Chat Transcript: Jameer Nelson

In only his second season in the league, Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson is making his presence known in central Florida and around the NBA. The former first round Draft pick and National Player of the Year at St. Joseph's has elevated his game and is making a major contribution to the Magic.

Jameer has led the team in scoring seven times this season (through Wednesday), including a career-best 32-point performance against Seattle on Jan. 11. He ranks in the Top 20 in NBA three-point field goal percentage, has scored in double figures 21 times and scored 20 or more points in six games. One of Nelson's biggest impacts has come in the fourth quarter where he leads to the team in points scored during the final period.

After returning from a four-game West Coast road trip, Jameer sat down with his fans for a chat session on Tuesday. Check out what Jameer had to say about this year's Magic and much more.

Mark (NY): Hey Jameer. How is it different to come from off the bench to a starting role in the Magic lineup in such a short amount of time?

Jameer Nelson: It's a big difference, because, as a starter, I feel I will be out there a lot longer and earlier and get more chances to get things done on the court. Off the bench, the opportunities to contribute are not as high.

Ying Sun (Ottawa): Hey Jameer, long time fan. How's the transition to the NBA been for you?

Jameer Nelson: The levels, to me, are so different because of the quickness of the guys in the NBA. Ultimately, though, it's still basketball and I know how to play basketball. It's what I do, so I'm making the adjustment.

Jordan (Columbus, OH): Hey Jameer, I just wanted to know about how you feel about those teams who passed you over in the draft over a year ago, and how your career so far has made them regret those decisions.

Jameer Nelson: I've been hearing talk around the league about how I should've went higher, and guys saying, "we shouldn't have passed on you." But I'm on the Orlando Magic and I'm playing real hard to win games for the Magic. I will bring that wrath to the teams who passed on me, and every other team.

clarks summit: Jameer, both you and your fellow Hawk teammate Delonte West (Boston Celtics) are having great seasons. If both of you make the Rookies vs. Sophomores All-Star game, which one of you plays the point?

Jameer Nelson: Ha-ha (Laughing) Oh, that won't matter to me and it probably won't matter to Delonte either. I do think we both deserve to be on the team and if it happens, we'll have a lot of fun with it.

Seattle: Hey Jameer, what kind of car do you drive?

Jameer Nelson: Ha (Laughing). I have a Range Rover Sport, an Escalade and an S550 Benz.

Miami: I love your shots!!! What do that tattoos on your arms mean?

Jameer Nelson: Which ones? I have one that says King of My Kingdom, one that says Fear No Man, I have one that says Loyalty, another that says, Accomplish Everything Without Fear, another says No Fear and another that is in honor of my Grandmother. That's about it.

Dom, Crisfield: What point guard in the NBA would you like to play one on one? Why?

Jameer Nelson: I don't know. I guess it would be myself. I'd like to see how I could defend myself.

Dorian(LA): Hi Jameer, You're my favorite player and this season you really stepped up. I'm just wondering who inspired you to become a NBA player? Thanks, Good luck with the season.

Jameer Nelson: I have the God given talent to succeed and I was put in this position for a reason. It sounds kinda like I'm spiritual, right, but that's the way I feel.

Alex Secaucus: Hi Jameer, when you think of Martin Luther King, what comes to your mind?

Jameer Nelson: One of the greatest men to ever live, to ever step foot on this earth. I really feel if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be playing in the NBA. And he helped not just minorities, but this whole world, to come together and work together as people.

Ryan (Orlando): Why do you wear number 14? Its kind of an unusual number. Good luck this year!

Jameer Nelson: I wore No. 14 because in high school I was the youngest guy on the team and had last pick of jerseys...either 22 or 14. I figured that 14 was less common, so I decided I'd grab it. I think Oscar Robertson at one time wore it, so that is a good reason too. Thanks for wishing me a good season.

Donald: Hey Jameer, long time Magic fan here. I wanted to know how the team is doing with all the things going on (Steve Francis and Keyon Dooling suspension) and do you think that this team can stick together?

Jameer Nelson: Definitely. We have a lot of games left to turn things around. We can't keep losing four, five games in a row. We've had some injuries to Grant and Cato and a few other things with Keyon and Steve, and those aren't excuses, that is just the truth. But I honestly feel we can turn things around with this group and win ball games. We can do it.

Oceanside, NY: Hey Jameer, I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan of you and have been since your days on St. Joseph's. Have you started to feel more pressure now that you have become one of the go-to players the Magic?

Jameer Nelson: I don't look at it like pressure, for me it's a challenge. This is a great opportunity for me to show the Orlando Magic organization that I can run a team and help us win.

Jameer Nelson: I appreciate the love and the respect of the fans. I want to continue to do good things out there on the court. Hopefully you guys will keep supporting me and the Orlando Magic. Thank you.