Moe Harkless Highlights

Moe Harkless HighlightsOrlando Magic fans love Moe Harkless. Highlights from Harkless’ game play can be easily found on the Orlando Magic website, which offers game updates, scores, statistics, and up-to-the-minute stories on the evolution and progress of Orlando’s favorite team and its star players. With so many talented professional athletes, keeping track of highlights from the Orlando Magic’s games and careers is something any true fan should commit to.

A rookie in the National Basketball Association world, Harkless, a 2012 draft pick, came to the Orlando Magic as part of a four-team, 12-player deal from Philadelphia. For anyone who had been watching college ball, however, it was important to keep an eye on Moe Harkless. Highlights from his college career were impressive where he averaged 15.5 points per game in his Freshman year at St. Johns University. Harkless gained many accolades in college basketball, starting and playing in every game in his freshman year. Maurice “Moe” Harkless was an impressive figure on the college basketball courts and earned a title as most valuable player in the 2011 Kobe Bryant classic in Philadelphia and was named the Big East Conference Rookie of the Year along with several other accolades.

Beyond statistics, insight can be gained on the lives of Orlando Magic stars as well. Moe Harkless, for example, has two siblings and majored in communications. He enjoys Will Smith and Adam Sandler and likes listening to Jay-Z and Drake. Rabid fans may even find out that his favorite food is crab legs. These intimate details are hardly the facts and figures that inspire and grace the basketball courts or that make up free throw statistics and most valuable player scores, but they are the sorts of facts that many dedicated fans look for in regard to their favorite players to develop a sense of connection to the stars they love so dearly. For fans of Moe Harkless, highlights and scores and interviews on the last game are not enough – personal information is also important. The Orlando Magic website offers information, statistics, and history on all of its team members, not just Moe Harkless. Highlights are available for all games and all players on the team, allowing fans to dig deeply into the careers of their favorite players. Game scores and updates are up to the minute, allowing remote access when committed fans are not able to catch the scores at home or in person. Orlando Magic team members can be followed and tracked regularly so fans can plot the progress of their favorite team members, new or old. Regardless of whether you are interested in another player or Moe Harkless highlights can be found on the Orlando Magic team page.