A Delightful Dancing Duo

A Delightful Dancing Duo
By Stefanie Carrier

ORLANDO -- Some fathers find it difficult to relate to their daughter’s hobbies, but this is not the case for second-year Orlando Magic Dancers member Gizelle and first-year Dancing Dancer Dad Pedro, a father-daughter duo who have been perfecting their skills since a performance at Gizelle’s dance studio when she was only eight years old.

“My competition team teacher choreographed a dance that we competed and it was the daughters dancing with their dads,” said Gizelle of her first dancing experience with her father. “We wore matching costumes and had so much fun practicing together to be our best at competition.”

Gizelle’s father Pedro shares similar sentiments about their competition.

“I remember having so much fun, so I knew I would have even more fun getting the chance to dance with her again,” said Pedro.

On top of sharing their dancing experience, Gizelle always enjoyed her father attending her dance recitals and performances and always supporting her.

“My dad was always there supporting me at every competition, convention, rehearsal and audition,” said Gizelle of her appreciation for her father. “Many other dads did not attend and mine was always there and I love that about him.”

Little did Pedro know he would have the chance to share the stage with Gizelle again in performances with the Orlando Magic.

Gizelle learned about the Orlando Magic Dancers squad through her participation with the Predator Prowlers – the dance team for the Orlando Predators indoor football team. She auditioned on a whim, and made the team.

She knew that if her dad Pedro would join the Dancing Dancer Dads – a team comprised of fathers of present and past Orlando Magic Dancers – it would be a prime opportunity to spend time with him like they used to. However, Gizelle did not have an easy time convincing her father to take on the responsibility.

“It took my daughter a whole year to convince me to be a dancing dad,” said Pedro. “But the best part about being a dancing dad is being able to spend time with my daughter in a different scenario and seeing what she feels and goes through being a Magic dancer.”

Gizelle is equally pleased that her father has made the decision to join her on the Orlando Magic court.

“The best part of my dad being a dancing dad is that I get to watch him perform on the same court I do,” said Gizelle. “And we get to spend some daddy-daughter time together and have fun, just the two of us!”

Hopefully there will be much more dancing in the duo’s future, and Gizelle plans to keep it that way as she aspires to work in the field of dance.

“My plans and dreams for my future are about dance because since the first day I started it's been my No. 1 love,” said Gizelle.

Gizelle may be seeking to make dance her profession, but how does Pedro feel about continuing his dancing career? He is just happy in this moment, spending time with his daughter and sharing in her passion.

“I’m happy that I joined the dancing dads,” Pedro said. “I feel my daughter is proud of me!”