Get to Know Marcin Gortat

Orlando obtained the draft rights to forward-center Marcin Gortat (MAR-chin GOR-tat) (57th overall) from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for cash considerations.

My family is located in: My father is in Warsaw and my mother is in Lodz

Siblings: I have one brother, Phillip

My favorite movie is: "Alien"

My favorite TV show is: "Jerry Springer"

My favorite actor is: Will Smith

My favorite actress is: Angelina Jolie

My favorite type of music is: hip hop

My favorite color is: red

My favorite food is: Polish food

My least favorite food is: fast food

My favorite time of year is: Winter

The place I would like to visit is: Florida

During my summer vacation, I: travel

My hobbies are: learning foreign languages. I speak four – German, English, Polish and Yugoslavian. I also like sports, like soccer and tennis, and cars.

Before a game, I: Sleep and eat pasta.

After my career is over, I want to: help other big men

If I didn’t play professional sports, I’d like to: go back to school, or be a car mechanic