Denton: Oladipo vs. Teague Showdown Will Be Key Matchup


By John Denton
Dec. 28, 2013

ORLANDO – Still in this season of giving, guard Victor Oladipo was never better than on Friday night when he handed out a career-best 11 assists to spark a stirring Orlando Magic victory.

But even an hour after the game, Oladipo was still in a giving mood. As he walked through the Magic locker room with six pairs of game-worn, Jordan Brand Nikes under his arms, in his hands and even pinned against his chest, Oladipo bellowed a loud, ``Ho! Ho! Ho!’’ for everyone to hear. The rookie guard left the Magic dressing area and headed straight to a section where fans were waiting. Like some sort of basketball Santa Claus, he plied many of the adoring fans with shoes, pictures and autographs as belated Christmas presents.

On the court, Oladipo might be riding a rookie roller coaster filled with nightly highs and lows and violent twists and turns. But off the court, he is someone who is clearly comfortable in his own skin and he totally gets what being a professional athlete is all about.

``Sometimes you do forget about having fun, but you can’t ever lose that because it’s a game,’’ Oladipo said with a big smile on Saturday before Orlando’s practice. ``I started playing (basketball) because I loved it and I’ve loved it since I was five years old. You can’t ever lose that feeling.’’


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