Cohen 8-Ball: Five NBA Proposals

All ideas mentioned in this feature are solely Josh Cohen's proposals and have not been reported or discussed by the league or other media outlets


Josh Cohen’s Analysis: Can’t you argue that teams that lose in the First Round of the playoffs each season “need” a high draft pick almost as much if not just as much as teams that miss the playoffs entirely?

Aren’t, for instance, the Mavericks, Suns, Nets, Bobcats and Hawks – presently the final five teams that would make the postseason if the playoffs started today – dependent on a high draft pick? They are all likely to get stuck in the middle of the pack for the next few seasons without a chance to grab a superstar in the draft.

This concept would toss every team that fails to make the playoffs along with the teams that lose in the First Round into a hat and from 22 down to one would be drawn from the jumble. There would be no weighted scale and all 22 teams would have an equal chance of landing the first pick and all other selections down the line.

With this system, there would be absolutely no advantage to missing the playoffs and losing in the First Round wouldn’t feel like a dead end every year.


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