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Posted by Melanie Curtsinger, Friday, May 14, 2010, 4 PM

A Little About Me

There have been many highlights in my nearly six-year NBA communications career – such as beating former Magic player Hedo Turkoglu in a game of horse after practice one day a few years ago, or somehow once burning a hole into one of Dwight Howard’s away jerseys (long story) that I was responsible for taking care of after a photo shoot (good thing I burned the hole AFTER the photo shoot, not before). Yet nothing, even having Mickael Pietrus tell me recently when I asked him to submit his vote for the NBA Sportsmanship Award that he thought I should win, can quite match the significance of having my own blog on – and having my boss, every time he sees me, proudly pronounce: “That’s what she said!”

But really, everyone loves a little “that’s what she said” every now and again, and that’s what I am here to do – give you my perspective on the Orlando Magic and the NBA from a female viewpoint. You can expect to find some humor, mixed in with some gripping features, behind-the-scenes stories, some Q&As and really anything you, the fans, want to read about (so tell me what that is by e-mailing me at

To give you a little background about myself, I grew up in a very small town in Central Kentucky called Lawrenceburg and attended the University of Kentucky. While at UK (Go Cats!), I worked with the women’s basketball team as a manager, which basically means doing everything from being a practice dummy to traveling with the team and making sure the equipment makes the trip along with the players (which makes me recall the one time when I actually packed the wrong uniforms for a neutral site game, but that’s beside the point). Anyhow, I am informing you of this to show you that basketball is in my blood, much as it is with many of my fellow Kentuckians. Heck, I can even recall sitting on my couch as an 11-year-old watching the now infamous game against Duke and UK in the 1992 NCAA Elite 8 and actually keeping stats as the game was going on (hey, I didn’t say I wasn’t a dork). And, despite the constant teasing from my boss every time I make a trip home to enjoy eating at “the restaurant” (I hate to tell him we have more than one), or the fact that Dwight, literally every time he sees me, says the phrase “Kentucky sucks,” I love the fact that where I’m from instilled in me the love of this great sport which has led me to where I am today.

So stay tuned for more. I want this to be the place where you can come to be entertained, to gain some valuable insight and to see stories you won’t find anywhere else. In short, I want it to be the place where all the Magic happens.

Haha… That’s what she said.