Cohen: Magic-Rockets Storylines

By Josh Cohen
January 22, 2011


Unlike most teams that expect just one player to be the primary playmaker and distributor, the Orlando Magic have three legitimate guys who seem to relish in creating shots for others.

NBA observers and critics will always rave – and deservedly so – about the elite point guards who focus their attention on reaching double-digit assist totals each night. Any time All-Stars like Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Steve Nash or Rajon Rondo dish out an exorbitant number of assists, they earn the appropriate recognition.

On the Magic, on the other hand, assists are amassed collectively – specifically from Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas. While it is rare for any individual on Orlando to eclipse double-digit assist totals, it’s very common for it to surpass 20 team assists each night.

Since President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith completed two blockbuster trades last month, the most glaring improvement has been Orlando’s passing.

It showed very vividly on Saturday when the Magic dished out 26 assists, including nine from Nelson, five from Turkoglu and five from Arenas.

One of the keys to ultimately capturing the NBA championship is selflessness, and thus far since the team’s overhaul, the Magic have shown to be very unselfish.

Josh Cohen


Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy deserves praise for his persistent hard work to get his team prepared night after night. He also warrants admiration for his ability to get the most out of his players.

If you look around the league and examine current and former Magic players, it’s noteworthy that many of these competitors enjoy (or enjoyed) the most success while playing under Van Gundy.

Hedo Turkoglu’s re-transformation has already been well documented after a year and a half of frustration and turmoil in Toronto and Phoenix. He has been one of the catalysts to a reinvigorated Magic team since last month’s two blockbuster trades.

But Turk isn’t the only one. Courtney Lee, who was one of the best surprises during his rookie season in Orlando, hasn’t really carried the same potential over since being traded in 2009.

While he did enjoy a very good fourth quarter against his old team on Saturday (finished with 13 points), Lee has generally been relegated to a reserve role behind scoring sensation Kevin Martin.

Last year in New Jersey, the former Western Kentucky standout did not fit in well and, as a result, was dealt to Houston in a four-team trade last summer.

Another player who starred for the Magic and became a fan favorite in central Florida, Mickael Pietrus, has not adjusted well since being traded to the Suns last month. Air France, as he is affectionately nicknamed, has shot 13-of-44 from the field in his last seven appearances.


It feels like an eternity ago when Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson were starving for playing time while serving as the backups to Rashard Lewis.

Last season, in fact, both Bass and Anderson barely played down the stretch of the season and in the playoffs. Many started to wonder if either of them would be traded at some point and if their obvious talents would go to waste.

But, instead of feeling unwanted, the two power forwards stayed focused and confident and have elevated their games to extraordinary levels.

Since Lewis was traded to Washington last month, both have become essential pieces to a team with championship aspirations.

Just like they have shown over the past few weeks, Bass and Anderson each delivered quality performances on Saturday against the Rockets.

Bass, for one, posted 18 points and seven rebounds and like he did on Friday when he shut down Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani played tenacious defense against Luis Scola. Anderson, similarly, recorded 12 points – his ninth consecutive game scoring in double figures -- and six rebounds.

Immediately after the trades occurred, critics suggested that the biggest problem would be lack of size if Dwight Howard gets into foul trouble. Well, although it remains possible that Otis Smith will attempt to add more size on the interior before the trading deadline, Bass and Anderson have done a terrific job down low as D12’s backups.


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