Vote: Who Takes the Last Shot?

Who Takes the Last Shot?

By Josh Cohen
Sept. 30, 2010

ORLANDO -- I remember sitting in study hall during my high school years and visualizing playing a basketball game with 10 seconds remaining, my team down by one and me with the ball.

There were even times when I would rush home after school, run over to my friend’s driveway’s hoop and pretend this imagination was real.

I would start at the top of the arc, yell out the time left in a countdown fashion (10 seconds, nine, eight, seven…) and fire up a make-believe game-winning shot.

If the shot went in, my friends and I would celebrate like we just captured the NBA championship. If it rimmed out, I would just try it again.

My study hall dreams are very similar to the ones that nearly every NBA player has when they step out on the court. They all hope to have the opportunity to win a game at the buzzer with a miraculous and memorable bucket.

It’s arguable which game-winning shot in NBA history was most invigorating. Some of the greatest game-winners include Michael Jordan’s jumper over Bryon Russell during the 1998 NBA Finals to clinch the Bulls’ sixth title, Robert Horry’s 3-point buzzer-beater against the Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals and LeBron James’ trey against the Magic in the 2009 East Finals.

It’s no secret that superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and Vince Carter crave the ball in the final seconds of a close game.

But, whom do you want with the ball with the game on the line?

If you could hand the ball off to any active NBA star for a pressure-packed, win-or-lose shot, who would you trust?

Well, there is only one way to decide. Vote on which player from the matchups below you want attempting a potential game winning shot with their team down by one. The winners will advance to the next round.


Latest Results


Winner: Kobe Bryant Winner: Rashard Lewis


Winner: Kobe Bryant Winner: Kevin Durant

Winner: Rashard Lewis Winner: Dwyane Wade


Winner: Kobe Bryant Winner: Vince Carter

Winner: Steve Nash Winner: Kevin Durant

Winner: Rashard Lewis Winner: Paul Pierce

Winner: Dwyane Wade Winner: LeBron James


Winner: Kobe Bryant Winner: Dirk Nowitzki

Winner: Vince Carter Winner: Brandon Roy

Winner: Steve Nash Winner: Chris Paul

Winner: Kevin Durant Winner: Carmelo Anthony

Winner: Rashard Lewis Winner: Deron Williams

Winner: Paul Pierce Winner: Jameer Nelson

Winner: Dwyane Wade Winner: Ray Allen

Winner: LeBron James Winner: Derrick Rose