JJ Redick Twitter

JJ Redick TwitterHave you ever wanted to follow your favorite professional basketball players like JJ Redick? Twitter and other social media can be a wonderful way to keep up with the lives of your favorite professional players in between games. With the celebrity, popularity, and busy schedule of professional athletes today, it seems impossible that we could be in touch or contact with these stars who we often feel so close to, but many professional athletes, like JJ Redick, work hard to keep in touch with their fans and to support community outreach. Like many Orlando Magic players, he has a strong commitment to keeping in touch with his fan base. For JJ Redick, Twitter and Facebook and other fan communications are just part of being an approachable member of the Orlando Magic team.

Born on June 24, 1984 in Cookeville, TN, JJ was always enamored of the idea of playing basketball. In Roanoke, Virginia, where he moved at a young age, he was famous for his jumping skills and point scoring throughout high school, garnering national attention when he averaged 20 points per game. This attention didn’t lessen his small town commitment and despite exceptional basketball skills, Redick maintained connections with his family and community. These skills can be seen today for JJ Redick, Twitter, Facebook, and his own website offering multiple opportunities to connect with this valuable and talented member of the Orlando Magic team. Today, on his web site, fans can submit questions that JJ will answer, watch live question and answer sessions, and subscribe to social media feeds where JJ talks between games. Redick even offers fans tips and tricks for playing basketball and recommends practice drills to assist up and coming young players. Subscribing to his channels keeps fans in touch with him and the rest of the Orlando Magic team.

Clearly for the Orlando Magic players like JJ Redick, Twitter and fan outreach are not simply a matter of a few posted words and anecdotes. Redick, and many other of his teammates, use social media to connect with and reach out to their fans and communities. The 2013 UCF Knight-Thon dance challenge raised money for the Children’s Miracle network. Redick donated 25,000 dollars to the challenge as students sent tweets and updates to the Magic team member about their own stories and fundraising efforts. Moved by the videos and stories, Redick donated money personally to the cause. This commitment to the community and outreach makes Redick a valued part of the Orlando Magic team, not simply for his basketball skills, but also for his magnanimity and approachable demeanor. For many of the Orlando Magic star players like JJ Redick Twitter, social media, and fan outreach are important parts of their basketball careers and social responsibility.