Denton: Rivers Was Always Big Redick Supporter

By John Denton
Nov. 6, 2013

ORLANDO – Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers has long been a fan of J.J. Redick, so much so that he said he repeatedly tried trading for the shooting guard when he played for the Magic and Rivers was in Boston.

Upon landing in Los Angeles as the coach of the Clippers last summer, Rivers made it a priority to try to once again acquire Redick. Redick spent the first seven years of his NBA career in Orlando before being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks last February.

Redick was eventually a part of a sign-and-trade transaction this season with the Clippers. And the former Magic fan favorite has been phenomenal in Los Angeles, averaging 17.3 points in four games with the Clippers.

``We tried a couple of times in Boston (to trade for Redick) … because I just liked how he plays and he fits really good teams with his movement, toughness and he’s so competitive,’’ Rivers said. ``Those types of guys usually translate well onto good teams.’’

Redick had the finest year of his career last season in Orlando, but the Magic moved him because he was a pending free agent in search of a four-year contract. The Magic landed Tobias Harris in the deal with Milwaukee and Harris impressed in Orlando last season by averaging 17.3 points and 8.5 rebounds over the final 27 games.

Magic coach Jacque Vaughn said it was the rare NBA trade that worked out for all parties involved. And he said that the tremendous professionalism and work ethic that Redick had in Orlando carry on today in the Magic’s young players.

``I loved having J.J. in our locker room and him being here helped some of our young guys to realize the professionalism and approach that it takes every single day,’’ Vaughn said. ``Whether it was his attention to detail in the scouting report or taking shots after practice – that was beneficial to our group. And at the same time, I love the individuals (Doron Lamb and Harris) that we have in our locker room as well. They’ve been good for us and they will be good for us for a long time.’’





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