Denton: Vaughn Has Many Offensive Options


``It’s good to see him back out there, that’s the first thing,’’ Vaughn said of Harris, who was used in a reserve role on Friday. ``We got him a few minutes and got him up and down and he said he felt good. He’ll continue to get more comfortable and rhythm-wise he’ll get used to playing with the guys around him. But it was just good having him back out there on the floor.’’

Who Vaughn has out on the floor at the end of games will largely be determined by which players have the hot hands and play the best together. The second-year coach will set a rotation pattern for the early portions of the game, and will rely on his ``feel as a coach’’ to know which options to turn to with games on the line.

And because he suddenly has so many options with all of the Magic’s players healthy for the first time this season, Vaughn said Orlando’s go-to options down the stretch could vary from time to time.

``As everyone gets back into the flow, we’ll have substitution patterns that will be pretty planned out,’’ Vaughn said. ``I don’t think you always go by who is hot that night. Take for example, Arron’s been our most consistent player this year, but there are going to be some nights when he isn’t hot in the fourth quarter and I might still go to him.

``That’s a part of having a feel as a coach,’’ Vaughn continued. ``I’ll play with my instincts and feel as a coach. And a lot of times the players in the game will make the decision for me in terms of how they are playing.’’


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