Cohen: Let the Scoreboard Watching Heat Up

By Josh Cohen
March 3, 2014

ORLANDO -- Not many could have possibly predicted this at the time of the blockbuster Dwight Howard trade in 2012, but it is starting to appear that the 2014 draft pick acquired by the Magic will be a lottery pick.

The stipulation is rather simple; Orlando gets either Denver or New York’s pick, whichever is least favorable AFTER the lottery is complete. So for example, if the Nuggets have a worse record than the Knicks at the end of the season but the Knicks move up in the lottery ahead of Denver, the Magic will get the Nuggets’ selection.

Denver will land the higher of the two selections, which was guaranteed to them via the Carmelo Anthony trade in 2011.

Both the Knicks and Nuggets have struggled mightily this season and are two of the more disappointing teams in the league. Last season, both were top three playoff seeds in their respective conferences (NY was second in East, Denver third in West).

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