Josh Cohen’s Analysis: Most assumed the Hawks were planning to fracture the foundation and essentially start from scratch. They traded Joe Johnson last year, chose not to chase Josh Smith in free agency and though they made a pitch to Dwight Howard, the Hawks must have realized there was a remote chance of him actually settling on his hometown.

But instead of “bottoming out” and focusing on next year’s loaded draft class, it sure seems like Atlanta may have already caved on that plan. It agreed to a deal with Paul Millsap, a middling star, and there is speculation it is considering acquiring either Monta Ellis and/or Brandon Jennings. The Hawks are also reportedly talking to Andrew Bynum.

It just seems irrational for the Hawks to return to the point they seemed to desperately run away from – the middle of the pack, a low playoff seed and a minimal chance of actually making noise in the postseason. But this appears to be what Atlanta is striving for.

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