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Welcome to the Orlando Magic’s brand new Skills and Drills section.

This web page will serve as a valuable resource for all of your basketball needs. Be sure to save it to your favorites and check back often to learn the latest from various basketball experts, including the Orlando Magic players and coaching staff!

Drill of the Month

“X-Out Lay-Ups”
Improves ball handling, change of direction skills, lay-up success and conditioning.

- Step 1: Start underneath the basket with a ball in your hand.
- Step 2: Dribble to one of the elbows, touch it with your foot, turnaround and dribble in for a lay-up.
- Step 3: Retrieve your own rebound and proceed to the opposite elbow.
- Step 4: Repeat and continue for 30 seconds, alternating elbows each time.

- Keep your eyes up and dribble with your fingertips – not your palms.
- Shoot lay-ups on the left side of the hoop with your left hand and vice-versa.
- Dribble low and take big steps. (The fewer dribbles you take, the quicker you’ll be.)

- Rookies: Aim for four made lay-ups in 30 seconds.
- Veterans: Aim for six made lay-ups in 30 seconds
- All-Stars: Aim for eight made lay-ups in 30 seconds.