By John Denton
Nov. 18, 2013

ORLANDO -- Passing like two point guards in the night, Jameer Nelson and Victor Oladipo are at vastly different places for the Orlando Magic. Nelson is in the back half of his NBA career, but clearly still has a lot of game left in his 31-year-old body. As for Oladipo, he is a precocious 21-year-old and the future of the franchise, but he still has plenty of learning and growing to do in years to come.

Still, there’s no reason that the two of them can’t coexist as the Magic walk the fine line of cultivating a winning culture while also developing young players such as Oladipo.

Nelson is the starter at point guard, and last Saturday night Oladipo became the finisher for the first time. Even though Nelson was having one of his finer games, the decision was made to keep Oladipo on the floor so he could experience the white-hot intensity of a close game that went down to the wire. It didn’t go so well as Oladipo racked up the turnovers and the Magic lost 108-100 to the Dallas Mavericks.



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