Denton: Redick Talks Trade Rumors

By John Denton
February 20, 2013

DALLAS – Clearly irked by a week in which his name had been linked to a list of trade rumors longer than his 3-point range, Orlando Magic shooting guard J.J. Redick attempted to break the tension late Wednesday with a bit of levity.

``It’s a three-way trade between the Cincinnati Reds, the Ravens and the Magic and (Orlando) is getting (Super Bowl MVP Joe) Flacco,’’ Redick joked, referring to a hypothetical deal between a team from Major League Baseball, the NFL and NBA. ``I’m going to the Reds to play second base. Fielding is my specialty.’’

The humor from Redick was an attempt to hide his utter disdain over a frustrating stretch in which he has been rumored to be traded to the New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs and others. Redick, a free agent at season’s end, has become one of the NBA’s most-talked about players before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline because of his steady growth as a team.

Redick, who had 10 points in Orlando’s 111-96 loss to Dallas on Wednesday, has grown weary of rumored deals and actions that he said have no legs to them. In one particular online story, Redick was reportedly set to seek a contract worth $10 million a year this offseason – something Redick laughed off because he said he hasn’t even broached such an idea yet with his agent, Arn Tellem.

With each rumor, Redick said a friend or business associate would text message him the details, only adding to his frustration over the entire process. Redick’s fate will be decided by Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline, and he said that moment can’t come soon enough.

``For me, it’s just annoying and I just want to play no matter what happens,’’ Redick said. ``No matter what happens, I just want to play and not have to deal with this. I’m thinking about getting a new phone number because people have been texting me crazy stuff all day. I probably should have just shut it off the last couple of days.

``But it just comes with the territory, I guess. But it’s for the birds,’’ Redick continued.

Redick, who is averaging career highs in scoring (15.2 ppg.) and assists (4.4 apg.), has spent his entire seven-year NBA career with the Magic, but he said he’s started contemplating life with another team. When asked bluntly late Wednesday if his preference would be to finish the season with the 15-39 Magic, Redick wouldn’t commit himself because of his pending free agency.

``There are just too many variables to say that (he wants to stay in Orlando). In short, I wouldn’t be disappointed (to stay with the Magic),’’ Redick said. ``If I end up going to a team playing for a championship, if that were to happen … if any player was on one of the five or six teams with the worst records and they go to a contender, it’s not a bad thing. But if I were to stay (in Orlando) though, it would be great.’’

Redick said his representatives and Magic GM Rob Hennigan have discussed him possibly signing a new contract with the team in July and remaining with Orlando, but no commitment has been finalized. Under the rules of the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, Redick is not eligible to sign a contract extension now because his previous contract went for just three seasons.

``There’s been no commitment either way from them or from me. I think both sides are open to the idea (of playing long-term in Orlando), but it’s out of my control,’’ Redick said. ``They’ll have to make a decision in July. I could sit here and say I don’t want to come back and sit here and say I do want to come back, but ultimately it’s (Orlando’s) decision. Unless there’s an offer and they’d like to bring me back, it’s out of my control.’’

While he’s enjoyed his increased offensive role with the Magic this season, Redick admitted that the struggles of a team in rebuilding mode. Following Wednesday’s fourth-quarter faltering in Dallas, the Magic have dropped 26 of the past 29 games.

Redick said he’s been fully onboard with the Magic’s plan of building and he hasn’t contemplated the long-term ramifications of the re-tooling plan.

``I haven’t thought about the long term, to be honest with you. This whole season has been about trying to get better as a player and put myself in a position before the deadline to be healthy, playing well and helping my team,’’ Redick said. ``And if I come back (to the Magic) or get traded, I just get traded. I’ll be the same guy and I’ll worry about the long term after the season.’’

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