Denton: 2013-14 Magic Season Preview


By John Denton
October 28, 2013

When GM Rob Hennigan talks of growing the Orlando Magic organically he is referring to a process where the franchise focuses on acquiring the right kinds of players, developing them daily and refusing to yield to any shortcuts or quick-fix options.

It is a plan, Hennigan admits, that isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires incredible patience, persistence and daily consistency, traits that must be shared equally from the front office, players and even the fan base. At this point in the rebuild, success isn’t gauged as much by wins and losses as it is by incremental growth and small strides from the Magic’s gaggle of young players. Everyone knows that the collective patience of the organization will be tested from time to time in the coming months, but the top priority remains to stay true to the plan.

Hennigan and CEO Alex Martins know that if the Magic are built correctly, they can put together a sustainable winner and one that could compete for a championship in the not-so-distant future. If all goes well, the pain of now should pale in comparison to the hopefully brighter days ahead. ``I think this is a necessary function for where we want to be and where we want to get,’’ said Hennigan, whose Magic open the regular season on Tuesday in Indiana against the Pacers.

``Organic growth is something that you can’t always rush and something you can’t always speed up. It’s something that we need to let marinate and grow on its own. But we’ll still make sure that we’re pushing our guys as hard as we can.’’



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