Cohen 8-Ball: Smartest Magic Draft Pick in Franchise History?’s Josh Cohen opens up a debate on intriguing topics on the Magic and the entire NBA.

Smartest Draft Pick?
May 1, 2014

The Magic have made some brilliant decisions on draft night in their 25-year history.

Nick Anderson, the team’s first-ever draft pick and 11th pick overall in 1989, proved to be a better pro than nearly all of the players selected in the top 10 (only Glen Rice and Sean Elliot had better career numbers) that year.

The determination to trade Chris Webber for Penny Hardaway in 1993 helped Orlando form into an instant championship contender.

The Magic landed the gem of the draft in 2000 when they selected Mike Miller, who would go on to claim Rookie of the Year honors.

They also endured a ton of pressure to take Emeka Okafor in 2004 with the first overall pick. Yet despite the expectations from outside critics, the Magic acted independently and secured Dwight Howard well before he evolved into the most dominant center of his generation.

Though one of the most popular collegiate players ever, most assumed J.J. Redick would flop in the NBA. Orlando ignored those beliefs and picked Redick 11th overall in 2006.

And most recently, the Magic decided on Victor Oladipo in 2013 despite some thinking it was a stretch to pick him with the second pick. Vic silenced his critics with a splendid rookie season.

So who was the “smartest” draft selection in Magic history? Watch the analysis below.