Most Memorable Moment in NBA History?

Everyone has a specific all-time memorable moment that forever lasts in his or her minds. Fans in Chicago will never forget the day Michael Jordan returned from his baseball expedition. Old-time New Yorkers still hang out at the barbershop and chat about the night Willis Reed astonishingly walked through the curtain despite hurting during the 1970 NBA Finals. For all you 1980’s fanatics, every Magic vs. Bird showdown remains at the forefront of your basketball memories.

Several staff members and correspondents of the Orlando Magic decided to reminisce a bit and cite their most memorable moment in NBA history. For some, it’s a time before he or she actually started working in the league, while for others, it’s an experience while with the Magic that still touches his or her hearts.


Josh Cohen, Coordinator
"While working for, I had the privilege of covering the 2008 Summer Olympics and documenting every step the U.S. Basketball Team made during their epic gold-medal run.

I recall waking up at 5 a.m. to start my preparation, watching all the action and recapping how dynamic and extraordinary the Redeem Team was. At the time, there were critics that honestly believed the world had caught up to the U.S. on the hardwood. But as demonstrated, when the USA assembles its 'A' team, it is practically impossible to defeat."

Dan Savage, Manager
"My most memorable moment while covering the league has to be the Orlando Magic's dominant Game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics to advance to the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

I watched firsthand as the Magic marched on to the Celtics' home floor, fought hard against a veteran-led squad, battled an extremely hostile crowd and overcame overwhelming odds to defeat the defending champions.

As I walked into Orlando's locker room after the contest, Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy had just finished writing 32-1 on the team's white board -- prior to that contest, Boston was 32-0 when they led a series 3-2. The site of that board gave me chills. That coupled with the look of pride and excitement on the players' faces is a memory I'll never forget."

George Galante, Orlando Magic Director of Communications
"I have many memorable moments watching the NBA, both as a fan and as an employee of the Magic. The most memorable moment for me was during my intern days. On May 7, 1995, Orlando hosted Game #1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

As the clock ticked down and it looked like the Magic would lose a heartbreaker, Nick Anderson stole the ball from MJ, Penny cruised down the sideline on a 2-on-1 break, and Horace Grant threw down a dunk that sent the O-Rena into a mad frenzy. I had never felt anything quite like it…the place was an absolute madhouse."

Joel Glass, Orlando Magic Vice President of Communications
"Darrell Armstrong playing every possession like it would be his last in games, and in practice and the Magic's Game 7 win in Boston en route to the NBA Finals"

Jake Chapman, Orlando Magic Radio Producer
"This past March I received an email from a Mom in the Central Florida community whose 20-year-old son suffered from epilepsy. Her son is a diehard Magic fan but he hadn’t been to a game in years because tickets were too expensive and his parents have trouble with his hospital bills alone.

A few e-mails later I was able to provide her a pair of lower bowl seats to an upcoming game. The woman e-mailed me during the game to say they were having a blast, the seats were great, and my favorite part: “You don’t know how much this means!”

My most memorable moment is each time I realize “how much it means."

Kristy Cannon, Designer
"I will never forget the time Nick Anderson stole the ball from Michael Jordan during the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

It was totally rad and gnarly!!! All my friends and I talked about it at school the next day. I still can't believe Anderson did that to MJ when I check it out on YouTube."

Adly Santiago, Spanish Coordinator
"One of my most memorable recollections in NBA history was when the USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, the original Dream Team, competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, and got the gold medal by going undefeated (8-0). I remember being in my hometown of Ponce, PR watching Game #6 when the USA competed against Puerto Rico."

Elizabeth Brett, Orlando Magic Communications Coordinator
"Two memories really stick out when I ask myself that question. The first occurred during the 2010 playoffs while I was a Magic intern for the communications department. It was Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals and we were in a must-win situation against the Boston Celtics. It was such a dominating and powerful victory and I never felt my blood pumping so hard. I felt like I could go out on the court and play myself! The momentum was ours and the hope was back in what proved to be the final game in the historic Amway Arena.

The other great moment was the entire experience working the 2011 NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles. I had just become a full-time Magic employee and it was a huge welcome into my new world. The trip consisted of working up to 21 hours a day, getting almost no sleep, running from here to there and back again, piling up experience after experience, all while having the time of my life. Those were two experiences I will never forget for the rest of my life! "

Scott Anez, WDBO Sports Director
"So many great memories…but I am gonna have to go with game four of the 1995 NBA Playoffs between the Magic and the Celtics. In pulling off a hard fought 95-92 win, the Magic recorded their first-ever playoff series victory. After the players left the court for the locker rooms, I watched from the Boston Garden perch as Celtic fans came storming back into the arena, knelt down and kissed the old parquet floor. It was the final NBA game ever at the Garden and I got to see it live and in person. As a kid who bled green and white growing up in New England, it was pretty powerful stuff."

Bill Richards, Orlando Magic Blogger
"My most memorable moment in NBA history was Game 6 of the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. It is hard to describe how amazing and exhilarating it felt to watch the O-Rena explode when the horn sounded and the Orlando Magic had defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers for the right to go to the NBA Finals. I stood up in front of my media seat and just absorbed all the sights and sounds as I watched the players celebrating on the court and the fans going crazy in the stands. I literally had chills and felt so fortunate to be in that building witnessing it. I know the only time I'll experience an NBA moment greater than that will be when the Orlando Magic finally win the NBA Finals."