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Magic Face-Off: The Talent Show

Besides their passion for basketball, many of the Orlando Magic’s players are devoted to other fascinating activities. As a result, Dan Savage and Josh Cohen want you, the fans, to determine which off-the-court hobby is most intriguing.

Listed below are eight players and the activities they enjoy and are skilled at. In each of the matchups, vote on which talent you find most enthralling.

J.J. Redick: Cooking; if you’re in the mood for some of the finest cuisine, Redick will serve a delicious feast

Vince Carter: Bowling; if you enjoy the suspense of the forever popular indoor activity, Carter will provide 10 frames of excellence

Dwight Howard: Actor; if you love to laugh and watch all kinds of skits, Howard is your Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams

Jason Williams: Magician; if you are a fan of card tricks; prepare to be amazed by Williams’ uncanny skill of trickery

Ryan Anderson: Beat Mixing; if you like the art of integration of various sounds and cadence, Anderson delivers music to get your 92-year-old grandfather to bust-a-move

Mickael Pietrus: Spinning Records; if you are a club banger and love to hit the dance floor, you can be best friends with Pietrus

Marcin Gortat: Auto Mechanic; if you are having car problems, don’t fear Gortat is here. The Polish Machine spent four years learning to become a car mechanic

Adonal Foyle: Poet; if you are more tranquil and desire to hear strong opinions about politics and history, Foyle will astonish your mind

Vote in Championship

Latest Results

Semifinals Results

Winner: Howard's Acting

Winner: Gortat's Car Repair

First Round Results

Winner: Anderson's Beat Mixing

Winner: Howard's Acting

Winner: Redick's Cooking

Winner: Gortat's Car Repair