Cohen: Forming the Perfect Eastern Conference All-Star Player

By Josh Cohen
February 23, 2012

Some players are born scorers, others are dependent on their speed and agility and few are stars because of their ability to coerce opponents with strength or courage.

Imagine, however, if you can combine skills and form the perfect player. After assessing each 2012 Eastern Conference All-Star’s best attribute, I decided to try and devise a player that would have absolutely no weaknesses. To make it level, a player can only be assigned to one category.


Graphic courtesy of's Geoff Forbes


LeBron James
There’s good reason why LeBron James is often compared to Magic Johnson. As a result of his court attentiveness, LeBron is one of the most gifted playmakers the game has ever seen. Among those in the top 20 in assists per game this season, James is the only forward in the cluster. Like Johnson, LeBron can essentially play any position on the court because his size and vision is inimitable. WATCH EXAMPLE


While his teammate, Kevin Garnett, would be the more appropriate choice for this category, Paul Pierce will have to serve as his replacement considering KG is not an All-Star this season. While Pierce will always be revered because of his scoring aptitude, he also has shown an innate skill to inspire. In Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals, for instance, Pierce hobbled off the court in serious pain before returning to motivate his team to victory and ultimately an NBA championship. WATCH EXAMPLE


It became apparent in 2006 that Dwyane Wade’s courage and audacity is one of his many positive attributes. Rather than surrender, Wade delivered one of the most memorable NBA Finals performances when he scored 42, 36 and 43 points in Games 3, 4 and 5 to help Miami overcome a 2-0 series deficit to win the title. WATCH EXAMPLE

Dwight Howard
From being relatively skinny and doubted his rookie season to expanding his game and strength the last seven years, Dwight Howard has evolved into the most intimidating force in the game today. As a result of all his hard work in the gym, D12 is extraordinarily durable and unshakeable despite all the contact from his opponents in the paint. WATCH EXAMPLE


When Derrick Rose decides to explode to the rim, it’s almost impossible to contain him. Rose can crank up his speed to up to 20 miles per hour and slices through lanes narrower than two feet. According to ESPN’s Sports Science, Rose can beat the world record baseline-to-baseline dribbling time of 3.9 seconds by over a tenth of a second. WATCH EXAMPLE

Andre Iguodala
While LeBron James and Dwight Howard could also be candidates for this category, Andre Iguodala is absolutely one of the game’s most sensational high-flyers. A slam-dunk competition participant in 2006, Iguodala’s athleticism is the primary reason Philadelphia is a tough matchup for any opponent. WATCH EXAMPLE

Carmelo Anthony
It would be hard-pressed to find a more inclusive scorer than Carmelo Anthony. Though he isn’t necessarily the best pure shooter, Melo is extremely difficult to cover because he finds ways to score under tumultuous circumstances. The five-time NBA All-Star has lifted his team with countless game-winners. WATCH EXAMPLE

Deron Williams
You can probably name many point guards in this league who have superb ball handling skills. Deron Williams certainly deserves to be on this list and among all the Eastern Conference All-Stars this season he may be the most reliable when it comes to handling and protecting the rock. Though this season with the Nets his turnovers are a bit higher than normal, Williams’ assist-to-turnover ratio has been among the league’s elite the last few years and he has even made some opponents look imprudent. WATCH EXAMPLE