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Capeman Blog

By Capeman
March 6, 2012

Introduction to Capeman
By Capeman

How did you get the name Capeman?
Pretty funny story, I was upstairs in the Old Arena getting a drink before a game with some friends and a fan came up to me asking me for an autograph and to take a photo with me. I thought I was getting “punked” by my friends but this guy was so funny and loud and he kept saying “hey you are the Capeman, my wife loves you, can I take a photo with you, she won’t believe me that I met you”. Of course me with my sense of humor said no photos with you but where is your wife? I’ll take a photo with her. My friends went crazy and made a lot of fun of me and the name stuck.

Date you became a Season Ticket holder?
I am not sure but I believe it was the 2007-2008 season.

Why you became a Season Ticket Holder? I went to a playoff game with my wife the season before, even though we lost to Detroit we had such a great time we brought the kids to a couple of the games with our new coach at the time” Stan the Man” after that we were hooked!

Where do you sit?
Do I really have to answer that?

Favorite Magic Moment?
The 2008-09 Playoffs in general, we beat Boston (which were the defending Champs), we beat LeBron James (League MVP, and everyone had pretty much given the Cavaliers the championship that Year). We finally won our first Finals game against the Lakers. That playoff run was one of the best one’s I have seen in the league; we were #3 in the East and beat all the big boys to make the Finals.

Favorite Part of the Amway Center?
All of the staff that works in the Arena, all of the security guards and hosts that help us out and greet us every game are the best part to me. Especially if I have something crazy on like my hair painted blue or face painted everyone greets us and has a smile. The boys are spoiled because everyone knows what they like and have it ready for them. Don’t get me wrong we have the best arena in the league and the entire building looks more like a fine arts center but I really enjoy seeing the staff.

Favorite Magic Player of all-time?
I was always a Shaq fan, and he will always be one of my favorite players, but my favorite player of all time is definitely Dwight. It’s probably because I sit under the basket and I see how hard he plays EVERY play and how hard the other teams hammer him every play. Once you see the real inside game the way we do every home game you have a total new respect for how hard these players play every night and how physical this game can be. I was of the mind that basketball really isn’t that physical and all they do is run up and down the court and shoot once in a while, well if you sit under the basket and watch the players instead of the ball and see how physical every play is, you will definitely change your mind and see how demanding it is to play this game. I also have what my friends call a “Santeria Shrine” in my office with a bunch of Dwight paraphernalia. I have even started a website “”.

Any fun factoids or things that make you unique that you feel people should know about you?
Well my wife will tell you this, and I don’t know if people should know this of me but I actually wear Superman underwear to all of the home games. I am really superstitious about this; I have actually turned around a couple of times because I forgot to put on my Superman underwear. If I forget them we usually lose. I know it’s pretty stupid but its part of my pre-game routine.