Denton's Dish: The 5th Quarter (2/25/14)



Orlando got outscored 13-0 on the fast break despite coming into the game talking about getting back on defense and pushing the ball back at the speedy Wizards. The Magic got off just four shots in transition and missed all of them.

Conversely, Washington made six of nine shots in transiton. They turned Orlando 17 turnovers in 23 points. Wall is one of the league’s fastest players with the basketball in his hands, and he kept the pressure on Orlando all night in transition. And when Wall wasn’t getting to the rim for dunks or layups, he was kicking the ball to shooters Trevor Ariza (22 points and five 3-pointers) and Bradley Beal (21 points and one 3-pointer).

``An area that we could have improved in was our fast break points,’’ Vaughn said. ``The ability to get out and transition and not walk the ball up the floor is there. We want to play as fast as we can, be under control and make simple plays. That’s a lot, but it can be done.’’