Cohen: The Travel Dance

By Josh Cohen
April 29, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS -- It’s become renowned as The Travel Dance and it’s the new boogie everyone is showing off at all the hottest dance clubs.

Forget the Cupid Shuffle, disregard the Chicken Dance, no longer is The Macarena a smash hit and The Dougie doesn’t quite match in elegance.

Thanks to Chris Duhon, there is a fresh, stylish and innovative dance section that is cool, fun and easy to do.

There may even be an instructional video coming out soon. Duhon will demonstrate the proper technique so you can be the smoothest and most trendy soul at the club.

It was first released in the final seconds of the Orlando Magic’s stirring victory over the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of their First Round playoff series.

Duhon found the perfect opportunity to reveal this dance and now it’s a worldwide sensation.

Danny Granger may not like it very much, but let’s be honest; he proved he could travel without actually doing The Travel Dance.

Like anything else that reaches YouTube, remixes are soaring. Everyone is into it. Everyone wants to be a part of this cool and hip activity.

And the exquisiteness of this dance is that it goes with any song and any rhythm.

Here is a perfect example:

Let’s all stop what we are doing for a moment and do The Travel Dance. It’s totally rad.

Will you be showing off The Travel Dance the next time you go dancing?
Will you be showing off The Travel Dance the next time you go dancing?
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