Cohen: I Wouldn't Be Shocked If...





Cohen's Analysis: It wouldn’t shock me if all the turmoil and unyielding denigration in L.A. led to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and Nets GM Billy King discussing a trade deadline deal involving Dwight Howard. It may seem outlandish considering all the effort that was made to bring Howard to Hollywood, but if there is any threat that Dwight would leave as a free agent next summer, it would be only rational for the Lakers to consider it.

While Brooklyn won’t have salary cap space in July to try and lure Howard to the Nets, it does have a very valuable trade asset, Brook Lopez, who before spraining his foot was a guaranteed All-Star and to some an MVP candidate. And remember, the team D12 wanted to so desperately play for before the deal to L.A. transpired was Brooklyn.

Dallas is waiting patiently with an overabundance of cap space next summer. If the Lakers panic and believe Mark Cuban will persuade Dwight to skip town and go country, they may at minimum inquire about a potential deal that would have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago.