Josh Cohen's Analysis: Sports fans have a tendency to identify with and show extra appreciation to players who are from where they are from. There is often additional praise given to a player when he is introduced in the city he grew up.

For instance, when the Rockets were in town and played the Magic, Chandler Parsons, who is from Winter Park, FL and graduated from Lake Howell High School, was given a rousing applause from the fans at Amway Center.

With that connection, it would be rather cool and interesting if the NBA adopted a “Hometown Challenge” in which the best players from a state united and competed against the best from other states.

Think of it like the World Baseball Classic, except instead of representing countries, players represent U.S. States.

CLICK NEXT for a collection of starting lineups that would best embody various states from throughout the U.S. Aside from one exception, players belong to the state in which they were born.

After reviewing each lineup, vote on which state you think would win in a tournament.




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