Former Magic Player Continues Team Legacy of Giving Back

Adonal Foyle
By Dan Savage
Nov. 16, 2013

ORLANDO -- As the Orlando Magic spend their 2013-14 season celebrating their 25th Anniversary, they’ll look back at all the all-time greats in franchise history.

They’ll honor the world-class players, the top-notch coaches, incredible fans and even the most charitable athletes that have extended the Magic’s reach into the community.

After all, the Magic’s mission statement reads: “To be world champions on and off the court, delivering legendary moments every step of the way.”

And when it comes to the off-the-court championships, few players boast more titles than former Magic center Adonal Foyle.

The 6’10” big man, whose heart is as big as his stature, made an immense impact on the community both during his time as a player and during his stint in Orlando’s front office.

From hosting holiday arts fundraisers to youth athletics and academics camps, Foyle was always reaching out to better serve the community.

Now, even in a time that he’s transitioning between roles, he’s still finding ways to give back through his Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF), whose mission is to empower youth to grow into healthy and well-educated adults.

This year alone KLF helped changed the lives of over 800 children, including 500 kids through their athletics and academics camps.

On Friday night, Foyle hosted a Giving Thanks Social to thank all his supporters and celebrate another year of quality charitable work.

“We just finished our camp in the Parramore district yesterday, really serving about 50 local kids,” Foyle explained. “We really wanted to thank all our supporters who helped throughout the course of the year.”

While already an altruistic individual prior to his time with the Magic, upon his arrival, Foyle was extremely moved by the generosity of the DeVos family. Magic ownership made a meaningful impact on his life, which he still cites to this day.

“I will forever be changed by the generosity of the DeVos family and what they’ve done for the community,” Foyle said. “They really see giving as not just something you do, but as part of a moral responsibility. That is something that every player that walks into that organization walks away with.”

Former Magic swingman Mickael Pietrus, who attended the KLF Giving Thanks Social to show his support, could not agree more.

“(Rich) DeVos taught me a lot about leadership and giving back,” said MP. “I have to thank him and the whole DeVos family.”

However, there’s no need for thanks as their continued work in the Orlando community is likely thanks enough.

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