John Denton's Q&A with Rob Hennigan

By John Denton
Sept. 24, 2013

ORLANDO – Tasked with conducting a draft, hiring a new coach and pulling off a blockbuster trade in his first season as the Orlando Magic’s General Manager, Rob Hennigan rarely took any time off, much less escaping for a vacation to the beach.

Now about to start his second season on the job and the Magic’s foundation mostly in place, Hennigan has a little more downtime on his hands. However, that beach trip still hasn’t happened even though he’s only about a 40-minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean. A master of self-deprecating humor, Hennigan said his lack of beach time actually has little to do with the all-consuming job of trying to reconstruct the Magic.

``I still haven’t been to the beach and I say that sheepishly,’’ Hennigan joked. ``I think when you have pasty-white skin, no muscles and extra body hair there’s probably a reason why I haven’t been to the beach.’’

Hennigan’s first season in Orlando was certainly no day at the beach what with him having to almost entirely remake much of the Magic’s staff and roster. But the Magic came out of a transition season with a tremendously bright future thanks to several deft moves by Hennigan, Orlando’s 31-year-old GM. Hennigan has been almost universally lauded throughout the NBA for working to acquire young standouts Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris, Maurice Harkless and Victor Oladipo in the past 13 months. Because of that bevy of young talent, the Magic look primed to make strides forward this season and have a tremendously bright future in the years ahead.

Hennigan sat down with writer John Denton this week to talk about his first year on the job, ``winning’’ the Dwight Howard trade and his patient approach to building a sustainable winner in Orlando.






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