Savage: Already a Busy Offseason For Big Baby

By Dan Savage
May 23, 2012

ORLANDO -- It may be the offseason, but Glen Davis is staying busy.

In addition to working out with some of his Magic teammates at a local track, Big Baby has recently made stops on Mike and Mark as well as the Jim Rome show.

On his media tour, he touched on some interesting topics, including former Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy, All-Star center Dwight Howard and his new line of headphones.

Here are some excerpts from his various interviews:

On the way his team handled the media circus last season:

“I am really proud of my teammates and the way they played in spite of it. That can be really like a circus. It kind of was a little bit. We stayed focused as much as we could and we did the best we could. I’m proud of my team for doing that.”

On if Stan Van Gundy telling the media that Dwight Howard requested he be fired changed the duo’s relationship:

“It changed … It was just distracting for their relationship and for the team also. Because he’s our leader and the way he responds is the way we’re going to respond.

On Howard's chances of playing with the Magic next season:

“Dwight Howard will be in a Magic uniform. 100 percent. He’s going to play. He’s going to be Superman again.”

On Van Gundy’s coaching style:

“He’s going to scream at you … You can’t listen to the tone. You have to listen to the message.”

On what he expects from himself next season:

“I have a lot to prove. I’m just going to keep pushing until I get where I need to go.”

On if he still follows the Celtics (his former team):

“Oh yeah, I watch every game. I like their chances as far as making it to the next round. They’re a great team. I like their chances of going to The Finals really. I know that atmosphere over there right now. That’s the crazy thing. I know how everyone is responding. I know how everybody is acting right now. I have seen that atmosphere and that championship basketball atmosphere. It brings back memories.”

On his brand of head phones:

“The sound on these headphones are great. It’s AYO Baby. It’s a nice little slogan that I started saying on my Twitter. Me and a friend of my have come together and collaborated and started making our own line of things. The headphones are the first start. We partnered up with BIGR audio. Two great companies getting together and making some art.

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