Denton's Dish: The 5th Quarter (2/18/14)



Vaughn said the Magic didn’t lose solely because of Wolters’ 3-pointer. Instead, it was because they had a lull in the second quarter when Milwaukee ran out to a 14-point lead and they sent the Bucks to the free throw line far too many times in the second half. Doing those little things throughout the game are often the difference between winning and losing on the road, Vaughn said.

``You automatically see the result if you don’t (focus throughout); this is a league where you get immediate feedback,’’ Vaughn said. ``Tonight is an example of when you do the right things over the course of the night and sit in a stance and guard guys, you’ll give yourself a chance to win. Luckily, we play (on Wednesday in Cleveland) and we’ll have a chance to redeem ourselves a little bit. Hopefully, we’ll play better.’’