Chat Transcript: Orlando’s Keith Bogans

After two seasons away from Orlando, Keith Bogans returned for his second stint with the Magic this summer. Though he was drafted in the second round of the 2003 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks, Bogans was acquired by Orlando on draft night and played his rookie season as a member of the Magic.

A trade sent Bogans to the Charlotte Bobcats at the start of the 2004-05 season and he played there for a season and a half before the Bobcats traded him to the Houston Rockets. When he became a free agent this past summer, the Magic took the opportunity to bring Keith back to Orlando and make him a part of an organization looking to build a contender.

In his second season with the Magic, Bogans has played a big role - especially because of his gift for players solid defense. On the offensive side, Keith has had some solid games, including a season-high 16-point effort on Jan. 10 at Golden State.

Always a favorite during his time with the Magic, Keith chatted with fans on on January 18th. Check out what he had to say about his role as defensive stopper, his time and Kentucky and much more.

Daniel(Orlando): Hey Keith, what made you decide to come back and sign with Orlando

Keith Bogans: I was here my rookie season and I enjoyed it here. I didn't expect to be traded when I did. When I had the opportunity to come back I took advantage of it.

matt(orlando): Keith, how do you get ready for a game?

Keith Bogans: After shootaround I go back, take a nap, get some rest ... my mind is focused on the game from that point on. I don't really answer my phone. I tell people I'm focused and getting ready to play basketball.

Eduardo (orlando): Welcome back keith with the way we are playin now what do you think we need to improve better at ?

Keith Bogans: We just got to stay consistent. We got a young team and sometimes we're just not consistent in the areas we need to be. That will come with time ... like in overtime games and posessions coming down the stretch.

Tim (Orlando): Hey Keith, how many tatoos do you have and what are they of?

Keith Bogans: I have one tattoo of a taurus on my arm. It's a bull, it fits my personality. The other one is a panther with a basketball ... I got that when I was a little bit younger.

Steve (Cleveland): Can you tell us about draft night and what it was like entering the NBA with the draft class you were in.

Keith Bogans: On Draft Night you're kind of nervous. You don't know what's going to happen. You just sit back and wait for your name to be called. You're anxious, but you just need to sort of sit back and see what happens and take it from there.

Ben (Louisville): Hey Keith, big fan. What was your favorite memory from your time playing at Kentucky?

Keith Bogans: My favorite memory from Kentucky was just the fans and how they embraced us and the program there. The fans were all about Kentucky basketball.

Rafael Rivera (Orlando): Keith, you are looked at as a defensive stopper on this team. Is there anything you do in your daily regimen to improve on your defense?

Keith Bogans: Practice. The main thing is in practice you got to work harder than you do in the game. That's when you improve. You want to be a stopper. You almost got to take it personally when a guy scores on you to get a stop next time.

Kenny (Orlando): Hey Keith, anyone that's kinda under the radar that you think should be going to Vegas for the All-star game this year?

Keith Bogans: I think, especially on my team, the guys that are on the ballot are the guys that are playing well this season. In my mind the guys that are on the ballot should be going.

(Orlando): Keith, which NBA player do you circle your calendar for because you look forward to defending them? On the flip side, which NBA player you DO NOT look forward to defending?

Keith Bogans: I look forward to defending pretty much every much every star player on the opposing team. Thats my job. I look forward to it. The toughest guys are probably Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson, but I look forward to that because I take pride in my job.

Anthony ( Orlando) : Keith, the magic are one of the biggest surprises of the season so far! why do you think that is ?

Keith Bogans: I think a lot of people underrated us. I think we have a pretty young team. As the season goes on we'll just get better and better and we have the opportunity to grow together because we're such a young team.

Rafael Rivera (Orlando): Keith, which NBA player did you idolize growing up?

Keith Bogans: When I was growing up I loved Michael Jordan. I used to watch all the "Come Fly With Me" tapes. I just loved the way Mike played the game. He could play offense and defense. He could just do it all.

Misha (Orlando): We've come out of the gates looking good so far this season. Do you think we'll be able to finish on a high level? how far can this team go?

Keith Bogans: I think we have the chance to go very far in the playoffs and even the Finals. We just have to remember how we got here as a team and keep working hard together and see what happens.

Keith Bogans: I just want to thank the fans for their support. I want them to continue their suppport in the second half this season because we're going to need it.