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WDBO Sports Director Scott Anez has seen, or listened to, every Orlando Magic game ever played! A local boy who graduated from Lake Brantley High School and UCF, Scott began his career by covering the Magic's inaugural season in 1989 and he is known as the Voice of the Magic Fan in Orlando. This is Scott's 18th season hosting AM 580 WDBO's Inside Magic, the highest rated sports talk show in Orlando. He also serves as Broadcast Host for the Orlando Magic Radio Network. Scott shares his unique take on what's happening at Two Magic Place and beyond with ANEZ SEZ. Read more of Scott's previous blogs at the Anez Sez archive or at

Posted by Scott Anez, Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010, 9:27 AM

You Can Go Back Home Again

I must admit to you that after watching this re-configured Magic team Tuesday night, I feel alive, alert, awake and much more enthusiastic about the two mega-deals pulled off by Otis Smith this past weekend.

Sure, we fell 105-99 to Dallas. And yes, this new-look team has much to learn and much to clean up.

But, I saw what I needed desperately needed to see—I felt energy, a much-needed shot of adrenaline that was palpable throughout the entire Amway Center.

I also saw what I wanted to see out of Hedo Turkoglu!

Turk’s line? Nothing spectacular….9 points (2-11 FG), 8 assists, 4 turnovers.

However, it became obvious that we missed Turk.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve watched Hedo from afar. In Toronto, he struggled last year. This season, in Phoenix, even though he was shooting 42% from three-point range, Hedo was just not playing to his ability.

When the Suns came to Orlando earlier this season, I saw a disinterested and disengaged Hedo Turkoglu. He just wasn’t the same guy, the same player. It looked to me as if Turk was on the verge of the NBA scrap heap.

‘Management 101’ dictates that you put your people in the best position to succeed. In all fairness, the Raptors and Suns, for whatever reason, did not utilize Hedo’s strengths.

We in Orlando know all about Hedo’s strengths.

Tuesday night, I must admit that I had alotta fun watching Magic basketball again because the ball was moving, we were running and, even though our new guys know very little about our schemes, we played with a high basketball IQ.

I believe that’s due in large part to Turk. He just knows how to play the game.

The offense is just much more fluid with Hedo on the court,

He initiated the fast break (that’s right Magic fans, I said FAST BREAK!)

He ran that patented Magic middle pick-and-roll.

He fed the low post. Sounds elementary, but for this team, passing the ball into Dwight has not exactly been our strong suit.

He saw the entire floor.

Heck, Turk even did a bang up defensive job on one of the best in the business, Dirk Nowitzki (17 points on 4-13 FG).

Not to kick dirt on Vince Carter’s Magic grave, but Hedo’s re-appearance in Orlando forced me into the realization that this team was much too stationary, stagnant and predictable offensively with Vince on the court. There was very little movement, very little mojo, very little chemistry.

We have a long way to go, Magic Nation, to get these new guys up to speed enough so that we can become contenders again.

But, I saw enough out of Hedo Turkoglu Tuesday night to realize that you CAN go back home again.

Anez Sez is solely the opinion of Scott Anez and does not reflect the views of the Orlando Magic or the NBA.