Doc Rivers & Dr. J on Michael Jordan

Doc Rivers on Michael Jordan:

"I think he'll still be one of the better players in the league. My last memory of him is pretty damn good. So I don't think that changes a whole bunch. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks. It's funny. We chastise guys for being scared and not wanting to take a gamble. But then when we have a guy who's willing to do that, we chastise him for that too. I hope he returns, I really do. I think it would be great for the game. I don't think he wanted to retire in the first place, he was sort of pushed into that. I think a guy, with his ability, should go out on his own terms. Even if it's not the terms all the fans want to see...he could come back and not be great. He's going to be at least good. That's like Tiger Woods winning once a year. For most golfers, that's great, but because he has his own standards, that's not good enough for the fans. I think it's great, I hope he comes back. I've never beaten him. I can't do it, but I'd have to rely on Grant (Hill) and Tracy (McGrady) to do it."

Orlando Magic Senior Vice President Julius Erving on Michael Jordan:
The basketball world is and should be excited about Michael Jordan's return. I think you need to consider the success Mario Lemieux had and understand that the situations somewhat parallel each other. I have a lot of eagerness and anticipation in seeing him perform again. Having spoken to him in recent weeks, I know his focus and determination is there. Michael would only do this if he thought he could excel, so excel he will. When players retire it is not skill declining that make them move on. It is more physical and mental issues - mentally you are burned out and physically you can't do what you use to do consistently. When you have extraordinary skill, you will have that the rest of your life. Retirement doesn't make that disappear. So we will see possibly the most highly skilled athlete ever do his thing once again and it would be great for him to have our support. He has something to lose, but not a lot. What he has to lose is tied to the new basketball watcher and those expectations. Those who saw him perform before will be satisfied with whatever he has to give.

Magic take on the Washington Wizards on Friday, Dec. 21 and Friday, March 8 at TD Waterhouse Centre. Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, Oct. 6.