race for MVP…

“Look, I’ve said that for a couple years here. There are a lot of great players in this league. I’ve never quibbled with anyone who’s ever won an MVP. Nobody is going to get an MVP that is not a great player or didn’t do great things. But I just don’t think there is anybody else who impacts as many possessions in a game as he does. Part of it is because of his position inside, but we went through an 11-game stretch before the Boston game, so playing some very good teams, where Charles Klask went through back through some stuff and with Dwight on the floor, teams were shooting 42 percent against us and with Dwight on the bench people were shooting 48 percent against us. That’s huge. That’s going from a league-leading team to one of the worst defensive teams in the league. He’s impacting that end of the floor, plus his numbers are great. I just don’t know if anybody else impacts that many possessions in a game. Do I think he should be the MVP? Yes. I do. But I also understand that I’m not an unbiased observer. I’m very biased, I see it every night. But no question in my mind.”

Dwight Howard

“I just personally think we have to be consistent in whatever we do. The way we played tonight is the way we have to play if we want to be considered a great team. If we continue to do that there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be chasing another championship.”

“Just total team effort. We made sure we took care of the ball. We played pretty good defense the whole 48 minutes. We made them take tough shots. We did just about every night what we need to do to win.”

“I want every game. Like I said we just have to be consistent, the whole team if we want to contend for the title. We played like a team tonight that wanted to win. We just have to do that every night.”

Gilbert Arenas “I think we started the game off well. We didn’t play from behind. We just played a consistent game all the way through. We pushed the lead.”

“I just threw it up there. I didn’t shoot I just tried to throw it toward the basket. Stan (Van Gundy) has this thing just make sure you throw it toward something. I threw it to the basket and he jumped and dunked it.”

“Every game counts now. After the All-Star break we have about 25 (games) left. So we have to go through these games and be mentally ready for them.”

Jason Richardson

(On always leading the charge with the run) “That comes from my Michigan State days. I’ve played that way my whole career. Every team I’ve played for has been a running team. I’m a runner, that’s my best in open court getting down there getting fast breaks; layups, dunks, whatever it is. I’m just trying to drag a couple of guys with me and to open it up little bit more to get easy baskets.”

(On playing against Kobe Bryant in Western Conference) “It helped me a lot. Most of the time he got the best of me. There were big games where he got 40-50 points on me. Tonight was one of those things where I just played him tough and limited him on getting to the free throw line. Just make him work really hard for it. He made some huge shots on me, but I think I did a pretty good job tonight.”

February 11, 2011: Magic vs. Hornets

Stan Van Gundy

“We made a half ass effort so it wasn’t surprising. Right now if you just look at the results, bottom line is that we can’t beat a good team. That’s the bottom line, we’ve lost eight straight to teams that are over 500 right now and we haven’t been able to play at the level we need to play, to play teams like that. That’s the bottom line. It’s going to have to change. We get another chance on Sunday but we haven’t been able to raise our game to that level. We don’t play hard enough or well enough, bottom line.”

On Coaching Performance for tonight’s game:

“I was terrible tonight by the way. We did ok in the third quarter so I stayed with all pick n rolls, way too much confidence with our perimeter guys with the pick n roll game and I didn’t get Dwight the ball enough. The free throw shooting scared me off a bit to be honest, but that’s not a good enough excuse. Especially the way our perimeter guys were playing in the fourth quarter, that ball should have been going into him, that’s my fault, I’m pissed at myself about that. I’m a little bit pissed at myself about substitutions, so I’m not just sitting up here angry at our players, I’m not happy with what I did. Our perimeter play right now is mind boggling to me. Our decision making is bad, we’re not shooting the ball well at all, another night where we cannot make a three. That ball should have just been going inside nothing but going inside. The hell with the free throw shooting at least we would have gotten attempts. Dwight’s free throws scared me off and shouldn’t have. That’s not a good enough excuse. The ball should have been going to him. That’s my fault. I take the blame for that.”

On Magic in the Perimeter Tonight:

“It’s just our perimeter guys, I don’t know. We couldn’t stop their perimeter guys on the other end. We just got so badly outplayed on the perimeter. I thought Gilbert and JJ were pretty good and Turk was good, that’s why I put him back in the game. Turk had been good until I put him back in the game at about four minutes and change, then it was just three of his turnovers were going down the stretch. All we did down the stretch was turn the ball over. We didn’t deserve to win, we don’t play at a level good enough to win.”

On Dwight’s Second Half Play:

“No it wasn’t a quiet second half that was me, it didn’t have to do with anything else, I didn’t get him the ball enough. We made a good run in the third quarter, pushing the ball on the break and playing out of pick n rolls. Even when it started getting bad in the fourth quarter I didn’t get him the ball. In the third quarter it was fine because things were going the way they should have gone, I shouldn’t have changed it then, but in the fourth quarter I should have. It had nothing to do with Dwight having a quiet second half; it had to do with me.”

On Dwight’s Free Throws and Inside Play:

“I just got afraid to go to it and figured anytime they got a good look they would foul him, but that’s just not a good enough reason. He’s got to go up and make free throws and he has been making free throws until tonight. That ball should have gone to him in the fourth quarter. Especially since the way our perimeters guys were playing and not just the shooting, the decision making and everything else. We give them the ball and we give them a lot of freedom and it’s not getting done that way so we have to find a different way to do it.”

Dwight Howard

(On not getting ball in 2nd half) “I don’t think that’s the reason why we lost the game, there are a lot of things that we could have done better, that we didn’t do to win the game. So, if we would have done those things a little better, we would have had a chance to win. We didn’t take care of the ball that well in the fourth quarter. Down the stretch we made mistakes, turnovers, we didn’t capitalize on our defense late in the game. So there are a lot of things that we didn’t do right to win the game.”

“We’ve got to make better decisions with the ball, especially down the stretch. In close games like this, Boston, we didn’t make good decision in the fourth quarter so we just have to do a better job.”

“We’ll be OK. We just can’t panic and just continue to be patient. I’m not going to lose any faith in what we’re trying to accomplish as a team so we just have to continue to get better.”

Gilbert Arenas

(On Magic’s slow starts) “We’ve been doing it for a while now and it’s catching up with us. The first quarter we seem to starting off slow and then try to pick it up in the second half and the last five minutes we couldn’t turn it around. We got the stops that we needed, we just couldn’t score.”

“I guess when we’re out there, we feel like we’re playing hard. Coach knows us when we’re at our best and when we’re at our worst so only he can answer that question.”

(On Dwight not getting ball in 2nd half) “Yeah, a little bit. There were some easy passes we could have made. I know when I was in, he was telling me to go, just go to the basket and deep attacking and he’ll just get it off the glass. Other than that, we just couldn’t find the shots that we needed, the good ones.”

Jameer Nelson

“I think that we just need to play more consistent, as in terms of our execution and our energy, our effort. Towards the end of the game, we didn’t execute at all. I had some turnovers I shouldn’t have had, that took away shots from us.”

“I think tonight we dug ourselves a hole; fighting back, fight an uphill battle. Going into the third being down nine points, we still gave ourselves a chance but we didn’t execute well enough to win the game.”

February 9, 2011: Magic at Sixers

Stan Van Gundy

Q: J.J. [Redick] and your three-point shooting gave you a huge boost in that final quarter.

A: Well, the good thing is, I give our guys a lot of credit because we have not been shooting the three very well at all, but we’ve been making them late in games. A lot of times, that’s hard. You’re not feeling good about yourself, shots haven’t been dropping, but our guys are stepping up and making them late in the game. So I was happy, and I really like our pace the last two nights, I thought especially for a back-to-back, and they were playing one, too. I’m not talking about winning the game, but for a back-to-back, the energy, I thought up and down the floor. They hurt us in transition, some but I thought we hurt them in transition, too, which is not easy to do. I like the way our guys are pushing the ball. That to me is the biggest positive to what we have done.

Q: Are making those threes a product of ball movement, coach?

A: I think our offensive energy and ball movement has been very, very good the last two games. I’ve been happy with the improvement. It’s been a point of emphasis, and I think guys have been very, very good with it.

J.J. Redick

Q: Stan said this was one of the best wins you guys have had in a long time.

A: It was a refreshing win. This isn’t a game that we’ve won in what seems like a while. This is a game that we had to get out and didn’t start well offensively, but we were doing a lot of the right things in the first half. We just stuck with it and made some shots and got some stops.

Q: This team is getting a lot of points from Dwight [Howard] but it still remains a three-point shooting team. What’s the reason behind the struggles early in games and things breaking open in the 4th quarter for you guys? Is there any rhyme or reason to it?

A: No, I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason. I just think that, in the course of the season, that’s what happens. You go through a five- or six-game stretch where you don’t start well and you go through a five- or six-game stretch where you don’t finish well. That type of thing happens, and we just have to really persevere and stick with the system. That’s kind of what we did tonight, and again, I think Stan talked about it, we did a lot of good things in terms of our energy and our ball movement. Our defense even, we didn’t finish possessions well, but our defense was good in the first half, and by sticking with it and playing within our system, things eventually turned for us.

February 8, 2011: Magic vs. Clippers

Stan Van Gundy

On the game tonight…

“I thought we played a really good second half. I thought some of the big things to me were our energy and our pace. Twenty-five fast break points, that was a big point of emphasis today, to start trying to run the ball more. We struggled shooting the ball, but then we finally got a run where we made shots. I liked the shots we were getting for good part of the night. We just struggled to get it in the basket, we missed a lot of free throws. We got on the offensive boards. When I see 25 fast break points and 23 second chance points, I know we played hard and with good energy. I thought that in the second half in particular our defense was really good and I thought we did a great job on Blake Griffin. Team defense, our guys on him, Ryan (Anderson) and Earl (Clark) did a very good disciplined job, did their job. And we did not miss our helps and our double teams on him. And, I thought they were the hardest double teams we’ve had in a long time. So, we didn’t give him a chances, he got the one spinout lob, but we didn’t give him chances to get on the highlight reel a lot tonight.”

On if he thought they could shutdown Blake Griffin tonight…

“Well I don’t go into it thinking we’re going to or not going to be able to. We go in with a game plan of how we want to play things. That’s all we’ve got to think about. But it had nothing to do with game plan tonight it had to do with, and I’ve said this a lot, guys make your game plan look good and they did tonight. Ryan and Earl were very focused, did a job. Dwight was right there on all of his pick and rolls, he didn’t really get a chance to get the ball back on pick and rolls. And all of our guys, it was Dwight a lot of the time, but all of our guys were right there on the double teams and he didn’t really get a chance to do a whole lot. He popped out and took some jumpers, which he can make, but that’s not really the best part of his game. I just thought our guys did a good job. We played hard and we really tried to push the ball.”

On their new willingness to run more and if it helps with easy buckets…

“Well I hope. And I think eventually, like tonight, I said the other night at Boston I didn’t like the shots we got. Tonight I loved the shots we got, even in the first half when we weren’t making anything, I liked the shots we were getting. The ball was moving, they were open shots, we were stepping into them and I mean at some point we’re going to break out of the way we’ve been shooting the ball and the balls going to start going in the basket. So, I’m not really worried about that. And then Dwight was great again, you know, 20/20 and it was good. I just thought a lot of guys played well. He and Turk(oglu) put in pretty big minutes, but nobody else did. We got a pretty good team effort from people, which was nice.”

On if Ryan Anderson has reached the point in his career that even if he doesn’t make shots he does enough other things…

“And I thought he did tonight. I thought he made a good focused effort defensively. He made some big ones to get us going. He was 0-for-5 at the half, he was 4-for-10 in the second half and made three 3’s. In the second half tonight he was 3-for-5 from 3 so, his misses were where he kept trying to go to the basket and go through DeAndre Jordan, trying to get a foul called and he didn’t get it. And so he was missing some shots but he hit some big 3’s so I thought he had a good solid game, despite the foul trouble. And, I thought Earl was a lot better defensively tonight.”

Dwight Howard

“We have to work hard every night. Just try to be the guy on the team to show everybody that the only way we’re going to get out of the way that we’re playing is to that we have to fight through everything. Everything. Nothing’s going to go our way on the court so you just have to fight through. And I think for the most part, we did that tonight.”

“We’re kind of slim down low, so we only have two forwards and one center, really. We have to do that best job that we can, right now. We didn’t want those guys picking up easy fouls so we had to double-team.”

Ryan Anderson

“We were really hitting shots. We weren’t getting open shots; we were moving the ball well. I think that’s a problem, I mean, obviously they’re a tough team to guard. They can really score they can run, a big fast break team, so I think we gave up a little too much on the fast break end and too many easy buckets tin the first half. Then we kind of locked down, had a little run of our own, we started making shots.”

“It’s funny, when we feel a little more pressure like we need to make these, guys knock them down. I mean that’s kind of the story the last few games, we haven’t been shooting the three real well. But luckily we made it when we needed to.”

“We had great looks, especially in the first half, we got great shot opportunities, we weren’t knocking them down. But one of the bigger strengths of this team, we are a perimeter shooting team focused around Dwight. We had so many good looks, that was a good sign. We were moving the ball; we’re just not going to make shots every night. A couple guys, including myself, are going through a little stretch where we’re not necessarily shooting the ball great. Shooters get back into a rhythm.”

Gilbert Arenas

(On guarding Blake Griffin) “We were showing him a little double team early to get him out of his comfort zone because right now he’s a highlight reel. That’s how they’re successful and that’s how they get their energy, from him dunking, Baron Davis throwing lobs, and that’s how they get all they’re energy so you take him out of the equation and hopefully you can get the game moving.”

“Right now, I’m comfortable coming off the bench. You know basketball is basketball. And right now, you know I might not have my confidence in my shot, but you know Ryan, J.J., they have theirs and they know that I’m looking for them when I get it.”

February 6, 2011: Magic at Celtics

Stan Van Gundy

“I said three things to them afterwards, the first one that was I was awful. I just could not find anything for us to run to get a decent shot. I didn’t know who to play, I really did a poor job today. I thought we were ready at the start of the game, but I thought we let our offensive problems and our concerns with all the BS out there, took away our focus, which I think was bad we lost our focus. And I thought after the first quarter we didn’t defend well, I thought our offensive problems frustrated us, and some of the stuff with the referees frustrated us. Took away our focus defensively, which was the second thing. And then third thing, and this wasn’t to be negative or get on anybody, but if you’re going to come in on the road, and play the Boston Celtics, you’re going to need a lot of guys playing at a high level. And if you look out there today, we did not have a single perimeter guy play at a high level, and you’re not going to win like that. Now again, I’ll go back to, we didn’t get very good shots, and I think when you’re not getting good shots, as a coach, you have to take a large part of the responsibility for that. That said even, I think they have to take responsibility, the shot selection, the decision making, and then just the ability to make plays, make layups, make the shots we do take. There’s days like that but we just did not have anybody play at a high enough level. Dwight played well, and Ryan and Earl and the offensive end played well today. But we didn’t have a perimeter guy that I thought played well. If you have that many perimeter guys playing poorly, I think as a coach you have to look at it and say, are you not getting them the right shots? Are you not getting them in the right positions? It was everybody, I think I’ve got to look at what we’re running, what we’re doing, what works, and what we’re doing for people cause it wasn’t good enough”

Re: Turk’s struggles? “I don’t have any idea, I don’t like the way he’s playing at all. I don’t like his decision making, his shot selection, his energy. Usually with Turk there will be two or three plays that are a little crazy. But for the most part I think his decisions are usually good. I’ve never been through a stretch with him were the majority of the plays he’s making, I’m sort of saying what the hell is he doing. I mean he’s coming off a pick, and has a clear path to the lane, and he’s taking a step back jumper. I don’t know the answer, we’re going to have to look at the tape. I’m going to have to talk to him, we need to do different stuff for him. But he’s not the only one. There isn’t one guy who right now is playing consistently well. Well Dwight and Ryan are playing pretty good”

Re: Stops on D? “On real breakdowns defensively too, we’ll go back and look, but that’s not stuff we do, that’s what I was talking about in the second part. We lost focus defensively, we got frustrated with the offense, we got frustrated with different things. It affected our defense, and that’s not good enough. Not against a team like this, not against anybody. That’s not good enough, we’ve got to change that. Very disappointing today”

Re: Same level as Boston and Miami? “Not even close, not even in the same ballpark as these guys. We can be, but we’re not right now, I think that showed today”

Gilbert Arenas

“I haven’t liked the 2’oclock games in the past cause I can’t eat breakfast. And yesterday I slept all day, so I figured I’d put food in my system. So I came into the game a little weary, I guess when I got the offensive rebound, I don’t know who hit me, but I got hit a little hard, was a little dazed”

Re: Remember the last game you didn’t score? “I didn’t score today? Ya I don’t think I’ve ever not scored. Maybe rookie season. Nah I scored in middle school, this is probably the first, I guess there’s a first for everything”

Re: Feel different out there? “Nah, I guess just after that nine game winning streak, just been a little different, just trying to get a rhythm, over the All Star break I’ll get a chance to work a lot on my game. And try to get my feel back”

February 4, 2011: Magic at Wizards

Stan Van Gundy

On the game:

“First half I thought we started the game well but I could tell we didn’t have a lot of energy but we hung in there and had a little bit of a lead.  We started the second half slow just for a few minutes and then I thought we played really well, really well.  I thought we dug in defensively, played really hard, got some stops, and then started making shots.  I think we made ten of our last 16 threes after having a miserable night to start.”

On Gilbert Arenas:

“I think he’s playing with more energy.  I thought even tonight he was taking the ball to the basket and making plays.  I like the last couple nights, I think his energy has been better, I think he’s been more aggressive and attacking.  He had six assists tonight so I think there are some good things there plus what he did defensively.  The thing I hope he understand is that he wasn’t having a great shooting night, he was 4 for 12 but we left him out on the floor, and he was out there because of the other things he was doing, defending and rebounding and things like that.  That’s a message we want to get across to all of those guys.  Then if you get the minutes on the floor then you get a chance to really produce.  I liked the way he played today.”

Gilbert Arenas

On defense:

“We had a rough one last night and are trying to position ourselves before the All-Star break. Right now I am in a new situation. I knew coming in here I wasn’t going to get any minutes. I knew I was going to have to work for them. As long as I’m on that court, I’m going to play and if I’m not I’m going to cheer from the bench.”

On the Orlando Magic:

“It’s going good. We are just trying to gel and get ourselves ready for playoff season. That’s about it.  It feels great being on a team that is considered a contender.  Every game counts right now when you are trying to position yourself against the rest of the top teams.”

On coming off the bench:

“I was playing the same role here. I was coming off the bench and energizing the team. I knew coming in here it was going to be easy.”

On what you think about when you think of DC:

“It’s home. I mean this technically is the longest place I’ve ever lived. When I moved to California at ten, I moved back and forth.  This is the longest place I’ve ever lived. I consider this home.”

Dwight Howard

On their bounce back tonight after last night’s game:

“I think we came out with a lot of energy tonight considering that some of us played the whole game last night.  It was kind of tough, but we got a good win.”

On Gilbert Arenas:

“He played some pretty good defense tonight.  He just has to get more consistent with it and we told him that.  We’re just happy to see him playing a little bit better.  He missed the fans here and the organization but he was just happy to get this game and get a good win and get a chance to rest.  He’s a fun guy to be around.  He’s very outgoing and we like him.  Hopefully he’ll continue to do better and continue to give us more.”

On getting help on the boards from Earl Clark and Ryan Anderson:

“They did a pretty good job considering that Earl [Clark] hasn’t played a lot of games and Ryan [Anderson] is always on the perimeter.  I liked what they did tonight.  The guys just have to keep it up.  Everybody got a rebound.  We’ve been getting killed on the boards the last couple of games so we need everybody to rebound.”

February 3, 2011: Magic vs. Heat

Stan Van Gundy

On The Night:

“It’s disappointing to me and obviously disappointing to our guys because you really want to come out and play well in that game. Everybody struggled on the offensive floor. I was quite honestly pretty happy with the shots that we got, some nights I’m not, but I thought we got good shots. I thought that we had trouble putting the ball in the basket. We couldn’t make free throws. Even on a defensive end where the numbers don’t look good, we wanted to get back in transition and even with missing a bunch of shots, they only had 12 fast break points against our 21. We wanted to keep them out of the paint, and they only had 26. I thought we did some good things. LeBron obviously had an unbelievable night and he made all of his jump shots. His numbers say that he’s a pretty mediocre jump shooter, and tonight he was a great jump shooter. We did a good job keeping him out of the paint. Besides our shooting, I thought two things really hurt us tonight, we fouled too much unnecessarily in the first half putting them on the free throw line, and then I thought our offensive rebounding was awesome but our defensive rebounding wasn’t good enough. We weren’t doing a good job on blocking out guys like Mike Miller, and I think that hurt us and gave them some second chances, even though we had more second chance points. I wasn’t unhappy with the way our guys played, I thought we put a lot into the game and we just didn’t get it done.”

On The Top Teams In The East:

“Well right now I don’t totally agree with little separation between teams. Right now Boston and Miami have separated themselves and Chicago has a pretty significant advantage on us and Atlanta and New York is a little bit behind that, so there is a little separation. I think that we can get there in 10 weeks, I really do, but you can’t say that right now were right there with those teams, I mean I’ve always believed the saying, “You are what your record says you are,” and right now that’s who we are. I thought we did some good things tonight. I thought we had good resolve, I thought we executed late in the game, which was the best we’ve done since we had this crew, and I thought we fought hard. Nothing was going right for us for about three quarters in the game. I mean at the 6:00 mark we were down 18. I’m not down, but we’re not with those guys right now.”

On Dwight Howard’s Free Throws:

“Yeah he struggled at the line tonight, but I can sit here and point out negatives, but the guy played 48 freaking minutes with everyone around him and the whole thing. I’ve got nothing but praise for what he did tonight. I’ve got to give it to him for pulling a Wilt Chamberlin (and playing all 48 minutes).”

Dwight Howard

“The loss is frustrating, but we never stopped playing. We really didn’t have it on the offensive end. And just seemed like they hit every shot the whole game. Next time we see those guys, just got to play the a little better. We were right there.”

(On LeBron) “Other than hitting too many jump shots, we did fine. We’d rather have him shoot jump shots the whole game. If he makes them, it’s good for him.”

“He had it going and there’s nothing you can do about it. If he’s hitting jump shots, more power to him. We rather have him shoot the whole game rather than attacking, making other plays for other people, getting our bigs in trouble. We’re very slim right now. I think the guys played pretty good defense, he just hit a lot of tough shots.”

Jameer Nelson

“This isn’t definitely the way we wanted to tonight for us in terms of the game. I think we just we gave ourselves a chance and all you can really say right now.”

“I mean its hard playing against a great team like Miami to put yourself in position like we did, down by 23. End up closing the gap, did a great job of showing toughness. The only thing, like I said before, we played with a lot of effort and intensity”

(Difference in Magic’s 1st 6 min. vs. last 6 min) “We got stops and made shots. They hit a lot of jump shots tonight. You look at LeBron’s play in the first quarter; he hit pretty much every jump shot, lay-ups and free throws. He had it going on tonight.”

Ryan Anderson

“Tonight it was a situation where we weren’t hitting shots and they were. LeBron was hitting contested jumpers, some sick shots. But normally want, honestly, guys like that, how do you guard them? They can do just about any thing but you prefer LeBron to shoot it, not drive. We were playing the schemes well, just knocking down every shot, every jumper.”

January 31, 2011: Magic at Grizzlies

Stan Van Gundy

``We’ll (defend) at times. Right now, we’re not ready to contend because we don’t defend hard enough for long enough. We’re going to see if over the next 10 ½ weeks if it will change. If it does then we have a chance to be as good as anybody and if it doesn’t then we don’t. It’s pretty simple to me. Particularly in the third quarter we didn’t play well at all, we dug ourselves a big hole and we just weren’t good enough.’’

January 30, 2011: Magic vs. Cavs

Stan Van Gundy

“We had a great first quarter and then it was dead even after that. I thought we came out with really good energy. We didn’t shoot the ball well other than Dwight, JJ and Ryan, we didn’t shoot the ball well at all. I’m hoping we saved all of those for tomorrow night because we’ll need them. But we rebounded well, we played harder, we played some good minutes of defense. Dwight and Ryan were both great, so we come out with the win and we move on.”

On wanting to establish habits with his team…

“It’s not just that, I just want us to establish some habits. Again, I thought that in the first half in particular, even though he really didn’t get going in the second half, I thought that Brandon and even Ryan defended very well on Jamison. I thought that was a good sign. That was probably the best thing – we wanted to establish some defensive habits. As the game went on we weren’t quite as sharp defensively. The only thing we didn’t do well defensively, we didn’t run back, we just did not run back. I don’t understand that. I don’t think that running as hard as you can in both directions all the time, but especially the defense…. I don’t get mad if a guy jogs down the court offensively, but defensively, I don’t understand that, I really don’t. If you are talking about being on a team where you’re talking about wanting to contend for a championship, I would think running back as hard as you can would be a good place to start, and we didn’t do that well. But our half court defense was pretty good until the end, and I really don’t know what was going on then.”

On Dwight taking a beating down low in the game…

“To be honest, I’ve sort of given up on that. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to hit big guys, not just Dwight, but I just don’t understand in general why they are allowed to hit big guys up around the neck and shoulders and there is nothing done about it. I’ve talked about it several times, I’ve talked to referees in the games – I don’t know the answer to that. The league has decided those are OK. My point is always, if Dwight hits somebody that hard around the head, it becomes a thing of size and strength, not what somebody is doing. If Dwight hits somebody as hard as they hit him around the head, he would probably be suspended, because he would lay them out. But because he can take the hit and even stay on his feet, they don’t see the result of it and they let it go. And it’s not one or two guys, and it’s not just Dwight, I see it with big guys all the time, it’s just, I don’t know, it is something I wish they would get on. It’s not a matter of fairness in a game, they called the foul. I don’t think it’s fair to those guys, but I’m not in charge and they’re not really interested in my opinion.”

On if he can call the league to ask those calls to be reviewed…

“That’s what a flagrant foul is, but they don’t deem those flagrant fouls, and I’m not the one calling the game. To me it shouldn’t be what happens to the guy, the fact that Dwight or Shaq or Yao when he was playing are big and strong and can stay on their feet even when a guy winds up and hits them around the shoulders and the neck, that should not predicate the result of it. It shouldn’t come down to how strong you are, it should come down to what they are trying to do. But that’s just me. And again, it has no effect on the game and look, everybody calls it the same, so I just want to say I’m not being critical of the officials because they all call it the same, and that’s clearly the way the league wants it called. And if you’re an official, you call it the way the league wants it called. I would like to see them protect them a little bit more. And again, it’s not just us, we are not being singled out, I just think the big guys in the league, it’s like fair game on them.”

Ryan Anderson

On playing Memphis tomorrow in a back-to-back…

“We have a tough schedule right now because we have a lot of back-to-backs. A lot of home games and then we have to travel that night and play the next day. You know it’s tough when you get into a city at two or three in the morning and then have to wake up the next day, you have to get at least some sleep and then play the next day. You know, those games aren’t always the easiest but we need to get a little road streak going, because we haven’t been playing very well on the road. So, I think tomorrow’s game we need to really just be ready to go tomorrow.”

On his play tonight, scoring a career high 23 points and grabbing a career high 16 rebounds…

“Well I had a great opportunity tonight. Obviously we played really well and had a big lead so in the fourth we could just kind of play. I mean obviously we still had to go hard and keep the lead, but in the fourth my shot was just kind of dropping at the point, so I just kind of shot the ball when I was open. I had some opportunities. I just tried to rebound the ball tonight and yeah, that’s all I can really say I think.”

On if it was a relief to win tonight …

“Yeah, I mean we’re just kind of going into each game thinking that it’s a big game. We need to get a streak going again. We need to get some more confidence and kind of just build from a win like this. I think it was key to have a big win, especially on a back-to-back night.”

On his play over the last month and if teams are going to start treating him as more of a threat…

“Yeah, that’s only natural but I just think the fact that we have a player in Dwight (Howard), like I always say, he drags so much attention. So it’s kind of a pick your poison. If you want to put all your attention on Dwight then you have to basically risk our 3-point shooting. So, vice-versa, if you come out on us, Dwight is going to be wide open. We’re a tough team to guard.”

Jason Richardson

On the Magic controlling the game, from the very beginning to the end…

“We knew we had to come out and be ready and be well prepared from here on out. We’ve been having slow starts but it’s a good sign that we came out and were ready to play from the start of the game.”

On the play of Ryan Anderson and Dwight Howard tonight…

“Yeah, they both were huge for us tonight. We expect Dwight to dominate the game like he always does and he did that tonight. And Ryan gave us a good boost off the bench tonight. He’s shooting the ball well, he got a lot of rebounds, he played really well for us tonight.”

On his tough shooting night and how Ryan Anderson and JJ Redick picked it up for him…

“Definitely, that’s the type of team we have. We have a lot of guys that can score the ball and tonight I wasn’t shooting very well and (Hedo) Turk(oglu) wasn’t shooting very well and JJ and Ryan came in and picked up the shooting and they did a great job off the bench.”

January 28, 2011: Magic at Bulls

Stan Van Gundy

Q: On their third quarter play.

A: We were really bad at both ends. They just played better than we did. We tried to double team Boozer but just didn't do it well. He broke it open and made shots. The biggest difference, though, was their rebounding. The third quarter is where it was decided. They came out and played hard and we didn't.

Q: On the Bulls' play.

A: Defensively, they were really up on us at the three-point line. We had no patience and didn't move the ball. We didn't do any of what we talked about. Deng dominated the second half. We didn't guard him at all. This may have been Turk's worst night of the year at both ends. Our defense worries me. Also, our lack of ball movement and poor play in third quarters really worries me. Down the stretch we cut it to three and then took a bad shot. That's where we made two awful offensive plays and one at the defensive end. We deserved to lose. I thought we were ready to go tonight but our double teams were slow and soft. The whole energy of the game changed in that third quarter and it went their way.

Gilbert Arenas

Q: On the game.

A: I don't think mentally we came out as strong as they did, they were getting easy buckets. Defensively, we weren't stopping anybody. Offensively, we didn't have it going tonight. Miscommunication on screen-and-rolls. Dwight was calling out the defensive and me trying to remember. I let Rose go down the lane into the middle and once he gets in the middle he's dangerous.

Q: Do you notice anything different with Derrick (with the stomach ulcers, etc.)?

A: He's usually aggressive but tonight he let the game come to him. He got to the free throw line, he scored when he needed to. He wasn't as aggressive as he usually is, finding people. You could tell he was a little fatigued out there.

Q: On his knee.

A: The thing about my knee is the weather. Mostly December is my bad month. That's what I've noticed the past couple years. From February to November, that's when I don't feel any pain. Usually I just feel sore from the change in pressures.

Q: On the team.

A: Right now [the Bulls are] three games above us so we're the underdogs. We still have a lot of this season left to get our stride. You really don't want to be playing your best right now. You want to play your best toward the end. Just like when you're watching football, Green Bay didn't play their best until the end of the season. We have a lot of work to do and we're going to get it done.

Q: It was a physical, chippy game. Is that what you were expecting?

A: Of course it's going to be physical, you have two top teams trying to establish dominance so you're going to get physical play.

January 26, 2011: Magic at Pacers

Stan Van Gundy

“We got off to a good start. We played a very good first half. We played a very good first eight minutes of the third quarter and then I think we struggled a little bit. We turned it over a couple times, got stripped, missed some free throws, couldn’t get the ball in the basket, let up a little bit defensively where they got it all the way back to seven. And then we came out of that timeout and scored eight straight and got back up to 15, so we did a good job finishing it out. I wasn’t happy with about ten minutes there where we let them get back in the game. But other than that I thought we played pretty well. I thought our half court defense was outstanding. I thought they hurt us in transition. A lot of it was off our turnovers. But I thought our half court defense was fabulous. (On his team) I thought they had a hard time tonight really getting shots. We had to work to get good shots. I thought we defended Danny Granger very, very well. He got to the line 13 times. Some of them were really marginal but he was 6-19 from the floor. I thought we made it tough for him to make shots. Collison was the one guy that really hurt us. And a lot of it was the speed in transition. I don’t think we did a good job of getting back and taking the ball away. Other than that I thought we played well.”

Ryan Anderson

“(On his good shooting night) I am very confident in myself shooting the ball right now. And that is the key, to keep my confidence up. With the way we play, I’m going to get a lot of open shots. It depends on how other teams decide to guard us. If they focus on Dwight (Howard) a lot of us perimeter guys are going to be open. If they decide to stay on me or the others guys and single up on Dwight, he’s going to have a big night.”

Dwight Howard

“We started the game right on both ends. We got stops and we scored. We just have to continue to get better and stay consistent. (More on the start of the game) We just tried to come out and start the game with good stops on defense and also score in transition. I think we did a pretty good job of that. (On Orlando’s three point shooting) We had to play inside out, and that’s when we have a lot of success. (On bouncing back from the loss to Detroit) It was pretty good. We just have to continue to play. We’re going to have games where we’re not playing as well, but we have to come back and get the job done.”

January 24, 2011: Magic vs. Pistons

Stan Van Gundy

On the Night:

“It came down to three things tonight; turnovers, especially in the first half, that’s why we were where we were. We had 12 turnovers at half time; they scored 17 more points off of our turnovers, which is a huge number. We did a very poor job taking care of the ball. Austin Daye had a career high tonight, and their perimeter guys just rocked us. We couldn’t guard any of them, McGrady had 20, Prince 20, Gordon 16, and Stucky 16, and there wasn’t one of them that we could guard. That was the three things in the game that I felt hurt us the most. Austin Daye had some big shots and their perimeter guys just tore us up. Not to mention they played great defense on us. Our perimeter guys didn’t play good tonight, so we really got out-played out there tonight.”

On Magic Defense:

“We have to get a lot better defensively, which is my responsibility. I played Quentin tonight and maybe I’ll have to play him more, or maybe we will have to play other people if these guys won’t commit to it. We’ve just got to defend a lot better than we did tonight and that’s my responsibility.”

On The Magic’s Focus:

“I think our focus is a big problem. We aren’t focusing on the game plan or on personnel. I think our guys know the stuff if you talk to them about other players, but I don’t think we focus on it on the floor at all. I don’t think we do a good job of taking away people’s strengths, which we usually do a good job at. We make too many mistakes, and it’s going be hard to be a winning team that way. Our intensity needs to improve too, and our help defense was not good. We talked about our problems at practice today, but our focus was just not good, and we had two easy wins and I think we started getting ahead of ourselves.”

Dwight Howard

“Guys got to guard on the perimeter. Got to do a better job, it just can’t be one dribble to the basket. So you got to do a better job.”

“Guys just got to want to play, that’s it.”

“Either we get it together or we’re just going to be a playoff team that doesn’t win a championship.”

“We just have to play; everybody knows what to do. We’re professional athletes, we know what to do.”

Jameer Nelson

“Everything we do right now, we’re developing some bad habits. Kind of like turning a switch on and off, playing hard and not playing hard. Just have to do a better job of our energy, consistency and intensity and continue our level of play when we get in there and keep it there.”

“They turned it over like twice in the first half and we turned it over 12 (times) or something. I mean, they’re not a team that scores a lot of points but once you give them that many opportunities, they’ve got guys on that team that are good players.”

“It was one of those things that we have to find ways to win games when we’re not shooting good regardless of what happened in the previous game. We have to buckle down, stop guys and try and make it tougher than we did tonight.”

Jason Richardson

“I just think that I personally didn’t do a good job from stopping guys from getting to the basket. They got to the basket at will in the first half and I think that’s why they controlled the game the whole way.”

“We definitely hate to give up games like this but every night you’re not going to be at your 100% best but you still have to go out there and be competitive. I don’t think we did that tonight. Didn’t have any energy, played their style, played a slow-paced game. We just didn’t have it, whatever the reason was.”

January 22, 2011: Magic at Rockets

Stan Van Gundy

(On the game) “Our ball movement was really good. We got a lot of guys involved and Dwight (Howard) was dominating. Other than Houston getting too many rebounds, I thought it was a good all around performance.”

(On his team’s play) “I was very happy with Turkoglu’s play. I’ve been very pleased with our energy. Brian Anderson has been playing well and he has been a huge difference to our recent play. Brandon (Bass) has battled very hard defensively the last few nights.”

(On the up-coming schedule) “We have a tough stretch coming up. The in and out games on road trips is very tough when you are coming from Florida. It can be rough but everybody’s got to do it.”

Dwight Howard

(On his play) “I love to have fun and try to win games for my team. It’s not just about basketball players, because we are role models. I want to be one of the greatest players of all time.”

(On the game) “We came out with better energy. We moved the ball, got open shots and just played good defense.”

(On Chuck Hayes defending him) “He’s tough. He’s like a tree stump. You just have to shoot over him.”

(On working with Hakeem and coming to the game) “It compliments a lot of the things I worked on with Hakeem (Olajuwon) in the off-season. It was very special to see him because I didn’t know he was coming. I‘m just glad we got the win.”

Hedo Turkoglu

(On the Magic’s play) “We have ups and downs as a team but we seem to get out of them quickly. The last two games have been good. We have a lot of offensive guys that can do some good stuff. We have a lot of guys that can shoot from outside and we have Dwight inside. That’s how we play – inside out.”

Jason Richardson

(On the game) “We did a good job of attacking the basket and we were knocking down our shots. We played with a lot of energy. It felt like everything was going in. Dwight (Howard) has been doing a great job dominating the game.

January 21, 2011: Magic vs. Raptors

Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

“They’re obviously a lot of great things about tonight’s game. The second half was fantastic, I thought our guys really played that all the way through. I looked and their three main guys are 9 for 36 which is great defense. I thought Brandon Bass played tremendous defense on Andrea Bargnani, I thought that it was as good as it could be. He got down the court and he could make some of those shots, but other than the 3-pointer, he didn’t get any easy shots. Brandon was always right there with good pressure. I just thought he did a real good job, and I think our team did a good job being with those main three players, and being where they were supposed to be. I thought that we did a better job in the second half closing in on the paint, we did not do a good job with that in the first half, and it’s something we talked about. But I thought in the second half we were very conscious about that.”

On Dwight Howard:

“I thought that Dwight was dominant tonight. They decided that they were going to play him one-on-one. There wasn’t a whole lot of balance tonight, the ball just kept going to Dwight, but I mean if they’re going to give you lay-ups at the basket you’re not really going to look for anything else. Our guys were very willing to just throw him the ball down there. When we did miss shots he was basically uncontested on the glass. They are a little undersized and undermanned so Dwight took advantage of that.”

On Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas:

“Jameer and Gilbert combined 15 assists and 3 turnovers, that was outstanding too.”

On The Future:

“There were a lot of good things tonight and it feels good to have one like this after having a lot of close games in a row. Now we have to go back on the road and do better than we did last couple games on the road.”

Dwight Howard

“At halftime, Coach said if I score a lot of points, than my other teammates don’t get involved. So I guess that was the plan. I was just trying to be dominate on the offensive end. As a team, we did a good job on the offensive end. I don’t care so much about the offense; we need to get better on the defense.”

Ryan Anderson

“I wish the first half was similar. Felt it rolling, wasn’t really feeling it in the first half so just shot it. That’s it.”

“We had a great second half. Those are the kind of runs that we need. We want get out to an early start and we’ve been struggling with our beginning of the games and came out and made it know that we were going to keep this lead going. And we definitely did that in the beginning of the second half. The starters did a great job of getting us in the game and we just kind of took over from there.”

(On Dwight’s night) “There’s not a lot of people that can do that. Sometime it looks like, actually all the time it looks like he’s playing against high school kids. In practice, I’m a high schooler to him. He’s so much bigger, so much more athletic, and so much more talented than a lot of players. That was pretty impressive, very impressive. I remember looking over at Earl, we’re looking at each other like, ‘Wow, another one. An offensive rebound AND a bucket.’ I mean he was pretty impressive like he normally is.”

Gilbert Arenas

“It’s great to have win. We came out and actually dominated their team. We just played consistent, we hit shots. In the second half, we stopped them from getting into the basket. And that’s how they were killing us because they’re known for shooting. That’s what we were trying to protect and take them off the shot but they kept driving and that’s where they gave us our points.”

(On Dwight) “I guess when the young fellas over there are scared of him; it’s easy to dominate them. You could see it in their faces. Most teams don’t want to face him one-on-one and they tried and they got killed doing it.”

January 19, 2011: Magic at 76ers

Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

On Tonight’s Game:

“That was about as crazy of a game as you will ever see right there. We had two, four-point plays down the stretch, which was crazy. We played the end of the last quarter and overtime without Dwight. It was just a crazy game. We hung in there and gave ourselves a chance. It was an incredible win, my head is still spinning. I think that two teams played fairly evenly, but if we had made what we normally make at the free throw line, which isn’t great, we would have had an 8 to 10 point win. We were getting down inside and getting fouled and then we couldn’t convert anything at the line. That part was frustrating. Jason Richardson struggled all night shooting the ball and then hit a 4-pointer. That was just a phenomenal night. JJ and Jason Richardson, those were their only three point shots that they made. We had good open looks that we couldn’t get fouled and knock them in. It was just one of those nights and I’m happy to be on the winning side.”

On Dwight Howard:

“I thought that he did a very good job defensively tonight, obviously the fouls became a problem, and I’m sure he had some that he wouldn’t call the smartest things in the world. That happens sometimes. He was definitely trying to be more aggressive down low. If you look and see that he only has five field goal attempts, you have to remember he shot 22 free throws, with only one offensive rebound. We were throwing him the ball down there and he had a couple that he normally makes where he gets fouled. He had three or four that could have been put with a free throw that didn’t go in. I thought that he was a great presence on both ends of the floor.”

On Effort Tonight:

“I thought that our guys played extremely hard tonight. I thought that they fought extremely hard tonight also. We kept fighting and fighting and I really liked our effort tonight.”

On Ryan Anderson:

“Ryan can do more than just stand out there and shoot threes, as you saw tonight. He did not rebound as well tonight as he normally does, but I think he played great defensively. He played so well that I would have regretted taking him out if we didn’t win the game.”

Dwight Howard

“It was crazy. I mean it was ridiculous how crazy the game was. But you know things happen, we’re just happy we got the win as ugly as it was.”

(On not being on the court in overtime) “We don’t want to have to have it happen. Just tonight wasn’t my night.”

J.J. Redick

(On two 4pt. plays) “I have not seen that before. That was just kind of a bizarre sequence. I mean Andre had a great game, just made a mental mistake, just can’t do that. And Jason made a great play to have that concentration to take a hit and knock it in.”

“We just needed a win period. It was a frustrating road trip. Losing is tough and just for the energy, the momentum to shift it back, it would have been tough to come off that road trip, come home, and lose.”

“We were able to make the plays, Jason’s four-point play. And then in overtime, it took the win.”

(On his blocked shot) “I would say, in my career, regular season, it’s my first legitimate block. If you look at my stats, I’ve probably had one or two in my career, but they’ve been kind of the swipe down kind, where the guy is kind of going up and sometimes they give you a steal, a couple times they may have credited me with a block. But this was a legitimate blocked shot. So I feel pretty good about that. Actually you guys will probably see Joel Glass tomorrow at practice, start campaigning for Defensive Player of the Year. So I started tonight.”

Jason Richardson

“He had his hand on my arm and the ref saw it. It’s just continuation, that’s how it went down.”

(On two 4pt. plays) “I’ve never seen that for the end of regulation and then J.J. come in in overtime and hit one.”

“Yeah, that was the second option on the shot. Coming off, I knew that at least had to get a look at the rim. It was a great look, the shot went down.”

“Especially with the game on the line, you can’t worry about how many shots you made or missed. But the game on the line, you need a basket, that’s the most important shot. So you can 0 for 30 or 30 for 30, at that point, with the ball in your hands, you know you need to hit the big shot.”

“Ryan’s been playing great the last couple of games for us. We need his energy, his effort like that every time he’s on the floor.”

January 17, 2011: Magic at Celtics

Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

Re: Last minute of the game?: “Look, to me the biggest shot was Ray Allen in the corner, that was an unbelievable shot, we defended the shot he made a dead run going away from the ball, and to knock that in, that’s an unbelievable shot and that’s why you’ll see him in the Hall of Fame. And then Pierce, we played the pick and roll, we knew it was coming, we switched it, Jason stayed right with him and then he got him on the shot fake. And we couldn’t get a good shot against them they played great defensively. So you know it came down to the very end and they played better then we did at the very end. But I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing to be in a game that close where they shot 60 %, it’s obviously a bad thing they shot 60 %, we did not defend well on this trip the last three games. And were still in close games, we’re going to have to be better defensively then that. On the positive side, they had to shot 60 % to win a very close game. So I don’t know there was some good things, but our defense has to change or we can’t play at this level”

Re: Davis on Howard down the stretch?: “Ok I guess, they combined did good they held him to 33 and you know whatever”

Re: Rondo’s impact?: “No question he makes a difference, he makes all the plays and he makes them a lot better defensively. I mean there’s no question about that”

Re: Digging down and getting stops? “We didn’t get any stops, they shot 60 % in the first half, and 60 % in the second half. There was never a point in the game where we stopped them. So, its got to change, we got to take a look at it and get a lot better. I’ve got to look at the things we’re doing, and who we’re playing things, and how we’re doing things. But we were just not good defensively, particularly in the last three games. We’re doing two things, my points to them after the game were, we’re digging double digit holes every game, trying to climb out of them. The history of this league will tell you, people want to say it’s a fourth quarter league, it’s really a first quarter league. You can check the percentages on that, on who’s leading after the first quarter, and we’re behind all the time, and we’re behind big early in the game. And our defense hasn’t been good those have been two things that have got to change. On the good part of it, even with teams playing that good against us, playing good teams on the road, such as Boston and Oklahoma City, we’re still right there in the game. Our guys have some resilience and some fight to them so there’s some good things, but those things are going to have to change over the second part of the season here.”

Re: Issues of team having new pieces, being put together?: “We don’t look at it that way cause this is our team now and we can’t be making excuses like that. We’re like everyone else now we got 41 games left to get ready to play at this level. And those two things are going to have to change. I’m not standing here pissed off, I think we’ve done some good things, even on this trip, but those are the two things that we’ve got to change”

J.J. Redick Re: Plays in the last minute? “Tough loss, they played really well offensively, we couldn’t get enough stops down the stretch, it probably was the theme of this trip. All three games we lost were close games, and it all came down to us not being able to get stops at crucial times”

Re: Getting back to defense?: “Keep working, the first half against Minnesota was not good, we didn’t play with a lot of intensity. But Oklahoma City and Boston are two teams that are capable of playing well offensively, they have a lot of weapons, so we have to play better against those teams, and bring our defensive energy every night against everyone”

Hedo Turkoglu

Re: KG’s impact?: “It’s just a really close game, it just came to the last second, and they made a good play, and we turned the ball over. It’s just like every games comes to the wire and last second. We didn’t play our game the way we wanted to from the start. We gave up a lot of points, and tried to chase and come back again, and if it was close it could have been different. We tried to outhustle them and come back, but you can’t do that against good teams. They can really hurt you, so we just got to learn from this. Especially this road trip, we had really bad games, all four of them, maybe we won one of them but all four we played bad, defense wise, we gave up a lot of points. So we’ll watch some tape, and go to practice and work, and try to get better”

Re: Encouraging or discouraging they shot 60 % and it was this close?: “That’s the thing we couldn’t execute, we were trying to do our best, but they kept making shots. We can’t really allow them to shot that high percentage throughout the game. That’s really hurting you, and just trying to come back, and trying to chase them all night. Those are the little things, we need to work on it and hopefully get better”

January 15, 2011: Magic at Timberwolves

Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

We won. We had a great third quarter. We ran the ball in the second half. Got up twelve and won.

On wing play:

I thought we ran well. We had good energy.

On second half pick and roll defense:

Either you play it well or you don't.

On Ryan Anderson's play:

He played him (Love) very well. I thought that in the second half, he was a little better on his pick and rolls too. Love plays the same way. They spread the floor out for other guys and pulls guys away from the basket. Love doesn't want to play out there either that is not a comfortable place for big guys to go out and guard.

On JJ Redick:

He's been playing well. He's always ready to play. So is Jason Richardson. Those guys always play hard. You can count on their energy.

Jason Richardson

We went out there and played hard.

On hot third quarter:

I was going out there and being aggressive. We pick it up when we feel like we have our backs against the wall. We have to have that mentality at the beginning. We just came out and played hard in the second half.

On Wolves scrappiness:

They have a good group of young guys there no matter what their record is. Love is out there leading the league in rebounding; Beasley is a guy that can score 20 points. They are a good challenging young team. They have to play with pride and try to win games.

Dwight Howard

On physical play:

They have a couple of MMA fighters on their team. We only have one MMA fighter and that's me. It was a very physical game tonight. Do we like physical games? Yes, but both teams just have to play through it. It is rare when you have a team with players like Pekovic, Darko and Koufos. It's fun, you just have to learn how to play through it.

On Love's game:

He didn't have a game like he wanted to tonight. We tried to stretch him a little bit and not give him any easy shots. I've always liked his game, he always seems to get the job done.

January 13, 2011: Magic at Thunder

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

“We just could not stop them at all. (Kevin) Durant and (Russell) Westbrook in particular but Jeff Green hit the biggest shot of the game. We scored well during the game but this game was another where we were off to a bad start. We started behind but we fought hard throughout the game. We had shots to tie or go ahead but we could not knock them down. I liked our resilience but we are spending too much time beginning the game playing out of the hole. ”

On rebounding problems:

“Our rebounding at the beginning of the game was not satisfactory. Nine of the second chance points in the first half really hurt us.”

On defense and other problems:

“Our lack of defense and how many shots we gave them are some sources of the problem. Green and Durant are excellent shooters and we gave it to them. ”

On changes:

“This game was on where it could have been easy to lose badly with all the shots they were hitting at the end. However, our guys hung in there and had chances down the stretch. Our guys keep fighting. We have some guys that are having some trouble shooting the ball but I thought we had great ball movement. The problem that must be fixed is stop beginning the game in the hole. Whether we have to make changes in our line-up or something else, something has to change.”

Dwight Howard:

“They hit a lot of tough shots tonight. Jeff Green’s shot in the 4th quarter and Durant’s shot at the end of the game, you just can’t do anything about that. What we’ve got to do is come out the gate better and play a little better defense, but we’ll be alright.”

On bouncing back from last night’s lost:

“We just wanted to get the win tonight. I wasn’t too concerned about the finish of last’s night’s game. I think we fought well to get back in it. We just didn’t get enough stops and some free throws down the stretch hurt us. I wasn’t really focusing on that tonight. This is a new game and I just wanted to come out tonight with a lot of energy and try to be aggressive on both ends.”

“I think we messed up on offensive rebounds early and late tonight. We didn’t hold them to one shot and we allowed Russell (Westbrook) and Kevin Durant to hit big shots down the stretch. We just shouldn’t be giving up 125 points, that’s a lot.”

January 12, 2011: Magic at Hornets

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On the loss: “It was tough. I thought we did a good job fighting back. We played pretty poorly most of the night. Ryan (Anderson) made some shots. Jason Richardson and Dwight (Howard) carried us and kept us close enough. We played well down the stretch and made some big shots. (We) got it into overtime and got a quick lead. We just kept fighting and we couldn’t make the plays in the end. It was tough from that regard. We didn’t play well enough or hard enough for long enough tonight.”

On not playing with urgency lately: “There’s not a real sense of urgency. They’re kind of just putting it on cruise control and playing. It’s not good enough. The pace of the game was extremely slow. It was extremely slow most of the game. We knew that that’s how they wanted to play the game. We wanted to play the game a lot faster. Our pace has seemed to gotten a little bit slower every game. We’re a little bit lethargic and we’re not putting enough into the game”

Magic Forward Brandon Bass:

On the loss: “We just came out sluggish. We need to play with more energy. I was pressing out there. (I was) trying to play well. I was trying to give us something tonight, and I couldn’t do it. We’ve got a game tomorrow. We’ve got to get better from tonight.”

On the reasons for the loss: “We just had missed shots. I had some wide open shots that I missed. They made shots and we didn’t.”

Magic Guard Chris Duhon:

On the difference with the team since the trade: “We’ve got more guys that can score for us. Jason Richardson (is a great addition). (Hedo) Turkoglu is a playmaker who does a great job of scoring and passing. Gilbert (Arenas) is a guy that can score. I think we just got better offensively.”

Magic Guard JJ Redick:

On the loss: “The great thing about the NBA is that if you lose a game, most of the time you have a game the next day. It will be a quick turnaround, but we’ll be ready.”

January 8, 2011: Magic at Mavericks

Stan Van Gundy

(The best passer of the day was not playing football…) – “No, Hedo [Turkoglu] was great tonight passing the ball. 17 assists for anybody is incredible, but a 6’10” forward with 17 assists, that’s a phenomenal, phenomenal game. He made a lot of plays for us. We made a lot of shots in the 2nd half. We really couldn’t stop them for very long at any point in the game, but our offense came through in the 2nd half and he had a lot to do with that obviously.”

(Is it the scheme or the cast that makes him so effective playing for Orlando?) – “I don’t think it’s either. I think it’s that he’s a very good player. And I do think the players around him put the ball in the basket, yeah. But it’s certainly nothing that we do as coaches, or in our system. He just gets the ball with an opportunity and he’s got a big guy rolling to the hoop that’s a big target, that’s helps, and he’s got shooters all around him, and that helps. There’s no question that the people around him help him, but it goes both ways. He helps them, too, clearly, getting them the ball in the right spots.”

(Did the team show you anything coming back from that 16-point deficit on the road?) – “I thought we did a good job fighting. I thought a key part of the game, again, was the 2nd quarter with Dwight [Howard] out and to come back and close that gap and be in the game at the half. I thought that was as big as any part of the game. It was as big as the stretch where we made the big run in the 4th quarter to go up 20. That stretch in the 2nd quarter they had a chance to really build a big margin with Dwight out of the game and those guys hung in there and got the [Dallas] lead to 6 and gave us a chance. Then we went back-and-forth in the 3rd quarter and we’re down 1 going into the 4th and had a great, great start to the 4th quarter.”

Jason Richardson

(On beating a depleted Dallas team) “Even though Dirk is out they have a lot of guys that can score, Jason Terry, DeShawn Stevenson and of course Jason Kidd is the guy that distributes all the balls and passes and stuff. So they came out and played hard. They had us down 16, we just kept on with it and kept up our defensive intensity in the second half and got the win. You know these were back to back games and we got in pretty late last night. We didn’t really have it in the first half, but we found a way in the second quarter to get it down to six points and we finally woke up in the second half and our defense got us going and our defense fueled our offense.”

(On Hedo Turkoglu’s 17 assists) “I don’t think it’s incredible, he should have got 20 (laughing). But, Turkoglu he did a great job tonight. You could tell he is a different player now. He is a guy that can do everything. He can score, rebound and distribute the ball like he did tonight.”

(On the nine-game winning streak) “I am not surprised at all. You look at the guys we have on the team, we got a lot of guys that when we were on other teams we were averaging 22-23 points per game. So, collectively as a group we have a lot of guys that can score the ball and we are just coming in, everyone is pretty much veterans that came in the trade and guys that are playing a lot are veterans. Everybody is just trying to do one thing and that is win games right now and we are trying to get to the big goal at the end of the season.”

January 7, 2011: Magic vs. Rockets

Stan Van Gundy

On Tonight’s Game:

“I thought that we did a good job battling through the foul trouble, particularly with Dwight, but also with Brandon and Ryan. I also think that Earl gave us a big lift when we needed the minutes. I thought that Brandon and Jason both had great offensive nights, and Ryan had a huge run there in the third quarter. I thought Turk and Jameer had a lot of good plays and good passes. Our defense got better after the first quarter. Our second and third quarters were pretty good defensively, and opened up the lead. I thought that our guys adjusted well and did a better job.”

On Eight-Game Win Streak:

“We’re playing better than we were before the trade. We’re playing well but we were 15-4 with that other group too. I think with the sickness we went on a long struggle back there. I think the trades have made us better, there’s no doubt in my mind. I think they were good deals for us. Also people aren’t being fair to the people we had here before because we were a good team. I thought that we’ve come together offensively quicker than I thought we would have, but we still need to work on our defense. I was disappointed in some of the back cuts we gave up and I thought that was a major point of emphasis. I didn’t think we were disciplined. The good part was that we got better defensively as the game went on and we were good in the third quarter and really opened up the lead, so I was happy with that.

On Earl Clark:

“I think that Earl is going to be a really good player. I think that he offensively is very talented, he’s quick, he can shoot the ball, and he can put it on the floor. He is a very hard working guy. He’s the first in here every day, and he is here on off days. Every game he hasn’t played in, after the game, he’s in there working out and shooting until about 11 o’clock. Like I’ve said before, he is a learning kind of person, he really needs to learn more about what we’re doing, and he’s working hard at that. He’s got to get better on his defensive principles. I think when he understands what we’re doing defensive-wise, he can be an outstanding defender. He moves his feet and he plays hard. He showed great effort tonight and I think he’s one of those guys that are going to be able to make multiple efforts. I love what he brings to the table, I really do. I think as he goes on I think we will see the same type of jump that we have seen with Brandon and Ryan.”

Ryan Anderson

“I didn’t score in the first half and my shot wasn’t feeling too great but I knew that I had to contribute somehow. Just wanted to go out and try and have a little more energy going into more pick and rolls. And those shots were real open shots. Those are easier shots to make than probably the ones I was taking in the first half. I think guys did a good job of getting me open, obviously Dwight rolling to the hoop opened me up and Hedo Turkoglu did a good job of finding me during that stretch”

“The past couple of games, guys have been really focusing a lot on Dwight so it’s opening me up and Brandon out on the perimeter. Brandon does a great job of hitting that shot and knocking it down. He can do that consistently. But it’s a good thing that we do have guys that can stretch the court and guys that can take a lot of attention. And Dwight doesn’t have to score 30 points a night to be felt in the game. He opens the court for everybody. I’m glad I’m playing on the same team as him.”

Jameer Nelson

“We want to get better every day. We’re fortunate enough to win and learn some things and continue to win. It’s one of the things coach is talking about it’s easy to lose and learn and work hard, it has to be when we win, we have to work even harder to continue the winning streak. I’m not sure guys are paying attention to the winning streak but the main thing for us right now is to continue to play healthy basketball, get better every day.”

“We still have some things to work on but for the most part, everybody is a lot more comfortable than they were weeks ago. Guys are coming in from a different situation and a different system and stuff like that. We just try to make them as comfortable as possible. Coach basically put in plays that everyone understands, easy pick and roll plays and we’re starting to add more and more every day.”

Earl Clark

“Just try and stay ready and can go in to the game at any time. That’s what my mindset has to be and I just try and be on the bench and focus on the game and when coach calls me to play, I want to be ready.”

“It feels great, I work so hard and Coach appreciates it.”

January 5, 2011: Magic vs. Bucks

Stan Van Gundy

On Dwight Howard:

“Yeah Dwight is pretty good. I would say that Andrew Bogut would attest that Dwight Howard is a pretty good player. Dwight was dominant and that’s what we needed him to be tonight. I was disappointed in how some of our other guys played in the second half, so we got into the situation where we are hanging on for dear life and Dwight plays the entire second half. It’s just not what we want to be doing every night, but if our other guys don’t play better than they did tonight, then we are forced into that. Luckily Dwight responded and did extremely well.”

On Offense/Defense:

“We haven’t had the pace these last couple of games that we did in our first couple of games. The question I’m asking is, are you going to play with great energy and great pace? They’re not. It can’t be based on emotion because emotion won’t carry you through an 82 game season. It’s got to be habits and who you are. I haven’t liked playing half a game these last two games, I haven’t liked it.”

On 7-2 Since Trade:

“I think that all of the 8 guys we play are scorers. They’ve all been scorers all the way down the line from Dwight being our leading scorer, Jameer is certainly a scorer, Jason Richardson was averaging 20ppg in Phoenix, Gilbert was the leading scorer in Washington, Turk was a scorer when he was here before, Ryan and Brandon’s’ entire careers through college; All of them are scorers. I like the fact that we are moving the ball in general. The nine games we’ve had with this group, our shot distribution is good, and we have good balance. Dwight is getting the most attempts and most points but there’s pretty good balance all the way around. I think it’s a great way for us to play because I think we have all good offensive players. Dwight is certainly the guy we center everything around, but of all those perimeter guys, I don’t think any one of those guys is above anyone else. I think we can take what the defense gives us and make the best of it. I think we shot the ball poorly tonight, but when we play with decent energy, I think we move the ball and get good shots. We didn’t necessarily knock them down, but I think we had good shots.”

Dwight Howard

(On Andrew Bogut) “You’re going to have some nights like this. I’m sure the next time we play them he’s going to be a little bit more aggressive.”

(On getting into players psyche) “I don’t know, my focus is just on winning and getting my team better. The individual match-ups I really don’t worry about. I just have to continue to get our guys better. We have to get better to win a championship. We have a team that can win a championship. We have to do a better job night in and night out.”

“We stopped playing. We have to do a better job as a team of putting teams away. That’s what the great teams do, so the last couple of games, our energy hasn’t’ been there the whole game and when we played against those teams, the elite teams, we were ready from the jump, every quarter was great. And we have to do that for every team that we play. It can’t be just against Boston or L.A. or a team that’s going to give us a challenge. We have to play every night in order for us to be that championship team that we talk about. It’s the consistency that coach is looking for.”

Jason Richardson

“We had a chance to bury them and we didn’t. Right now, we just want to get wins, especially as a new team. We learned something about ourselves. We learned something that tonight you’ve got to bury teams no matter what. We have to find a way to put them away and not let them back into the game. I think they cut it to six or eight and if we’re to be a championship caliber team, we have to find a way to not let teams come back on you.”

“We’re a very unselfish team. Nobody is worried about scoring, only worried about games. We’re winning games now, that’s the main thing right now. We’ve got so many guys on the court right now at any given time, can go off for 25 but that’s not the style we are and that’s not the style we play.”

Ryan Anderson

“We just need to come out ready and have a lot of energy from the get-go.”

Jameer Nelson

“The last few games, we haven’t been doing a great job in the second half like we did in the Boston game, the San Antonio game. I think in those games we played hard for 48 minutes, or as hard for close to 48 as we could. It seems like we watched the scoreboard a little bit too much and that shouldn’t be the case. The game we play right now, or the game we play tonight needs to be bigger than that game. We try to get better, we try to prepare ourselves for what we’re trying to accomplish at the end of the year, to win championship.”

January 3, 2011: Magic vs. Warriors

Stan Van Gundy

“I thought in the first half, I was upset with our effort and our energy. I just didn’t think we put much into the game. And that’s why the score was what it was. And then in the second half we played very hard and with good energy and ball movement and played a great half. As I told them after the game, that game’s a simple lesson that when we play hard and play with energy, we have a chance to be very good and when we don’t, like every other team in this league, you’re going to play poorly. You’re not just going to walk out there thinking you’re good in this league. Everybody’s too good. Every night you’re up against teams that can beat you and if we play like we did in the first half we’ll get beat. But in the second half we turned it around. They shot 33 percent, scored 37 points, we outrebounded them by seven after getting dominated on the boards in the first half. So, I thought there were a lot of good things in the second half. Eight guys in double figures again, pretty good balance. So, I was happy with the second half.”

On Hedo Turkoglu’s passing abilities, and if there’s a trickle down effect on the team…

“I think so. He certainly made some big plays tonight. I thought his passing on the high pick and rolls was outstanding. He’s able to get the ball into Dwight (Howard) and then he’s able to look people off and make passes to guys for 3’s. His versatility is showing. I mean, 14 rebounds, he filled up the stat sheet tonight, a triple-double with 14 rebounds, five steals. I thought he was good. First half, he didn’t shoot the ball real well and I thought his drives were a little crazy. He kept trying to go right and trying to flip up that left-handed stuff. I don’t know what that was. But, other than that he played very well.”

On if he is confident in Hedo Turkoglu and if he trusts he will always make the right play…

“Well, he makes a lot of good plays. He also makes some crazy plays. I just want to qualify that, it’s a little bit a roll-of-the-dice, but I feel the odds are pretty good. But you know, I told him after one of the turnovers closer to the end of the game where (Stephen) Curry hit the 3 and we called a timeout, my point to him was he’s just too good. He and Gil (Gilbert Arenas) both, I’ve talked to them both about it, they’re both excellent passers who have a tendency to just get careless with the ball. Those are guys that should not be making those kinds of passes. They see the floor too well and there’s really no excuse for those kinds of turnovers. And they tend to creep up with both those guys when you get a lead, and you think you’ve got a cushion in the game and they just kind of let one go and we’ve got to get rid of those.”

On Dwight Howard’s play tonight…

“They started really doubling him and everything else. I thought he made some good passes out and you know we got a lot of shots because they just started getting more and more and more in the lane and we didn’t shoot the ball well in the first half. Once we started making shots, there were all kinds of shots there, they didn’t guard our four’s all night, I mean Ryan (Anderson) and Brandon (Bass) were wide open and that was all because of Dwight, they were trying to get a second guy to him. And I thought he played extremely well and I thought his defense in the second half really picked up and we did a much better job on their pick and rolls in the second half and everybody worked harder but I thought in large part it was his defense on pick and rolls that sort of keyed us.”

Dwight Howard

“The one thing that’s better with Turk (Hedo Turkoglu) is he’s been out of shape for all the years that he’s been here and now he’s like at 8% body fat which is the lowest since he’s been alive. It’s great. He’s shooting the ball well, he’s passing, he’s more dedicated than he was before he got traded which is great to see. He’s just going to get better.”

(On Turk’s triple-double) “I don’t think he knew what he had. We kind of reminded him and then he started throwing crazy passes and I was like, ‘Turk, just play the game. It’s going to happen for you.’ He got it tonight. It’s hard enough to get a triple-double in this league. Turk got one. He rebounded which was very odd for a guy like Turk. I like what he’s doing but I’m not satisfied, I want him to do that every night for our team. For us to be a winning team, he has to bring that kind energy on both ends.”

Jason Richardson

(On Turk’s triple-double) “I knew he was close when he threw the ball to me on the baseline and didn’t shoot. He yelled at me. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he said, ‘I need an assist,” I was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’ We wanted him to get a triple-double; they’re very rare, they’re hard to come by. In that situation, the guy’s so close you want him to get it.”

Hedo Turkoglu

(On his triple-double) “It was really painful, especially that last few minutes. I was telling my teammates to shoot the ball and they weren’t able to shoot it until the last second. J. J. (Redick) did so I’m glad I did something good to help the team win.”

“The system is still the same; the way we play is still the same. The hardest part for me is that I’m playing with a lot of new guys. I know Dwight and Jameer (Nelson) and J. J. but still there are a lot of new guys that I have to learn more and more and feel more comfortable with each other. Where they like to catch the ball and try to give them easy points.”

“When I have the ball in my hands, I’m able to do the things that I’m good at. It’s not like I want the ball in my hands all the time or run everything through me. I’m just using my strengths and my strengths are to be kind of a facilitator, creating shots for my teammates. As long as I can do those things, we’ll win the games and I’ll be really happy about it.”

December 30, 2010: Magic vs. Knicks

Stan Van Gundy

“I thought obviously we played a very good first half. I thought we defended real well. Didn’t shoot the ball real well in the first half but I thought we defended well, played with good energy. I thought we started the second half slowly. Didn’t have a lot of energy early on, let them get back in the game quickly, very quickly which I think got their confidence back and everything. And then we had to hold on down the stretch but I liked the way that we finished the game out. I thought we did a good job there. They’re a very difficult team to play. At times they had five 3-point shooters on the floor. Dwight (Howard) is guarding Shawne Williams out in the corner, he hits a couple of 3’s, it’s a difficult game to play. But I thought we did a good job and took advantage of the matchups at the other end. It was a good win for us.”

On Dwight Howard’s 12 technical…

“Well, he’ll probably end up at some point with a suspension. And look, I mean they’re looking for him, there’s no question. They make a call on him, they’re looking to see his reaction. Other guys get away with stuff. He’s not going to. He’s going to have to accept that, they’re looking for him. Every one of them. They make sure, they make a call they’re looking right at him. So, that’s the way it’s going to be. So he’s going to have to handle it and understand that he’s not going to be, I understand he gets frustrated by it, but as far as that goes he’s not going to be treated like everybody else in the league. It’s a different ball game. He’s either going to make an adjustment or he’s not.”

On if he’s ever had another player that’s had similar problems with the officials…

“I’ve said this before and I’ll stick with it. I don’t think he’s any harder on the officials than anybody else in the league. I don’t even think he’s one of the hardest guys on officials quite honestly. I think I could probably give you 20 guys that are a lot harder on officials than he is. Why he’s been the guy to get all the technical’s, I don’t know. But there are a lot of guys in this league that are a lot harder on officials and yell at them and swear and everything else and get away with it some. I don’t have an answer for that. So, Dwight’s got to make an adjustment and we’ll go from there. We’ve talked about it, there’s not a whole lot more I can do, I’m going to worry about other things quite honestly.”

On Amare Stoudemire being an undersized center and Dwight attacking him on offense…

“I thought we did a good job getting the ball inside. Amare is much more aggressive defensively than he used to be. And so, he was challenging Dwight. Amare had four blocks and I thought he battled, he battled hard.”

On how his team dealt with the Knicks pace of play…

“I thought what happened quite honestly, I thought the pace in the first half was better for us. I thought we slowed down in the second half. I thought the pace, it was interesting Craig Sager started talking to me about the pace, I thought the pace got slower. I thought that was the problem. I thought the faster pace benefitted us more than it benefitted them quite honestly.”

On the team rebounding tonight…

“I thought we did a good job. Dwight obviously had 18. Early in the game I did not think we rebounded well, but after that I thought we did a good job of getting to the glass and rebounding the ball. I thought that for the most part, our effort was pretty good. In the third quarter we made far too many defensive mistakes. And, we’ve got to quit doing that. I thought there were times in the second half where, turnovers are one thing, but I thought we got just really careless with the ball, and just made careless plays. And those are things, as you go down the stretch in the season and get into the playoffs, you’ve got to improve on. But again, I’m very aware of where we are as a group and guys are feeling their way and we’re going to hopefully get better as time goes on.”

Dwight Howard

(On Amare Stoudamire) “He has the ball a lot in his hands. For me, I just don’t want to get in foul trouble. He’s going to make shots; he’s second in the league in scoring so we know he’s going to get a lot of attempts so I just do my best not to get in a lot of foul trouble.”

(On getting techs) “I just have to play through, not let it affect the way I play. But it is very frustrating; just have to find ways to play through it. I try not to get frustrated; it’s very tough not to get frustrated. I want to be as aggressive as I can, be able to use all the gifts God has blessed me to play. So does it get frustrated, yes. They may not understand it. They may see it as me complaining or arguing or whatever, but I’ve been playing basketball long enough that there’s no need for me to complain. I just want to go out there and play like everybody else.”

Ryan Anderson

“I think that we’re becoming a very unselfish team. We’re learning what each other can do and we’re passing the ball. We’re definitely just looking for each other’s shots and creating openings and of course guys like Gilbert, Turk and the new guys especially do a great job of creating and kicking the ball out and sharing the ball. That’s what we can do, we can suck the defense in and we have a lot of open shots and we’ve been doing a good job of finding the open man.”

J. J. Redick

“It seems like we’re getting more and more guys getting into double figures. If Jason Richardson hits a couple more free throws, we’d have eight guys in double figures. I don’t know why he screwed that up. I think we’re playing at a faster pace as well. It’s more energy and I think that’s why I’ve said that that was the thinking behind the trade was to give us new life.”

Gilbert Arenas

“We did come in at a rough point where I think if we had come in two or three days earlier, we probably be 7-0 right now. But we did come in with no experience playing with each other, and I think that’s why we took those two losses. We’re just making up ground.”

December 28, 2010: Magic at Cavaliers


(On staying with same rotation in fourth quarter without Dwight Howard): “It took me 32 games, but we finally found our fourth quarter lineup. Sometimes you have to search for awhile. Those guys got off to a great start in the fourth quarter. It’s a one-point game going in, we had foul trouble with Brandon (Bass) and Dwight (Howard),so I was fully expecting to bring both of those two guys back. Ryan (Anderson) hit the two threes, we got rolling a little bit and the lead stayed up at the six-minute mark. I was talking to the assistants about bringing Dwight back and J.J. (Redick) and Jason Richardson, who had all played very, very well, and they (assistants) said, ‘man, we’re playing really, really well.’ I was concerned because they were bringing their guys back in, but we stayed with those guys and they did a great job. It was just a great fourth quarter. I thought Earl (Clark) did a good job, he got very tired at the end, but up until then, I thought we played well at both ends.”

(On defensive changes in the second half): “I put up three adjustments at halftime and two of them were X and Os things and the third one was to play harder. And, usually, that’s the best adjustment you can make and I thought our guys played a lot harder. Look, I didn’t think we brought a lot to that game today, just being honest. We shot the ball extremely well and we needed every one of them in the game today. Had we not shot the ball as well, we didn’t bring enough to that game otherwise. The good part is, I think we’re the kind of team that has different ways we can win a game. We won it with our shooting today, then clamping down a little bit when we needed to in the second half.”

(On Gilbert Arenas and newcomers): “Gil, clearly other than the turnovers, had a very good night. He rebounded the ball, he shot the ball well and he had 11 assists. We’ve got to take care of the ball a lot better. We’ve not been turning it over a lot since the trade. Our concentration wasn’t great. We need to bring more to the game, but we finished it great and did enough good things to win the game. I thought we played well together offensively today and I think we have been playing well together. Defensively, it’s still a work in progress. We weren’t very good today. I think they’re receptive and they want to get better.”

(On scoring with three-pointers): “I don’t care where the points come from. We’ve put together our team to shoot the ball and the Cavaliers are a team that give up a lot of threes at a high percentage. They’re packing it in the paint, and they’ve given up a lot of threes all year. So, that’s the way they play and we’ll take what the defense gives. I thought we moved the ball well.”


(On getting off to a good start with the three-point field goal): “They (Cavs) were fronting Dwight (Howard) and they were trying to limit his touches. I think he did a good job of passing the ball out. We knocked some shots down tonight.”

(On keys to four-game win streak): “We’re playing hard. Even though we’re making mistakes and we really haven’t been together that long, we’re going out and doing everything it takes to win games. We might start out slow, but somewhere throughout the game, we find a way where we pick up the defense and our intensity and pull games out.”


(On his fourth quarter contributions): “I was just coming out and playing hard. Get some stops, we were scoring the whole game and that’s what we needed to do, get some stops. That’s what we tried to focus on. I just tried to take open shots, don’t force the issue and just play basketball. And, I played with confidence.”


(On what the Magic are showing with newcomers): “That we fight. I know sometimes, it looks like we’re just playing through the motions, but when we really need to dig down and get stops, we can. We’re showing that at any given moment, that anybody can take this game over.”

(On keys to second half): “We were shooting 60 percent and we were scoring. We were just letting them score too. I think it was just turning the ball over a little bit too much. We were just trying to force passes and once we just said settle down and shoot the ball more when we were open, I think we did a lot better.”

December 27, 2010: Magic at Nets

Stan Van Gundy

(On the Game)

“I thought after the first quarter we played very well. I thought we didn’t defend with much purpose in the first quarter. After that, I thought our defense got much better and we got the ball up and down the floor. I think when Dwight (Howard) got to play in the second half, he was dominant and that’s what really turned the game around”.

(On team jelling)

We’ll see. I think the one thing is that we’re getting out in transition and certainly playing very unselfish ball. I’ve been happy with that. I still think we have a long way to go, but I think they’ve done a better job than what I’ve expected. I still expect some ups and downs though. Tomorrow is another test, going in on another back-to-back. It will be another test for us, so we’ll see”.

(On Hedo’s play)

“He’s played well. I think that he’s playing much lighter than when he was here last time. He looks quicker to me, even though he’s older. He looks like he’s got his quickness back and is down 10 pounds from where he was before. I think that’s really helped him”.

Ryan Anderson

(On coming back to New Jersey)

“I’m still close with a lot of the staff and players. It’s good to come back and play against them but it’s mostly just fun to see everybody and see old friends. Brook and I are still real close and it was fun to guard him. He’s a lot bigger than me but I muscled him around a little bit and got him off of the block.”

(On the team playing with the new players)

“It’s funny because we’ve only practiced one time together. I think that we’re gelling extremely well given the circumstances and all the new guys coming in. I think it shows how good we really can be. We have a ton of talent. We just need to bring everything together. We can only go through a couple sets out there; mostly just playing the game and getting into pick and rolls, and getting the ball in to Dwight.”

(On his recent play)

“I think I just came prepared. I worked extremely hard to get back. I lost eight pounds with that sickness. My foot is still not 100% there but it’s still good. I did a lot of rehab and preparing myself. I’ve tried to get in good shape and get stronger.”

Jason Richardson

(On whether or not it is hard to gel as a team with the new players)

“No, not at all. We’re all professionals and I think everybody came into the trade as veterans with ten plus years in the league except Earl so we know how to play with each other. It’s just getting familiar, such as knowing what Jameer likes to do and what Dwight likes to do. “

(On playing every night with a big man such as Dwight)

“It’s great. He makes the job easier for me, especially on the defensive end. I know I can get out there and pressure my man, knowing that if I get beat he is there.”

(On if he got stranded on the Magic’s bus that broke down before the game)

“No I don’t go on the early bus. I’m an old guy.”

J.J. Redick

(On the team playing with the new players)

“We’re just doing simple stuff right now. We’re basically running just three days and we’re stressing getting the defensive concepts down. Obviously the defense is getting better as well.”

(On the good offensive play tonight)

“You never know. That was probably a product tonight of them double-teaming Dwight and him making good decisions out of the double teams. We got a lot of great looks on the weak side for guys.”

December 25, 2010: Magic vs. Celtics

Stan Van Gundy

“We got off to a great start and then we really struggled offensively, we just had to hang in the game and then we did. Even with Dwight out we hung in in the third quarter, cut the lead a little bit and then gave ourselves a chance and made some plays down the stretch, made some big shots. So, in a lot of ways it was good because there’s gonna be nights, we’re talented enough, there will be nights like the other night where we can get it rolling, but there’s gonna be a lot of nights against good teams where you’re just gonna have to really fight hard to stay in the game and do everything you can and that’s what we had to do tonight. It was a hard game. I thought we showed very good resolve to stay in the game. We didn’t let it go. I thought we let it go a little bit in the second quarter and that’s what we talked about at halftime. That we can’t just play when it’s easy. It’s going to be hard against a team like this and you gotta hang in there and fight through it and get the job done.”

On Jameer’s three at the end being a drawn up play:

“Well it was a play drawn up but it didn’t have anything to do with the play, but it was a play drawn up, yeah, to give him the second pick and then Nate got caught either going under or taking Dwight on the roll, it was wide open when he hit the three. We wanted to give him two pick and rolls and get him back to his right hand. I thought he did a good job. You know, Jameer is never afraid. That’s one thing, Jameer has made a lot of big shots here and he’s tough in those situations and he’s been in the m a lot. No fear whatsoever. JJ same thing, came off nailed the one, that was a big shot.”

How did Dwight respond to his early foul trouble:

“He was frustrated. Not so much in the first half, but I think when he got the ones in the third quarter he was really frustrated. Not for anything other than it’s a big game and he wanted to play. He just wanted to play. But I thought he responded well…double-figure rebounds; had a big blocked shot down the stretch; set great screens. And again, to me that’s what it’s all about, you’re having a bad night, not necessarily your fault, but you’re having a tough night, find us a way to win. To me the great players will always find a way to help you win. Every player in this league on a great night can help you win. Everybody in this league, cause they’re all so talented, but the great players can help you win every night because they’ll find a way. And I thought Dwight did it with his defense, did it with his presence. He sucks a lot of people in and even on Jameer’s last play, they don’t want to come off Dwight too far and let him roll and so Nate Robinson is going under and he gets a shot, sets a great screen. I mean those little things never get noticed, but that’s huge, huge for us winning the game.”

“It’s a very emotional game. We have a history with them. I’ve always said, people talk a lot about rivalries, but rivalries are really forged in the playoffs. And now we’ve played them two years in a row in the playoffs. So you’re talking about teams…we went seven games and six games so we’ve played them what 21 times in the last two years going in to today. I mean, you’ve seen each other a lot, the games have been meaningful, it’s that intense emotion.”

“There was no question they were using Shaq to try to get Dwight in foul trouble. I thought he played him very solidly. Other than the one where he went for the steal over the top, Shaq really didn’t get a good offensive look at the basket when he was in. I thought our pace was good early and clearly against Shaq at this point in his career that’s what you want is the great pace. Our pace died a little bit, but it was really good early on.”

Hedo Turkoglu

On The Win:

“It's always a good feeling to get to the top. I think that it will help our confidence a lot. It was a good all around effort, especially at the end. We stuck with it, especially on defense. On the offense, Jameer had some great shots in the end. So far in these last two games we’ve been able to get it done, but I still think that we need some more time to get to know each other. I think we need to learn some stuff, and learn what we have to do to win. So far, so good.”

Gilbert Arenas

On Tonight’s Game:

“We all have to push each other. We went out there and we took that challenge, especially Brandon, matching up to Garnett isn’t easy. I think today we manned up and went out there and fought hard. We started off the game aggressive and made some good shots. We were getting upset with some of the calls and I think that we got unfocused on what we had to do. Boston likes to distract other teams, and I think that’s why they are good. We just hung in there, and towards the end of the game we just made plays. We made plays when they weren’t.”

J.J. Redick

On What The Win Means:

“It was a big win obviously; we had a rough loss to them last Christmas and the playoffs unfortunately. More importantly I think we’re looking at this game, this season. I don’t think we’ve won a game like this, this season. We didn’t play well offensively, but we still gutted it out and got the win.”

Jameer Nelson

On Winning:

“Coming off of the win the other night, I think this is one of the biggest wins that we’ve had this season, especially against these teams and the composure that we showed. We have heart, I mean we just need to be smart and not let them be tougher than us mentally or physically. I think we did a great job today.”

Brandon Bass

On Fighting For The Win:

“At halftime Stan said that one of the first things in training camp is that Dwight was telling us that we have to be tougher and we have to stick through things when they get tough, and that’s what we did tonight.”

On Progress

“The last two weeks have been really tough for us. We struggled and I think tonight it showed our character. Tonight showed that we are heading into the right direction.”

December 23, 2010: Magic vs. Spurs

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy

On The Night:

“That was pretty good. I thought our energy on the offensive side of the floor was fantastic. We’re running hard, pushing the ball up, and throwing it ahead. I really liked the way that we played offensively. We still have a ways to go defensively but we did a little bit better there tonight. Our energy was tremendous, and it was great to see a lot of guys play well. I think they enjoyed playing tonight. They were moving the ball and everybody got opportunities. That was a very good game against a very good team.”

On The Team:

“I think tonight’s game shows what’s possible with this group of guys. We still have to get a lot better on the defensive end of the floor. We still have to get a lot better at our half court execution. We still have a long way to go. We’re not going to be able to run up and down like that every night, so we know that we have a lot to improve. We just keep talking about how we’ve taken a step back and tonight I think we took a step forward.”

On The Spurs:

“This was a tough game against a tough team. I mean they are 25-3, the best record in the NBA. I know they were coming in on a back-to-back, but we have our own problems too. This is a hell of a win for us against one of the best teams in the league, not to mention they’ve won ten in a row, and only lost one road game. That’s a hell of a team and we played very well.”

On Next Game:

“Boston is a pretty damn good team. They’ve won 14 in a row. They have the best record in the East. It’s a hell of a team. We’re not going to practice tomorrow because of Christmas Eve, so we’ll come in and get a short preparation. We will hopefully play with great energy and we will get our first look at them. We just want to keep getting better. It doesn’t really matter who we’re playing, we just need to get our game together.”

Jameer Nelson

“Stan was right, we’re going to make mistakes offensively, we’re not going to be as crisp defensively, things are going to be different for guys. The one thing that we can control is, and do right is, playing with intensity and playing with energy and think for the most part for the 48 minutes, our intensity was higher than theirs and it kind of showed. We were pushing the ball, they weren’t running back, how many fast break points did we get? So look at that, that’s a sign of great energy.”

“The thing is on any given night, especially offensively, anybody on this team can go off the way guys went off tonight and contribute. We play the right way and guys were just about winning, not worrying about statistics, guys do that and we’re going to be pretty dangerous. It’s going to be different guys each night pretty much. You’re going to have your consistent guys and other guys are going to step up. So we have to stick with one another and play with intensity and push the ball as much as we can.”

J. J. Redick

“I think it built off the Dallas game. I would say that we got a win but it came down to we played with a lot more energy than them.”

(On getting win) “Yeah, we knew that we would get it eventually. It good and obviously beating San Antonio is great.”

Jason Richardson

“We did everything that we’re supposed to do tonight. We got the tempo up, we got a lot of fast break points, we shared the well, we played pretty good defense. We got to do that if we’re supposed to win.”

“I think that practice helped. Stan even made it even more simple today with the offense. Our defense, we did a really good job, we made a couple of mistakes but overall I think we did a pretty decent job. We had a lot of energy tonight; I think that was a big key. We just kept on fighting, just battling, I think this was just the game where we said no matter what, we’re going to go out there fighting and try and win the game.”

“Stan told me not to worry about anything, don’t worry about shot selection, just go out there and play. We brought you here for a reason and let’s go out there and give of myself and be aggressive, trying to get to the basket, try to bring the energy, I think I did a little of that.”

Gilbert Arenas

“I got in late last night and got in 500 makes and just got to play with the ball a little bit. I got my nose in my chair before the game and they said just go out there and play your game. Just go out there and push the ball.”

(On his “finally” moment) “I’ve been waiting for it since November. This is a great feeling and I know all the guys that have been here, they’re happy that we won but we played well.”

December 21, 2010: Magic vs. Mavericks

Stan Van Gundy

On Defense:

“We gave up 50 percent but we made some mistakes down the stretch that were just because of us not being together in terms of our system. I thought that they shot the ball very well tonight.”

Things to build on:

“I thought that there were a lot of positive things to build on. I thought that we did some things very well tonight. I thought our ball movement was a lot better. I don’t think we had much trouble getting good shots. I thought that we attacked their zone tonight, when they went into zone. I thought that we played well out of pick and rolls. I thought that we tried hard most of the time defensively. I don’t think that we are very good defensively right now, but again I think that we can cure that over the next couple of weeks. I liked the way that we fought in the 4th quarter tonight. We knocked down double figures and gave ourselves a chance to get back into the game. We didn’t turn the ball over a lot, and we out rebounded them. I thought that there were a lot of positives tonight to build on, so that’s the good part. I think that we’ve got some things that we can take from this game that I really didn’t feel last night, so I think this is a step forward.”

On The New Guys:

“None of those guys are shooting the ball very well right now. I don’t know if it’s being in a new situation, or putting too much pressure on themselves. All three of them are struggling to shoot the ball. Hedo (Turkoglu) had 8 assists and I thought that he made some good plays. Jason Richardson had some big shots towards the end of the game. History tells me that eventually, these guys will shoot the ball well. Right now they are a little rough on the offensive end, but I thought tonight everyone played with a lot of energy. I thought that we played better together than we did last night. I mean they all still haven’t practiced together, which is a difficult situation.”

Dwight Howard

“I knew that last night was going to be very tough, having four new guys come in, not knowing anything offensively or defensively and just play. Imagine that was tough. But today was a lot better effort-wise. We’ve been playing hard for the last couple games. Just got to find a way to put points on the board and take away points from other teams. We’re going to get better at that once guys learn the rotations on the defensive end and guys like Gilbert, Hedo. . .but Hedo’s trying to get back to into how we played a couple years ago and the other two guys just knowing how to attack and when and where they’re going to get their shots from. We’re a work in-progress. I keep telling the guys that this is December, hasn’t been a great month for us. But keep hope alive.”

“We are a team that can win a championship. We believe that, we just want everybody to be patient. We understand that right now we’re not going to bet the best team in the NBA but we’re working toward that. Each guy in the locker room has that same mentality, we’re going to work no matter what and we’re going to continue to do that. So just got to be patient, everybody, fans media, Coach, everybody has got to be patient. We got a new roster, these guys are excited about playing here and we’re excited to have them here. It’s not going to change our goal and our mission to win a championship.”

“You’re trying to teach new guys where to go. There’s a lot of plays on defense where the new guys didn’t know where to be on defense, the other team is scoring. Coach couldn’t get mad or anything, he just know like ok, they don’t know. So once everybody learns the system, then we’re going to be fine, it’s going to take a while. We’ve got some tough games coming up this month but once everybody learns everything, we’re going to be tough.”

Gilbert Arenas

“J-Rich started hitting shots at the end so I know he was like ‘Finally.’ I’m going to get my ‘Finally’ moment but we’re just trying to play the right way, play with each other. It’s not about now; it’s about four months from now.”

Jameer Nelson

“We knew that we played harder than we normally do and they got an 11-point lead and we didn’t give up. The last seven, eight games before this, a team would make their run; we kind of folded, kind of crumbled at the end. We didn’t see any of that tonight, we had all the fight that we could give and they beat us tonight.”

“You’ve got guys coming in and out, but the teams we’re playing right now, they’re great teams. So it’s going to be a tough task to handle no matter who is out there on the court. You see that they’re beating other team, other good teams. Even still with the trades and acquisitions that we made, we’re still a good team. It’s going to take a little time for us but there are no excuses being made but it is what it is. Reality, we’ve got four new guys who are going to play a lot of minutes and be trusting with the ball a lot and expect them to do things with a lot of intensity on the defensive end. So I say we just have to get used to each other and get better every day.”

December 20, 2010: Magic at Hawks

Stan Van Gundy

“Tonight was a tough night. It was really hard for us getting used to all the changes, and it made for a very rough evening. They were all out there trying, and it’s not an easy thing. We played them all a lot of minutes, but it was just a struggle. We got killed on the glass, but we’ll just have to see how that goes moving forward. There wasn’t anything good tonight. I’m not jumping all over guys, but it was certainly a major struggle tonight. We hardly ran any sets, and I struggled trying to get a good rotation as well.”

Jason Richardson

“Tonight the adjustment for us wasn’t so much on the offensive end, but our defense. It’s going to take a while for us to get used to each other, but we’ll just have to keep working. We have four months left in the season, and we have goals that we are trying to reach, so we are going to have to get acquainted with each other soon. We just kept things basic tonight on offense. We had a walk-thru at the hotel and right before the game, too. It was a long day for us.”

December 14, 2010: Magic at Nuggets

Stan Van Gundy
“Not mismatches, not fatigue. It was lack of effort, lack of toughness, lack of any desire to defend anybody. I thought all four games in the trip were the exact same. Get off to a pretty good start, lead at the end of the first quarter, be close or ahead at half time and second half our offense dies, and the fact that we can not guard anyone, we end up getting our asses kicked. So, it was the same on every game in the trip, even the Clipper game; it’s just that we had a big enough lead at the half to survive. Our offense died in the second half of every one and we played no defense what so ever. We are now on this trip one of the worst defensive teams in the league. If that doesn’t change, we will be a very bad basketball team.”

Dwight Howard
“We just have to play D and that means everybody. We have to do a better job of not allowing anyone to get to the rim every play. It is time for the big guys to help out in the lane, but it is very tough when after one dribble they get to lane and I am on the other side. I can’t fly over there. I don’t have a cape in real life. (More on defense) You can’t be a second late when a guy is taking one dribble and getting to the rim. It has nothing to do with being a second late. You just can’t help them out. (Surprise by struggles) No, guys just have to play defense. It starts on the perimeter and guys just have to play better defense.”

Rashard Lewis
“(Losing last five of six) We are just in a funk right now. Something happens to every team in the NBA and it is just happening to us right now. Good thing we have a couple days before we play again, get a couple days of practice in and try to fix our problems. Hope practice will be competitive, hard and long. Try to get everything right.”

December 12, 2010: Magic at Clippers

Stan Van Gundy

Re: The Magic’s play

“The first half was tremendous. I thought we came out with great energy. We ran the floor, moved the ball and defended. It looked like we really wanted to play. Throughout the entire first half I thought we played with good energy. Defensively we played the first 18 minutes. Offensively we played the whole first half. We have to try to sustain our play for longer.”

Re: Playing Dwight Howard in foul trouble

“Dwight’s absence really hurt us. We have been struggling defensively anyway but without Dwight people just attack the rim and we seem absolutely helpless to do anything about it.”

Dwight Howard

Re: Blake Griffin

“He is really aggressive out there. That is what I like about him. He just needs to continue to work hard and get better. They are going to be a good team.”

Brandon Bass

Re: Being a starter

“It doesn’t matter if I’m coming off the bench or starting. I have to come out with the same energy every game. I just have to be ready to play no matter what role I have.”

December 10, 2010: Magic at Jazz

Stan Van Gundy

On the game

“Well I mean look they killed us. Millsap in the first half, Deron Williams in the third quarter, C.J. Miles in the fourth quarter, I mean they dominated us. Deron Williams took a close game, took it over right away in the second half. He dominated us.”

On the Magic loss of energy

“No, I mean at the offensive end yes in the first half, but no defense at any point. And when things got tough we quit moving the ball, wouldn’t make passes. They are far more unselfish than we are.”

On the Jazz surge in the third quarter

“They did a good job on Dwight, they did a very good job on blocking shots on him and getting turnovers. That’s a double edge sword as a coach you’re looking at your team, clearly their defense got better. But we didn’t play very well.”

“We didn’t have as much trouble with the zone. We couldn’t score. We were driving the ball, I thought we took some real questionable shots, we got into crowds and wouldn’t throw the ball out to people. Whereas when they drove the ball and we came to help they made passes and they made the extra pass. Reminded me very much of the difference between us and Boston last year in the series. They’re willing to make extra passes and we’re not.”

Vince Carter

On the lack of defense

“That’s the most frustrating thing of it all. We’re just not very good right now. We definitely have to focus in on it. The offense is going to come every night and score points, that’s not the issue. Defensively we have to take pride in it, individually lock down and trust each other all at the same time.”

On the team frustration

“With the goals that we have set for ourselves, matches like this is something that we don’t want. We’re trying to position ourselves so that at the end of the year we are ready to go and right now we’re going backwards.”

On what they can take away from the loss

“As frustrating and discouraging as this is, we still have more games to play. It’s easy for us to just bounce back and get back on track if we want to do it.”

Jameer Nelson

On most upsetting part of past four losses

“We kind of backed off our defense. If you look at the game everything is pretty easy for the other team. We haven’t shown any resistance at all on the defensive end.”

On where they need improvement

“It is a lot of things that go on defensively. You have to man up individually. You have to rely on your help, your help has to be there. You definitely have to be aggressive. I don’t think we were aggressive enough defensively at all. I just think we let them take it to us instead of taking it to them.

Dwight Howard

On the game

“(Utah) just played better than us. We know we’re going to lose games through the season. Guys have got to stop worrying about so many things; it’s still early in the season. There are games when you don’t play with the energy you need. It’s a roller coaster.”

On the mindset of the team

“Everyone just needs to calm down, that’s it. You are going to lose games. No team in the NBA is going to be perfect, so everybody’s complaining. All we’ve got to do is forget about the past and move on. When all we talk about is the losing, we’re going to keep on losing.”

December 9, 2010: Magic at Blazers

Stan Van Gundy

On the outcome of the game:

“I thought a pivotal time was the last six minutes of the first half. We were up twelve, playing well, and then we really let down defensively and let them back in the game. From there they really rolled us. We did a very poor job against the mismatches. We were not able to handle Andre Miller at all. We couldn’t handle him without double teaming, and we couldn’t handle him double teaming because our double teams were poor. Defensively I thought we were bad and offensively I thought we were probably a little worse.”

On his team’s offense:

“I don’t expect us to be the best running team in the league offensively, but I think this is the fifth or sixth time that we’ve had zero fast break points. That’s hard to do. You check the box scores every night in the NBA. It’s hard to be at zero fast break points, and we’re there a lot, which I think shows a lack of energy. I think the other key stat is that we get out-rebounded by seven and they had fifty points in the paint. That just shows that we’re not doing what we need to do defensively and on the boards. We’re not playing with any energy offensively. We had one thing we could do offensively tonight – throw Dwight [Howard] the ball. Jameer [Nelson] had a really rough night. Vince [Carter] had a really rough night. I thought JJ [Redick] played well, but that was it. We’re shooting the ball very poorly and just not playing well.”

On the Trail Blazers’ defense causing problems:

“[The Trail Blazers’] switching caused us a few problems, and they’re a very long, good defensive team. We just didn’t get a ton of great shots in the second half, and when we got them we couldn’t make them. We need more guys playing well. We don’t have enough guys playing at a high enough level.”

On where the team goes from here:

“We have to play the game better and we have to play it with a lot more energy, alertness and cohesiveness. Obviously you want to win every night, but the results will take care of themselves if you play a certain way. My concern was that we go on this trip and get back to playing consistently with great energy and intensity. We’ll figure it out, we’ll learn about ourselves and get better.”

December 6, 2010: Magic vs. Hawks

Stan Van Gundy

On Tonight’s Game:

“I really don’t know what to say about that one. On both sides I thought that is was an extremely low energy game. Neither team shot the ball well. We turned it over three more times than they did and they made one more three than we did. It was a bad basketball game and we played worse than they did. All you have to do is look at the numbers. Even at 80 to 74, it wasn’t even a real hard fought game. It was just a bad game, and we were worse than they were. It was all of us; I did a terrible job, we were just terrible overall tonight. We’ll move on. We’re going to get back to practice tomorrow and get ready for a good west coast trip. I know that we are better than we played tonight. We didn’t even play a good three minute stretch in that game, we just never played well.”

On The Team:

“We didn’t play the way that we need to play. It was a bad night. We’re going to come in these next two days and try to get things right. I’ve got a good group that will work hard and will play better than that. They were frustrated. Everybody knows that we didn’t play well and we’re going to try and get it right.”

On The Last Couple Weeks:

“Our guys have done a good job fighting through some adversity four and five nights, and with sickness. I like my team; I’m just being honest with tonight’s game. I like our team and I like a lot of the things that we’ve done. I’m not going to blow this out of proportion because it was only one night. We’re a lot better than we showed. There’s not one person on our team that I am unhappy with, we were just awful tonight. The team was awful, I was awful, but that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving here down in the dumps. I think the team did a lot of good things this week, I think we’re a good team, and we’ve got to turn that around going on this trip.”

Dwight Howard

“I saw two things. One, we didn’t have any energy on either end. We were a step slow. And it was a bad game for all us to come back on. Atlanta is a pretty good team and guys were out, trying to get back into game shape playing. And the rest of the guys were playing two tough games on the road and short-handed. I think a lot of guys are exhausted. It was a tough game for us to lose; it gave Atlanta a little confidence. But we’ll be sure to erase that next time.”

“You have games like this, shots aren’t falling, never seemed to go in, and it seemed like every shot for them went in. It happens to the best of us.”

Vince Carter

“They hit some shots down the stretch, we had some situations that didn’t go our way that were critical and that decided the game.”

“I agree with him (Van Gundy), there were a couple times (the ball) stayed there and took a little while to get to the other side at the same time. So he’s right in that aspect. I mean with a team like that who is very active, you’ve got to move the ball and keep them moving because they have so many athletes.”

Chris Duhon

“You just have those games. You play 82 games and you’re not going to shoot the ball great and our defense keep us the game. But at the same time, down the stretch we made a couple key defensive errors and they were able to capitalize.”

(On waiting for offensive run & not getting it) “It takes the air out of you because we’re waiting for it too. We know we’re a team that can shoot the ball really well and score with the best of them and you’re waiting every time for the guy shoots the ball and you’re like, ‘All right, this is it, this is the start of it’ and it just didn’t go for us tonight.”

Quentin Richardson

“Terrible, terrible game. But it’s one of those games in 82 that you have to chalk it up and come in tomorrow and look and see what we did wrong and get better from it before we go out West.”

December 4, 2010: Magic at Bucks

Stan Van Gundy

(On Andrew Bogut…)

“We probably should have given Marcin Gortat more help early on. I actually thought he could have held his own down there a little bit better. Bogut was tremendous all night, we couldn’t stop him in the post or keep him off the glass.”

(On tonight’s game…)

“We struggled offensively all night. I think their defense deserves a lot of credit, they played very hard defensively and contested shots well; but we had some pretty good looks that we couldn’t knock down. I thought our guys were making a good effort to attack and to try to get to the line but they didn’t foul. The way they were playing defensively we needed to make a few more threes.”

(On fouling Bogut…)

“We were just trying to stay in the game and did anything we could do to win the game. We went zone, that got us back in the game a little bit and we don’t normally do that, then they started to attack that better and was taking some time off the clock. The biggest part of the fouling was so they weren’t taking time off the clock. It was adding possessions to the game. We were down and were sending a guy who was shooting less than 50 percent from the line. It was a no brainer for me.”

Quentin Richardson

(On tonight’s game…)

“We got down about 13, 14 points and we didn’t give up. It would have been easy to say that we were undermanned, out-matched and supposed to lose and just give up, but we didn’t; we kept fighting and kept the game close.”

(On tonight’s game difference…)

“They obviously got Bogut back, that was a difference maker for them. We really couldn’t stop him. They were also running quite a bit. They had more men and wore us down towards the end.”

(On playing undermanned…) “We don’t look at this as an excuse for tonight’s game. We know we’re a deep team and have at least one other player at each position that could possibly start on any other NBA team. We still felt like we

December 3, 2010: Magic vs. Pistons

Stan Van Gundy

(On 8 available players) “Yea well we had nine, Ryan could only go 28 seconds before he got hurt, I was actually laughing when that happened, not at Ryan, but at the situation. My point to them during the game and at halftime was a lot of teams only play eight guys in their rotation, that’s not how many people they have that’s just how good those people are. This is a night you have to give credit to all eight of those guys and obviously we had a lot of guys who played very well but I think the guys who deserve the credit are Malik Allen and Jason Williams two guys who haven’t played. Malik hardly at all, he’s been inactive most the time and they are ready to go and give you minutes in a big game and this is a game where you really have to give Otis (Smith) a lot of credit for the roster he put together.”

(On their roster) “The depth of our roster and the fact that everybody on our roster can play shows itself tonight. I said before the game to our guys and I believed it. I thought this was a game we should win with the guys we have. I believed it and they believed it and it’s because everybody in that locker room a proven NBA player. You don’t have to build people up and convince them, they have all played successfully in this league and so the depth of our roster and a great job Otis has done. Then Vince (Carter) got us off to a great great start and Brandon (Bass) was unbelievable the entire game but especially in the first half. A little bit like Tuesday night we couldn’t guard them at all in the first half or the second half and we buckled down and guarded them very well. On top of that they didn’t have shots to put the game away. I couldn’t have been happier with our guys I though we played well. I thought Detroit played a lot better than they did the other night.”


(On missing guys) “Its just great to see everybody step it up. We had a lot of points, rebounds and assists to make up for tonight. Guys just really stepped it up; plain and simple.”

(On the team) “We're a very deep basketball team that believes in each other. As well as they were shooting we just kept playing, give ourselves a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. Defensively we wanted to come out and play a perfect brand of basketball. They were shooting at a high level and we wanted to stay close and give ourselves a chance to win.”

(On his game) "I just wanted to be aggressive; make plays. I didn't want to do anything different then what I have been doing. Try to get to the rim, if the shots there - take it, if somebody's open - get it to them."


(On Coach motivating the remaining players) “Coach Van Gundy is a great motivator. Trust me, even in the worst scenario he's always coming with a great speech and he knows how to motivate people. I don't think it was necessary today. A lot of guys had the opportunity to play and I think we showed that our hard work in the preseason made us ready to play today. Even missing so many good players we still had the potential to win the game and play at a high level.”

(On their mental toughness) “I would say we're tough. If we hold each other accountable, I think we're tough. A lot of guys had the opportunity to play and were happy to play. I had a lot of fun being out there.”

(On his role) “I would like to play a little bit more and have a little bit bigger role but I can't forget what my strengths are; and my strengths are getting rebounds, defense, hustle and play the pick-and-roll. That's what I was trying to do today. I didn't try to do anything new like shoot threes or shoot fade-away jump shots. That's what we don't need right now. I had a discussion with Coach about it and the team needs what I do the best. They need rebounds and blocked shots and that's what I was trying to do tonight.”

Nov. 30, 2010: Magic vs. Pistons

Stan Van Gundy

“I thought the best thing was the way we finished the game. We did a good job defensively the entire second half. They had 34 points and shot 35 percent in the second half. I thought we finished the game extremely well, I thought that was the best part of it. A good win, it took us a long time to get going tonight, but we had some good performances by people and came out with a good win.”

On Magic’s performance in the second half:

“We made some shots. I thought in the second half we got going a little bit and moved the ball well. It really came down to getting stops. I thought that was a positive. We rebounded the ball better in the second half, we didn’t turn the ball over as much as we have been. I think our energy level over the course of the game needs to be better. I think particularly at the start of the game we need to have a little more energy. We’re hitting a real interesting stretch here, seven of our next eight on the road. We have a back-to-back tomorrow night, four in five nights and then another back-to-back on the west coast, so we’ll find out a lot about ourselves going forward in the next couple of weeks.”

On Dwight Howard’s offensive performance:

“He had 14 rebounds, three steals, a couple blocks. I think he still was a huge factor in the game, but I think offensively it was tough. You don’t see many games where he has the ball in there deep with people stripping him and he gets to the free throw line two times, you don’t really see that. The guy leads the league in free throw attempts and tonight they felt he was not getting fouled on all of those. A tough night for him but I thought he handled the frustration well. He was able to rebound the ball and do other things to help us win the game.”

On the Magic’s performance early in tonight’s game:

“I’m not thrilled with the energy that group is starting games with. We tried to ease into the game and I’d like to see us come out with more energy. Our first six minutes in a lot of games has not been real good. That’s something we need to get corrected.”

On the Magic’s defensive play in the second half:

“I didn’t think early in the second half we were much better but then I thought over the last 18 minutes of the game we really dug in defensively and played much better. We stayed in the game long enough to give ourselves a chance to hit some shots and open the game up a little bit.”

On Mickael Pietrus off the bench:

“The thing I liked tonight, I look at his line here and obviously he hits three, threes, but I thought his defense was good as usual. He had five defensive rebounds tonight. He had seven the other night, that’s something we have been encouraging, to get on the glass more, so that’s something he’s done twice in a row. He has a couple of assists and doesn’t turn the ball over, that’s about everything you could ask for from him in that position. That to me is an outstanding night and he gave us a big lift.”

Mickael Pietrus

On Overall Play:

“The thing is, I got better rebounding the ball and I was just giving it my all. I thought we got good rebounds offensively and defensively. I want to bring that energy to my team, so that we can get the win.”

Vince Carter

On Tonight’s Game:

“I think that we were very poised regardless of what the first three quarters looked like. And we just found a way to win. We’ve learned that we can just lock down and make it happen. Everyone says, in particular, that we don’t want to be in that situation and that we should play as perfect of a game as possible. There are going to be games like this because teams want to beat us. We have to have the right mentality and find a way to win.”

Rashard Lewis

On Shooting

“Oh yea, it’s most definitely important to have a lot of great shooters on the team. Anybody can come up big at any moment. JJ (Redick) and MP hit some great shots in that second-half, especially in that 4th quarter. They were definitely a big factor in this game.”

Dwight Howard

On Detroit:

“I just don’t think that we played with the right offensive energy from the beginning. We were playing to their pace and that’s what allowed them to stay in the game. We had to get back to playing the way we like to play. We like to move the ball, play with a lot of energy and get easy baskets but we didn’t do that tonight. We made the game very tough for ourselves and then they started making shots.”

Nov. 27, 2010: Magic at Wizards

Stan Van Gundy

On the Wizards’ play:

“You’ll hear coaches say this but it could not have been more true tonight, we absolutely stole a game. I thought they played with a lot more energy than we did in the second half. First half, they were all over the boards, I thought they played very, very hard, kept themselves in the game just by rebounding the ball. And then (Gilbert) Arenas and Nick Young took us apart in the second half. Their defense was good.”

On pulling out close games:

“They out-played us tonight, but on a positive note with our guys we’ve had several of these. I think the one thing we have shown is great resolve. We were down five with under three minutes to go and no panic. Our guys hang in there. We’ve had a bunch of these now and we stay the course very well. So that part I like.”

Dwight Howard

On the game:

“I don’t think you can steal wins. I think you can just play hard until the end and that is what we did. We got stops when we needed it and we pulled through. I just want to win, it’s not about individual accolades for me, I just want us to win as a team.

On JaVale McGee:

“I thought he played great. I just think he just got into some foul trouble early on and was on the bench a lot. I have to say I love his energy though, he’s just got to keep working and he’ll get there.”

Jameer Nelson

On if they’re thinking about Miami:

“No, the only time we can think about any team, whether it’s Miami, Indiana or whoever the team we’re about to face, you can’t worry about those teams and worry about what’s going on in any other locker room other than your own because you can’t control that. So it would be foolish to worry about what’s going on in another team’s locker room.”

On if they stole the game:

“No. They played well. We’re going to give every team our best shot every game. No matter what their record is. The thing is, it’s the NBA. You’re going to win some games by 20, win some games by one and you’re going to lose some. Learn from it, win or lose and the good thing is learned from a win.”

Nov. 26, 2010: Magic vs. Cavaliers

Stan Van Gundy

“We played well offensively tonight and that was enough to get the job done. We shot the ball well, especially in the first half. We were pretty good offensively even in the second half and that was enough to get the win.”

On the Magic’s defense…

“We were terrible defensively, terrible. I saw very few good things defensively. We were terrible. Another 47 percent game. We came out and defended against Miami; it’s the same old thing. With us right now, when the scoring is easy, we won’t guard, and that’s why we can’t put games away. We play one end of the floor at a time, so we’re going to be in these challenges all the time. I’m very happy with the win. I would like us to become a defensive team, I really would. Right now, either we don’t want to do it or we’re not capable of doing it, I don’t know which. But we’re not guarding. To get outrebounded by six by them, not a very big team, shoot 47 percent, they make eight 3s, we just didn’t get it done defensively at all.”

On if the Magic’s intensity let up after the first quarter…

“I don’t know if it was so much of the intensity, we just couldn’t guard them. We could not guard them. It was disturbing to me, but it was a good win and we played well offensively, but we have very high goals and we’re not getting there playing defense like that, that I know. That kind of defense will not enable us to contend for a championship.”

On the team’s 3-point defense…

“It’s terrible. Our 3-point defense is the weakest part of our defense. It was a year ago. First of all, we get broken down on the dribble way too much, so we’re constantly having to come and help, and that’s going to put you in a lot of problems. It’s just an area we’re going to have to continue to work on because we really haven’t been able to stop anyone from the 3.”

On Chris Duhon’s play tonight…

“He made several really nice passes. Obviously to get nine assists in 20 minutes is a great game. He made a couple 3s, I thought he played really well on the offensive end.”

On the team’s ball movement…

“I thought in the first half tonight it was tremendous, second half not bad either. The fouling on Dwight sort of didn’t give us the chance to do anything the last few minutes, but I thought our ball movement was good. I thought we played well offensively, I did. I thought we moved the ball, we shot it well. I thought turnovers could still be down a little, but 13 is a number we can probably live with. I thought our offense was good, I’m happy. I think we’ve played pretty well offensively three games in a row, and I think we’ve made a good defensive effort in one of those three games.”

Dwight Howard

On Offense: “Yeah I think that last couple of games we have had rhythm on the offensive end. We just have to move the ball and play with energy and get easy shots.”

On Shooting Tonight: “You know guys are shooting the ball with confidence and our shooters have to continue to do that. J.J. is a great shooter, Rashard is a great shooter, and all the guys we have that played are great shooters. We just got to continue to shoot the ball with confidence, even though earlier in the season we missed some of those shots. The best thing that they can do is, if they miss a shot, is move on. So I just happy to see the guys are still shooting the ball.”

Quentin Richardson

On Orlando’s Defense: “Our defense wasn’t good enough. I think we made some shots tonight so that countered that but defensively we didn’t play as well as we should have, and we know that we need to get better. We can’t afford to come out here on different nights and not have the same intensity as we should.”

Chris Duhon

On The Team Tonight: “The main thing is that we need to play with energy and usually with our group, Dwight isn’t in there so we really don’t have a guy that we throw it in and play off of. With our unit there’s more ball movement and energy on the offensive end.”

Jameer Nelson

On Tonight: “I can say that we felt good and everything looked good, like we were clicking a little better offensively but we need to work on that defensively.”

Nov. 24, 2010: Magic vs. Heat

Stan Van Gundy

On The Night:

“We gave up the lead in the 4th and after that I thought that we played well at both ends of the floor. I thought that we did a great job finishing the game out and we had to fight very hard. Obviously they have an unbelievable amount of talent and I thought we fought pretty hard.”

On Jameer Nelson:

“Other than the turnovers, he was playing great. He had a career high in assists and made some great plays down the stretch. That wasn’t the brightest move he’s ever made to get thrown out of the game with time left. I thought he made some great plays down the stretch.”

On Dwight Howard:

‘Dwight did tremendous. Eighteen rebounds again. He also didn’t have any fouls.”

On Brandon Bass:

“Brandon had a huge night. Brandon really carried us in the first half, which was awesome. He only got one shot after half-time, which he made, but he was tremendous in the first half. A great bounce back from San Antonio. It’s good to see him come off of a game like that and have the game he had tonight.”

On A Win Against Miami:

“I just think it’s another game, another win. You would think we were in the NBA Finals with all the people here. Everybody in the media is so interested in the Heat, but I just think it’s another team.”

On Things They Need To Work On:

“There is still some defensive things that we saw in this game that they took advantage of. We need to do a lot better. I thought that our communication, defensively, on pick and rolls was not good enough. That got us hurt several times in the game. From a positive standpoint, on the offensive end, I think our guys can see the kind of speed, ball movement and energy that we are capable of. Hopefully we learn from that and that we continue to play like we did tonight.”

Dwight Howard

“I just think tonight we played with more energy than we did in the first game. Jameer did a great job of attacking, trying to find spots in their defense to score or pass out to three’s, or look inside. So we have to do that every night.”

“He did a good job of probing, in and out of the lane and that’s how we were able to get points in the paint. And also offensive rebounds; we did a good job of crashing the boards.”

(On Brandon Bass) “He was great. He came out with a lot of intensity and energy and he played with no fear. And I told him, I expect him to do this every night, every time he steps on the floor, just play with the same kind of confidence.”

Brandon Bass

“I just got open shots and I shot it. Took advantage of the opportunity that I got tonight.”

Jameer Nelson

(On leading 4th qtr run w/ score tied at 89) “Well, one of my teammates came up and told me that he felt that it was time for me to score more. We’ve got great guys on this team that you listen to them and it kind of popped into my head that I need to. Instead of going into the lane to pass . . . he saw something that I didn’t see so it opened my eyes a little bit.”

(On getting ejected) “Just a little trash talking. I didn’t say anything to the refs, I can tell you that. Trash talking, I got to compose myself a little better; I understand that my team needs me and it happened, can’t take it back. Not saying that I won’t do it again.”

J. J. Redick

(On getting out of recent slump) “I think it’s just the way of shooters, you know. I’m not doing anything different, quite frankly I wasn’t doing anything different during that 10 game stretch where I couldn’t buy a bucket. Sometimes it just happens that way.”

Quentin Richardson

“We came out, executed the game plan, played hard, tried to contain their guys, and got the ‘W.”

“Before the game, Coach told us all the percentages, outside of the lane and things like that and we obvious know that Wade and LeBron obviously are great finishers inside of the lane in the paint. So we felt that our best option was to keep them on the perimeter shooting some jump shots and making it tough for them if they do come down the lane without fouling them and putting them on the line.”

Nov. 20, 2010: Magic at Pacers

Stan Van Gundy

“I think Indiana is good. We are on the road playing and it was a very tough loss for them. Both teams played well. I’d be surprised if Indiana isn’t a playoff team, with Hibbert getting better and Granger (Danny). We’ll see them in the postseason. (On their wins) We have a lot of grind it out wins. We’re not scoring a lot offensively. On the positive side, towards the end of the season, come playoff time, we’ve got to learn to win those games. (On Roy Hibbert) The second half we got ahead, so they weren’t playing their post up game. It was the same thing with Dwight in the first half, also getting in foul trouble.”

Rashard Lewis

“We stuck with it tonight. We kept playing and kept playing and were able to take the lead. (On his 21 point game) I‘m just trying to be aggressive, especially on the defensive end. I’m trying to get easy baskets early. And instead of shooting three’s I’m trying to get into the post. When I start inside and work outside, I’m more effective that way. (On the defense against Danny Granger) I think Quentin (Richardson) did a good job on guarding him. You need to make him drive because when you have a guy like Dwight Howard at the basket, it’s hard to score over him.”

Dwight Howard

“We had to grind it out. It was very tough for us down the stretch to make shots, but we kept fighting. (On the defense against Granger) Every time he got it, we gave him a different look. He’s a tough person to guard one on one. We tried to give our guys a lot of help. (On his own foul trouble in the first half) In the first half, my foul trouble was stupid, reaching instead of going for blocks, just throwing people out of the way. That’s stuff I shouldn’t be doing. In the second half I just tried to beat him (Hibbert) down the court, seal and force him to foul me and send me to the free throw line. He had a good first half. I just didn’t want him to have that same second half.”

Nov. 18, 2010: Magic vs. Suns

Stan Van Gundy

On the Night:

“I thought that we played a very good first half on both ends of the floor. We played good offense in the third quarter and it was enough to get the job done when Steve Nash is out. They obviously missed him a great deal. The other guys, taking nothing away from him, everything on that team revolves around Steve Nash, everything. They didn’t have him tonight and they struggled a little bit. I thought we did some good things defensively in the first half and then we put the defense away at halftime. We still scored in the third quarter but in the fourth quarter… It was what it was.”

On the Defense Tonight:

“I thought our defense in the first half tonight was good, especially since our guys were worried about their 3-pointers. We were a little too spread out but we made that adjustment quickly. I thought in the first half that Dwight and Marcin both did a very good job. They were showing their pick-and-rolls and getting back. They usually don’t have to guard 3-point shooters so that’s a difficult adjustment for them, so I think they did a great job. I thought our guys did a better job at helping and closing. I thought that in the first half, all the guys who played were playing with good energy and good intensity. I thought that when Brandon came in and got five rebounds and Marcin had six rebounds, I thought that was good.”

On Jameer Nelson:

“He had 12 assists and no turnovers, he was very efficient tonight. At half time he had nine assists and no turnovers and hadn’t missed a shot. I don’t think you can get more efficient than that. He’s playing very well.”

Jameer Nelson

“Our defense had a lot of energy and our offense had a lot of patience. Just wanted to get the ball moving and work defensively and play with a lot of effort.”

“Well, I was just trying to be aggressive and make the play that was there whether it was for me to score. Guys did a great job of getting open and making shots.”

Rashard Lewis

“I think everybody was going offensively. I mean, we did a great job of putting the game away early, move the ball, had a lot of assists, total team effort tonight. Thought we did a great job of playing team basketball tonight.”

“We did execute well. I think that team struggles on the offensive end without Steve Nash. He’s the guy that runs that team. They didn’t play with him tonight so I’m sure they had problems scoring on the offensive end tonight.”

(On Jameer) “He’s very effective when he’s attacking. When he gets into the paint, you have to help or he’s going to score the ball or he’s getting other guys open shots and when he’s playing like that, he’s playing at his best.”

Quentin Richardson

“I missed a few early then got a couple inside buckets and things started opening up for me.”

(On Jameer) “He was outstanding. He distributed the ball all night very well and really got into the zone.”

(On Suns missing Nash) “This is the NBA. Nobody’s going to feel sorry for us if we’re missing a player. I don’t like to see Steve out but you have to take advantage of it. He’s the leader, two-time MVP; he’s the best player on the team most times he’s on the court. Definitely going to miss him when he’s out there on the floor. He’s a coach out there on the floor, floor general and he does a lot of intangible things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”

Nov. 15, 2010: Magic vs. Grizzlies

Stan Van Gundy

On the night:

“I was really happy with our guys tonight. Our entire talk this morning wasn’t about anything specific, but just about raising our intensity level in everything we do. We wanted to get pressure on the ball, getting into people more, being more aggressive and not playing them with a cushion. We wanted to work on starting harder and closing out harder. I thought that we played extremely hard. I didn’t like the way that the beginning of the second half was going, that’s why we called a time out quick; I just didn’t want to get back in to bad habits. I know that we were still pretty ugly offensively tonight, and we have a long way to go there. I don’t really understand why, but we do. We did exactly what we had talked about today. We fought hard the entire game against them. They are an outstanding offensive team. We held them 30 points below their average, and in the 30s, our guys fought hard the entire game. I was really proud of them and really happy.”

On the defense:

“I thought that we worked very hard on Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph. I thought we did a good job on O.J. Mayo. I think overall we did a pretty great job defensively. Not one individual stood out, I thought our whole team defense was outstanding tonight. I thought guys were really helping each other out there and I thought we had some great effort plays again like we did in Atlanta. Marcin had a great effort play in the first half he was diving for loose balls; Mickael Pietrus had a great one to prevent a fast break in the second half. We took charges; we just were really into the game intensity-wise. I know that we still have a lot of areas that we need to work on, but if we play that hard then we can just go into practice and worry about getting better. I was really happy with tonight.”

On Vince Carter:

“I thought he was great. I think that he played under great control, one of the few we had early in the game. He got good balanced shots. To me when I see Vince going up, on balance, straight up and down off two feet is when I feel pretty good. It’s when he starts into all the fade aways and things like that, is when I’m not so confident. I just think when he concentrates on being under control and being balanced, he is a great shooter and he knows how to play the game. When you get 19 points on eight field goal attempts, yeah it’s pretty efficient.”

Dwight Howard

“I thought our effort was great. From top to bottom tonight, we came out with a lot of energy. Playing against a real good team in Memphis, they score a lot of points and I thought what we did on the defensive end was something very positive for us. We can continue to build on the energy that we had on the defensive end using that to fuel the offensive end which is great.”

“Our offense is going to get better. I don’t think we’re struggling, I think that everyone has to find ways to score. We can’t hit the shots, then get to the basket, get to the free throw line. And we’ve been struggling a bit from the free throw line. The best thing that you can do in that situation is not change what you do, continue to shoot, continue to get to the line and stay aggressive. Those shots will start to fall; the free throws will start to fall as the season goes on. I think that’s a great positive for our team.”

“One thing that we we’re doing when we’re playing good defense is when somebody goes up for the shot, we want to contest the shot. On the pump fake, just put our hands down because we don’t want to get the foul but I think the thing we did tonight was when guys would shoot the ball, we went with the second jumper and we didn’t allow guys easy shots.”

Jameer Nelson

“I think from the beginning, we have to have the defensive mindset, individually and collectively, guys out there trying to take charges, taking charges, blocking out, getting rebounds, doing the things we needed to do to get the game. It shows you where our minds are. Right now we know we’re not playing good offensively. We can’t let that dictate things going on the other end.”

“You look at the make-up of the team; we have a bunch of scorers. When it’s not going good for us offensively, human nature tells you to shut it down when you’re on the offensive scorer. It shows you our will to do things and to work on things, and during the course of the game, work on adjustments. We know we’re going to start playing better offensively but right now our defense and our intensity is carrying us.”

Vince Carter

“We come to play and execute, we still weren’t perfect in our execution. I think more so it was our effort, going at it from start to finish. For the mistakes that we made, we made up for it with our effort.”

“It was an ugly first quarter. They just tried to clog the lane and make it tough for Dwight. For us, it’s important to get things going so it’s easier for him later in the game.”

Nov. 12, 2010: Magic vs. Raptors

Stan Van Gundy

“I mean pretty similar story actually, 16 turnovers and no defense. I mean, we give up 50 percent (field goal percentage) again, so the last four games now we’re 47 percent, 48 percent, 50 percent, 50 percent. And turning the ball over the last two games – the two (games) before we got away with because we didn’t turn the ball over. The three things that we always talk about are defend, rebound and take care of the ball. We’ve been rebounding, now tonight we even got outrebounded. So, if you don’t defend, you don’t rebound and you don’t take care of the ball. You know, it took a phenomenal shooting job by MP (Mickael Pietrus) to even give us a chance. So, disappointing. So, I thought coming out of training camp and even more so coming out of that Atlanta game, I thought the one thing that we would be able to count on was our intensity and our defense. And the last two games we just, well the last game-and-a-half, the first half against Utah was good, the last game-and-a-half we look like we can’t guard anybody.”

On if the problems on defense were a lack of effort…

“I don’t know about that. I hate to say lack of effort. I thought in the first half we were bad on a couple of rotations and we weren’t really ready, but we got beat one-on-one a lot tonight. Just guys beating us off the dribble, beating us off the dribble, beating us off the dribble. First half I thought we didn’t get back and we had some bad pick-and-roll rotations, but you hate to sit here and accuse guys of lack of effort, it just, I don’t know right now. It looks like we can’t make the plays defensively. Like people are just too quick for us, and we’re not getting there. Brandon (Bass) came in and I thought did a very good job on (Andrea) Bargnani and slowed him down a little bit. But (DeMar) DeRozan and (Sonny) Weems hurt us, DeRozan in particular we couldn’t get under control all night. I thought they played really well. Our defense, I’m not, you know I see those numbers four games in a row and it’s disturbing.”

On the inbounds pass by Mickael Pietrus at the end of the game…

“Well, we screwed the play up, MP made a bad – and you know what, I hesitated. MP as well as he played, he’s not real comfortable in that situation, inbounding. But I wanted him stepping in, if he had the 3. Look, I made two decisions that didn’t work at all at the end. I put Dwight (Howard) on Sonny Weems, who I think that was his third or fourth 3 of his career, that he made. So, we put him (Howard) on him (Weems) because we didn’t want him on Bargnani. And, we wanted him to be able to protect the basket, that didn’t work. And then, I had MP inbound the ball, but we screwed up the play. We didn’t finish the play and get our last screen which is why we had nobody open. I can’t lay that one on MP, that was a lack of execution. But, I probably should’ve had a guy who has been in that situation more as an inbounder.”

On who was supposed to set the last screen…

“Yeah, Dwight (Howard). He was supposed to set the screen and come to the ball. But he came to the ball before he set the last screen, so we didn’t get anybody open.”

Dwight Howard

“I think that teams have been playing against us very aggressive against our wings and small forwards. So we just have to do a better job on team defense, you know, getting back, taking care of the basket. That’s about it. We can’t blame the defense all the time even though it’s not as good as we would hope it would be. You lose; you just can’t blame it on this or that. We just have to be better and we’re glad it’s early in the season, it’s not late. We’re going to make mistake, we’re going t lose games here and there. I think they just outplayed us, they played harder than us. It has nothing to do with defense or offense, they just outworked us.”

(On Magic intensity) “We just have to do a little better. Like I said, it hasn’t been as great as we expected. It’s November and it’s a long season. We want to be playing our best brand of basketball at the end of the season we don’t want to peak too soon. We’re going to make mistakes here and there but we have a long season, we’re going to be ok. There’s no need to panic, there’s no need to blame any one for loses, anything like that.”

Vince Carter

“We had to play catch-up; they got up on us early. Decided to buckle down as a unit, too late in the game, it was too late, they were already feeling too good about themselves.”

“We have to stand tall and respond, fight back. The time is now. We have to establish ourselves and let teams know when they step in this building, or when they play us in general, they’re going to have to play for 48 minutes and that’s not happening right now.”

Rashard Lewis

“I think it was the defense. Thought we played pretty good offense, we scored a lot. We had 57 points in the first half, as well as giving up 57 points. We gave away too many points.”

“We were a step slow in the rotation, and they seemed to make every shot. I don’t know if we were up on our man close enough or didn’t play defensive scheme well, we just gave them a lot of open shots.”

(On MP’s play) “He played great, he most definitely hit a lot of three’s kept us in the game. He hit a three a t the end of the game to give us a chance to take it into overtime or win it/ I thought he did a great job of making shots tonight, especially from the three-point line where we’ve been struggling lately.”

Nov. 10, 2010: Magic vs. Jazz

Stan Van Gundy

On The Night:

“Obviously it was a very tough loss, a very disturbing loss. I think what disappointed me the most; I told the team afterwards, we just went through this in Charlotte. We were up 18, same situation, and we survived it but we didn’t learn a thing from it. We went up 18 tonight and then relaxed, turned the ball over, let them get going and we couldn’t stop them. We opened the window at the end of the third quarter. The third quarter was ridiculous professional basketball. The three straight turnovers and they were just all absurd. If we can’t learn from it then were in trouble, but I do think that were going to learn from it. The turnovers have got to stop. We won the last two games and got away with things because we took care of the ball, but tonight we didn’t. We had 21 turnovers and now the last three games we’ve given up defensively, 47 to 50 percent. Tonight they scored 69 points in the second half at 60 percent and we had ten turnovers. We’re going to blow games and that’s what we did and so we’re either going to get serious about those areas or we are going to continue to struggle.”

On Defense:

“Turnovers are going to be a yearlong battle because we are a very poor passing team. We are going to keep working on it on a daily basis and get better. These guys are really going to have to focus on that. It was a disturbing loss but we’ve got to come back obviously. We’ve got 75 more games, which is a long way to go, but that was not championship basketball we played tonight. There’s three things we have to do and that’s defend, rebound, and take care of the ball. We rebounded alright, but we did not defend and we did not take care of the ball.”

On Problems of the Night:

“This game came down to three things: we quit defending and started giving things up in the paint, turnovers was the biggest problem, and our free throw shooting. They scored 25 points off of our turnovers. We are by far the last in the league in free throw shooting and it’s a problem. We get the ball in the paint, we get to the line, and we turn it over. Those were the three problems tonight. When I’m looking at 21 turnovers and three straight games of giving teams 50 percent, then I know that we have problems.”

Dwight Howard

“It slipped away. I think we have to do a better job of closing out teams. You get a big lead like that, the guys on the floor when we have a big lead, have to maintain the lead. They got into a little zone and we started rushing and pressing for shots and that’s when we started getting turnovers. So just have to play the game the way we’ve been playing to get wins. Inside-out and that’s what we have to do.”

“You have to close games out. We understand that and it’s good to learn that lesson early instead of learning later on in the season like the play-offs or something like that. It’s good to get that out now. Played against a pretty good team tonight. They came off a big game last night so they had a lot of momentum coming into this game. I think we came out with the right intensity and effort but we just have to do that for 48 minutes.”

“We have to make a conscious effort of taking care of the ball. That’s all.”

Vince Carter

“You play against a very good basketball team, do your work to really solidify your lead and now the question is can you sustain it? They did a great job of making their comebacks and what not. It’s just unfortunate.”

(Lesson learned from Charlotte game) “Obviously nothing. This time we lost so we have to do better.”

(On Magic turnovers) “It’s just taking care of the ball in general. Had a lot of miscues, a lot of travel calls on a lot of us. It’s tough.”

Rashard Lewis

“It’s very frustrating; especially felt like we gave up the game that we should have won. Like Coach said best, we did it in Charlotte; we were able to pull a win out and should have done it again tonight. Not only that, we should have learned our lesson by watching them play against the Miami Heat. They never give up; Coach said that before the game, we didn’t play for 48 minutes.”

“Turnovers is what I feel most definitely let them back into the game. We turned the ball over way too many times. I thought the zone disrupted us a little bit and we know how to play against zone defense. But tonight we got a little disrupted by zone and our offense didn’t flow as well.”

“We’re most definitely going to think about it all night. We’re going to think about it until we play again on Friday. We’re all veterans and so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have won this game tonight. We hold ourselves to a higher standard as well as the organization. We can’t give up wins like that because at the end of the year, it’s going to be a tight race, a lot of good teams and these are the games that we have to win.”

Nov. 8, 2010: Magic vs. Hawks

Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy:

On The Night:

“I thought that tonight was a really good win for us because we’re shooting the ball so poorly right now, we really are. Our perimeter shooting has been abominable and we had to win just by fighting. After the first six minutes, which was a little bit of a disaster, but after the first six minutes I thought our guys fought hard down the stretch. I thought they fought incredibly hard. We gave ourselves a chance for Vince to make two great drives and put the game away. Nothing was easy in the game. Four of their five main scorers all had good nights and we just couldn’t put the ball in the ocean on perimeter jump shots. I thought we had some great open looks. I’m going to say 18 of those 22 were good looks and we couldn’t put the ball in the basket but we hung in there and fought and got a win. We were diving for loose balls; we were really showing toughness to win the game and taking care of the ball. We did take care of the ball well offensively, we only had ten turnovers. I’m really happy with the way our guys fought to get that game tonight.”

On Points in the Paint:

“Dwight was great in the paint I think he carried us offensively. We got 16 second chance points…shows that we were really fighting hard. Quentin and Bass both getting three offensive rebounds and gave ourselves chances to get some more points.

I thought that we had a couple of unbelievable dives for loose balls, we were going down the stretch where we come up with the ball. Those are the kinds of things you should consider talking about, a contending team that fights to win games.

There’s going to be nights where you struggle to shoot the ball and we’ve had a lot of them already this year but we just have to fight to get that win. I know that we’re going to shoot the ball well at some point. I know that these guys are not zero for five, zero for four kind of guys on a nightly basis from the three-point line. We are going to continue to fight that hard even when shots are falling because we have a chance to be very good.”

On The Bench Players:

“Especially in the first half I thought that Marcin was outstanding. When Dwight goes out early and we’re already down, he played so well and we left him at the forward when Dwight came back. I thought his play in the first half was really instrumental in getting us back into the game. His energy and his defense I thought were outstanding.

Obviously Jason Williams played very well. He was playing so well down there, down the stretch and battling so hard, we just left him in to finish. Even though I thought Chris had played well, but I just liked the way J Will was going at the time and we were playing well.”

Dwight Howard

“It was great to see that we weren’t going to give up. I think the Hawks came out on fire, hit a lot of shots, and seemed like they weren’t going to miss. On the other hand we couldn’t buy a basket. So instead of holding our heads and arguing with each other and fighting, we just came together and took a stand at the end of the game. The guys that came off the bench came in with a lot of energy. I think Marcin did a great job of coming in and hustling. And I told him that’s the kind of effort we have to have from him every night.”

(On Marcin’s hustle plays) “It’s good. One, to see a seven-footer dive, I don’t think you guys know how hard it is to get to the ground quick enough to get the ball before some little guard gets it. To see that, it takes a lot. It got the crowd pumped, it got us pumped, that’s the kind of stuff we need.”

(On closing game) “That’s what great teams do and we want to be a great team. In order to do that, we have to take a team’s best punches and then throw back and I think we did that tonight.”

Jason Williams

(On Vince Carter) “We just need Vince to be Vince, shoot the ball when he’s open, put pressure on the defense constantly every time he has the ball.”

(On Horford guarding Carter) “I watched him last night and Horford was switching everything. I was kind of surprised they waited this late to do it.”

(Was playing 4th qtr a surprise) “Never, like I said, I’m just out there to play my minutes and I’m really not looking over my shoulder to see what Stan’s going to do because Stan’s going to do what Stan does.”

Marcin Gortat

(On playing so long at 4) “I was kind of surprised because usually coach will inform about giving me a chance at the 4, obviously I was ready but I didn’t expect it, like jump in today and get some playing time. I would say that I did a pretty solid job besides you know one jump shot by Al Horford, I probably could have stayed on the floor longer.”

J. J. Redick

“It’s important for us to win games like this and to know we can win games this. We didn’t shoot the ball well as a team, I didn’t shoot the ball well tonight but we gutted it out. We played really hard and really fought the last 40 minutes of the game. We didn’t get off to at great start but the last 40 minutes we really fought.”

“Our bench did a great job of providing some energy plays in the first half. Our shots are going to fall so as long as we’re playing hard and with some energy, then we’re going to be in every game.”

Nov. 6, 2010: Magic at Bobcats

Stan Van Gundy

(On tonight’s game)

“I thought we defended very well until we went up 18. Then I thought we had four or five minutes of lackadaisical play. They got rolling and back in the game and got excited and hit some difficult shots. It was a great road win against a playoff team with Jameer Nelson out.”

(On Rashard Lewis’ play tonight)

“I thought he was great. I thought he hit big shots. It was nice to see him break out.”

(On Chris Duhon’s play as the starting point guard)

“The organization was good. What Jameer Nelson does better is break people down on pick-and-rolls. I thought he did a great job. I thought he kept us very organized.”

Dwight Howard

(On Rashard Lewis’ play tonight)

“When Rashard is rolling, the other team has to make decisions on whether they are going to double-team me or leave me one-on-one. Tonight he was knocking down shots. He’s only played four games so he’s going to get into a better rhythm once the season picks up.”

(On the team’s offense)

“We just have to get back to moving the ball. During the preseason, everybody is trying to get into a flow, playing free and not worrying about numbers. Sometimes when the season starts people worry about the wrong things. Our thing is making sure we understand how we need to play the game in order to be successful. Once we get into that rhythm, everybody will know where they’ll get their shots at and we’ll start playing the game the right way.”

Rashard Lewis

(On his shooting tonight)

“I’ve been feeling good but the in-and-out shots haven’t been falling. Tonight we finally got a couple to fall. That’s all I needed was a couple to fall. When one goes down, the rest of them should fall.”

(On the Bobcats cutting an 18-point deficit to one in the final minute of the game)

“They started hitting threes also. We missed a couple shots but they started executing well on the offensive end. Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson hit a couple of threes and brought them back into the game.”

Nov. 5, 2010: Magic vs. Nets

Dwight Howard

(On New Jersey’s level of play) “They played well the whole game. I think they just played with more energy the first half. They played with terrific energy. We had to come out and match their energy or they were going to win the game.

‘I just think we played better, but we can’t do that. We can’t pick and choose when we want to play. We have to do it all of the time. So that’s something we’re trying to get better at.”

“I just try to go play hard every night, that’s it. He (Brook Lopez) probably just had an off night.”

(On Mickael Pietrus’ defense) “That’s it. We need him for defense and he came in. He was very physical with Terrence Williams and he didn’t let him get to the spots he got to earlier in the game. He did a good job of being able to take the roll man and get back. All of the small things that’s what MP does great for us. We stay on him about being that great defender that we know he can be, and that we need him to be night in and night out.”

Brandon Bass

“From the team we saw last year up until now, they’ve made a lot of improvements. New coach, great coach. They came out and played well, but we came out and played hard, and gave a great effort and came out with the win.”

(On having Dwight behind him in the paint) “It lets you know if something happens, they’ve got to go see him. That’s something great to have right there.”

(On consistent minutes) “It’s great for me. And with that opportunity I want to take advantage of that and do my best on each and every play.”

“I think everbody pushes everybody because at every position a good player could possibly start. Everybody pushes everybody. We all compete and coach just tries to go out there and put the best group of guys to execute the game plan and win a game.”

Mickael Pietrus

“I tried to minimize his (Terrence Williams) touches. I tried to be tough on him. My job was to try to stop him and give my team a chance to win.”

“I’ve been in the NBA eight years so I have nothing to prove. You saw me in the playoffs so you know what I can do. I just go out there and help my team. That’s the best feeling when you get on the floor hustling and help your team win. I truly appreciate being om the floor tonight. That’s why I don’t take anything for granted because you don’t know what the forecast is going to be tomorrow.”

Nov. 3, 2010: Magic vs. Timberwolves

Dwight Howard

“I think guys were aggressive. I told the guys after the game that we have to do this every night if we want to be a championship team. We have to bring the same type of effort and energy every night. We can’t take any nights off, or take any breaks; we have to do this every night if we want to be that team.”

(On blocking shots) “They told me to grab them. But sometimes blocking the shots and sending it out of bounds, sends a message to the team like it’s not going to be easy coming into the paint. Grabbing it, I think people will think that’s being a show-off or something like that even though it is kind of cool.”

Ryan Anderson

“This was definitely a great opportunity for me but we did a great job of moving the ball and they got me open shots. I mean I was pretty open on the first three so it wasn’t me. It was Dwight (Howard) rolling to the hoop and Jameer (Nelson) finding me.”

“It’s always fun to play games like that where you score 80 points in a half, that’s not very realistic on a game day. It’s a game-to-game basis. But of course it’s fun to play that game, moving the ball, finding open guys.”

(On starting) “I can’t say that I’m surprised, I mean I’m kind of ready for everything. I mean we sat down and kind of talked about this year with different match-ups we can go with so many different line-ups and tonight coach decided to go big against Minnesota. If you’re surprised or shocked about something like that, then you might not come across playing very well. I’m just kind of ready for anything.”

Rashard Lewis

(On starting at 3 position 1st time with Magic) “I think the biggest adjustments were on the defensive end, trying to get over the screens and play out on the perimeter. But I thought overall we did a good job playing defense, total team effort. We put them away in the first quarter, we scored almost 40 points in the first quarter so we did a great job on the offensive end, moving the ball and playing great ‘D’.”

“I think I was a little anxious, starting at the 3 tonight. Having a small guy on me, going to the post. But at the same time, relaxing on the offensive end and I thought we did a good job of moving the ball from side-to-side and going to the second and third option.”

Oct. 29, 2010: Magic at Heat

Dwight Howard

“I think a lot of guys weren’t used to that atmosphere and kind of got shell shocked. It’s the first time we hit adversity all season and guys have to step up and play. I don’t think we did that tonight as a team so we have to come back with a better focus. It’s going to be a long season and I don’t think we played our best.”

“The atmosphere got some guys a little flustered. They caught the ball and looked like a deer in headlights. That has to change. I got on the guys after the game and told them that we want to be a championship team and tonight was not a championship effort.”

“As a team, guys looked shell shocked and we can’t have that.”

“We have 80 more games and I feel as though tonight was not a championship effort. It doesn’t matter who we play, we have to bring that same effort and energy every night.”

“For a team that is talking about a championship, the effort isn’t where it needed to be. We’re going to bounce back. It’s only game two. They didn’t win a championship tonight because they won, but I think it was good for us to go through what we went through tonight. I have full trust in our guys that we’re going to come back and work.”

“I think it was both (the offense and defense). I think that as a team we didn’t move the ball and we didn’t play our game. We can’t win that way. We allowed them to get easy shots because of our offense being stagnant. You can’t beat a team like that with your offense being stagnant.”

“I think that if I keep shooting it, they’re going to have to come out and play it. I think that in the second half they were up on me when I caught the ball. Just like anything, I think we’ll live and die with LeBron (James) and D-Wade (Dwyane Wade) shooting threes. The same goes both ways. Instead of them attacking and causing havoc in the lane we’d love them to be shooting jump shots. If they want me to shoot jumps shots I’ll keep shooting. If they go in they go in, if they don’t, I’m going to shoot the next one.” Vince Carter

“It felt like the entire team landed on the back of my head. It went right to my lower back.”

“It was a wake up call for us. It was something that we needed. They delivered the first blow. We knew we were going to get their best shot because of the hoopla and the hype. We just have to bounce back. We got shots. When we got good looks we just did not hit them. If this is going to happen it is better to happen in game two rather than game 62.”

Quentin Richardson

“They came out in their home opener and were high on emotions and we didn’t respond the way we should have. Hats off to them for doing everything they were supposed to do at home on opening night. This is really good for us.”

Jameer Nelson

“We didn’t execute anything. The only thing we had going was Dwight (Howard) scoring down low. Nothing worked. It is only one of 82 but this was a gut check. Our defense was terrible. We missed some shots and I know we’ll make them the next time.”

J.J. Redick

“We got our butts kicked. They just completely outplayed us. We just have to get better. We have a lot of things to work on. You’re going to have nights like this. Tonight showed that we have a ways to go. We have a lot to improve on, on both ends of the floor. We didn’t shoot it well. We missed some opportunities with our passing. There wasn’t any rhythm offensively.”

“Seven stitches. Five below (the eye) and two up top.”

Oct. 28, 2010: Magic vs. Wizards

Dwight Howard

“We have to do a better job of team rebounding. Coach has been telling guys that we can’t count on one guy to rebound; everybody has to get in there, block out and rebound. I think we did a good job of that. I think Rashard came out early and got some offensive rebounds and which is great. We need him to do stuff like that. But I think tonight, overall, we came out with the right effort. We just have to keep it going.”

“Everybody that steps out on the floor has to come out with unbelievable energy. I think that’s the area that we want to continue to work on the defensive end all year. We want to be the defensive team in the league and in order to do that, we have to do that every night no matter if it’s the Lakers, Miami, or Boston, or a team like Washington, we all have to give that same effort every night. I think tonight, we did that. Everybody that stepped out on the floor came out with a lot of energy on the defensive end and we just have to build on that.”

Vince Carter

“It’s always a nice feeling to open a new building and get a nice win first and foremost. We put our time in, came in focused. It’s great with the hoopla of the building but it was about business tonight and get that first win under our belt.”

“Now it’s all about the next game at hand. We wanted to come out and take care of business tonight and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

(On John Wall) “I mean, quicker than a blink. He’s a young guy who seems to have a feel of the game and he’s not really afraid to be the point guard out there and that’s the first stage, not being afraid to run the team. He looked comfortable enough to do that.”

Rashard Lewis

“Give a lot of credit to the defense. When you’re playing good defense like we’ve been playing, I think that gives you a better chance of winning if your offense isn’t playing well, but if your offense is playing well, we’re able to put a team away. And then we get rest, and let every body play so, our bench is as good as our starters. So our bench is going to go out there and play even better.”

“I thought we played great on the offensive end, we shared the ball, made the extra pass and obviously they doubleteammed Dwight but we moved the ball around and when we do that, we’re hard to stop.”

“When Coach told me I was going in as the ‘3’, I was excited because I knew that they had a small line-up out there. Gave me a couple post-up plays so was able to score. They started doubleteamming and that’s when you‘ve got to move the ball out to the next guy because we have so many open shooters.”

Oct. 20, 2010: Magic vs. Mavericks

Jameer Nelson

“One thing that we’re going hard no matter who’s in the game or what’s going on with the scoreboard, we’re definitely playing hard. We’re working on things we need to work on, and during the games we’re making adjustments. We can have a good first half, the second half will be better.”

“Obviously we know that we’ve been winning games going away but we’re really not playing the scoreboard. We’re out there playing as hard as we can, doing things the right way, and even if we make mistakes, continue to play hard and do our jobs. That’s one thing I think we used to do, play the scoreboard. We’d get to 20 and kind of let up. I guess that’s human nature, but one of the biggest things to do in this game.”

Rashard Lewis

(On playing Miami Friday) “It’s just a preseason game but it is the last preseason game. So I think that coach will try and figure his rotation out. But it’s just a preseason game, once that game is over, then we have to look forward to opening night.”

“I mean it is the Heat and I’m sure there will be a lot of hype in the building. We’ll be excited as much as they’re going to be excited but who knows how many minutes the starters are going to get.”

(On preseason winning streak) “I think the type of coach Stan is, the type of team that we have, we want to win every game regardless if it’s preseason or regular season. Whoever is out there on the floor, he wants us to play the right way on the defensive end and the right way on the offensive end and he wants to win games.”

Vince Carter

“We’re just coming out and trying to execute, we’re trying to make our stamp early in the game more so than anything. I think everything else will take care of itself. Right now, it’s not about me, it’s about the scoreboard. Making sure we’re all on the same page from start to finish.”

“I’m just playing and taking the shots that are there. Shooting the ball with confidence and going from there.”

(On his defense) “Just trying to do my part. Coach just wants us to commit to the defensive end. I just try to give a little more and that’s one of the things he wants us to do.”

Oct. 18, 2010: Magic at Hawks

Head Coach Stan Van Gundy

“I thought our defense played well tonight. I thought we made a couple of mistakes early, but I think our intensity was really, really good. Our defense picked up in the second quarter and that carried us through the game. Our defense is definitely ahead of our offense right now. We’re still not moving the ball the way we need to, so we still have to work on some things there. We’re still not executing very well, and we blew a lot of plays tonight. What’s been getting us through right now is our intensity and our defense. I think we’re defending hard, and everyone is defending the ball. Our guys are really getting after it, and that’s why we’re playing well right now.”

Quentin Richardson

“I think the Southeast Division is going to be a tough division. Between us, Miami and Atlanta, it will be very competitive. We just have to continue to work on getting better, and we should be okay. I knew I had a tough matchup tonight with Joe (Johnson), so my goal was to go out there and execute. He’s a great player, and an all-star, so some shots he’s just going to make. You just have to do your best when you go out and guard him. I really tried to make him work as hard as he could for some shots tonight. Our guys came out and played hard. Coach told us not to play the score, but to play the ball, and we were successful at that tonight.”

Oct. 16, 2010: Magic vs. Bulls

Marcin Gortat

“Dwight can’t be everywhere so sometime you need a second defender, you know a long defender, a big defender. There could be situations where he gets beat to the baseline so I can help him. I can jump; I jump for the pump fake, then for the second one, Dwight blocks.”

“I think the way we’re working right now is good. We still have to work on a lot of things.”

(On “twin towers”) “I know that we can be really dangerous. I think that we are one of the best in the league. The most important thing right now is that I have to work on my game. Just be consistent with everything I do, go to be a consistent shooter, and obviously if there’s going to be an opportunity, I have to knock it down.”

J. J. Redick

(On going 7-8 tonight) “Q kept yelling, ‘better basketball’ so . . . had to follow my own advice. I just hit a couple of shots early and got into a nice little rhythm.”

(On teams’ defense) “I think it’s a result of us coming in early in September and all the guys being on the same pate. And also having this group together for a couple years for the most part and guys know where they’re supposed to be in our rotations and in our concepts defensively.”

(On Vince Carter tonight) “When he’s playing like that, we’re very dangerous. He’s capable of being a go-to scorer, he’s done that throughout his career. And when he's shooting that well and making decisions to be that aggressive, it’s great for us.”

Vince Carter

“I feel pretty good, it was all the repetition. Long summer putting up a lot of getting a lot of reps in, just focusing on what has to be done. I just tried to make the initiative to come out and make my mark in the game and make it easier for all the other guys as I can. And let them let them take it for there.”

(On tonight) “Yeah, just try and take what was there we have so many weapons on the floor with Dwight and his presence down there, they overplay him or Rashard playing the three, it opens up some lanes as far as the mismatches he causes. So I just try and take advantage of it and once I kind of get things going.”

Oct. 14, 2010: Magic vs. Bobcats

Marcin Gortat

“I don’t know, maybe those lights broke my concentration, I didn’t’ feel that great today.”

“I wasn’t happy at all. I mean in 32 minutes, I should have a double-double and I’m way better than that. But I couldn’t do that with the way I shot today.”

J. J. Redick

“The thing for us the last three or four years, we’ve just scrimmaged for training camp. We don’t’ need to do all our defensive drills. We’ve done all those defensive drills back in September.”

(On Chris Duhon) “Chris is a great point guard, he really is. Defensively and offensively he creates for other guys, running our stuff. He and Jameer, with J-Will going down, haven’t had much of a break. It’s forced me and Vince to play some point in practice.”

Quentin Richardson

“These teammates have made it easier, as well as the coaching staff.”

‘I always have confidence in my shot, I don’t do anything different than any other night whether I shoot them or not, I pretty much think I ‘m going to make them even though that doesn’t always happen.”

“I’ve never been around this many guys who could start in the league. You look at Chris, he started, J-Will started, there are a lot of guys in here that could start on NBA teams. That’s a tip of the hat to the players. They have to sacrifice a lot of things for the good of the team and that shows why we’re so deep.”

Oct. 10, 2010: Magic vs. Hornets

Ryan Anderson

On Shooting

“Wouldn’t say amazed because I knew we were capable of it. I’m surprised to see. Well it was rare that we missed. That’s what we can do I think I mean new arena, new environment, it’s not really normal to be shooting like that but that’s the way it went tonight”

On the New Arena

“This morning we had a shoot around in the new arena and that was really the first time we all stepped out there on the court together and I did a little soaking in there and when you go out there and your name is called when your subbing in.. or at least when I’m subbing in, you kind of take it in”

JJ Redick

On the New arena

“It’s a little different cause were so used to playing at the other place. just coming out and hearing the crowd and the way the arena is shaped it’s kind of like a coliseum place where everyone is straight up from you so you can really hear the fans and really hear the crowd and it’s exciting. It makes it exciting for us and the crowd I’m sure. I just think the environment is incredible and. It’s just incredible”

Chris Duhon

On Stepping on the New Arena

“It’s great I’ve said this to media today but I take a lot of practice every day, and pulling up to this building everyday that all of Central Florida can take pride in, all of our fans can take pride in. Without question we have one of the best arenas in the entire country. So let’s get this place rocking’.”

Vince Carter

On the New Arena

“It’s for the fans more so than me, it’s exciting to really get to see us in action in the new building I mean I think that was great for them, for us, for Stan. Its business for us I mean we’ve bee trying to get ourselves ready and accomplish our goal. We were excited but at the same time, it’s time for us to get to work”

Rashard Lewis

On the New Arena

“Just coming and playing in this new arena for us it was special night even for a preseason game and especially to the city of Orlando, you know it was just exciting for our fans to come in and watch us play in this new building”

Dwight Howard

On The New Arena

“We came here and after every practice when I come in here at night I try to get a feeling of the arena. It’s just good to see everybody excited here. It felt good just to pull up to the arena and see all the fans walking to the game and all the hard work that we put in, I mean it looks like it’s paying off just seeing all the people at the game”

On the First Win

“Coach had a great point for us you know we felt that, all the people who really put in the work, especially the organization, construction workers, everybody who were here every day this summer til midnight; you know we wanted to give them a great game”