Cohen 8-Ball: Reflecting Back on May 7, 1995

Nick Anderson’s Josh Cohen opens up a debate on intriguing topics on the Magic and the entire NBA.

Reflecting Back on May 7, 1995

While the last two weeks were arguably the most thrilling compilation of First Round playoff games in NBA history, nothing will likely ever compare to the three riveting contests that took place on May 7, 1995.

It started with an implausible finish at Madison Square Garden when Reggie Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds as the Pacers stunned the Knicks in Game 1 of their best-of-seven series.

Behind remarkable performances from Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, the Rockets surmounted a late deficit against the Jazz to advance past the First Round. They eventually would win their second straight NBA title.

The day ended with a stunning play that is widely considered the Magic’s most memorable single moment in franchise history and Michael Jordan’s most devastating. Down one in the final seconds, Nick Anderson chased down MJ and swiped the ball away from him that led to a game-winning Horace Grant fast break dunk.

Which of the three games was most memorable? Watch an analysis below.



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