By John Denton
Nov. 10, 2013

BOSTON -- Not long after traipsing through the Orlando Magic’s locker room singing aloud late Saturday night, Victor Oladipo tugged on a pair of multi-colored Jordan Series shoes that looked like something out of a paint explosion.

Fittingly, the neon purple laces on Oladipo’s shoes matched the loud purple Polo shirt that he was also sporting. It was one of those kinds of outfits that require the utmost confidence to pull off, and Oladipo was clearly quite comfortable with the ensemble.

Oladipo might have just endured a classic case of rookie struggles over the past two games, but in no way had his infectious spirit been broken or his bubbly confidence faded. He still oozed charisma practically out of every pore and vowed that he was prepared for whatever this roller coaster of a rookie season threw at him.

``You have to realize that there are (75) games left and it just takes time,’’ Oladipo said calmly and confidently. ``I’m just taking my time and trying to play with confidence every day.’’



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